The USA travel guide to Vietnam

03, August, 2016

The USA travel guide to Vietnam

All You Need To Know About Vietnam Travel

For people in the United States, Vietnam is both near and far because of the Vietnam war which was over 40 years ago, but still mentioned in many movies as paintful mistake. Some American tourists come to Vietnam with misunderstanding or fear as they think Vietnamese people hate them and consider them as enemy. However, it is not true.  For Vietnamese people, the war was the past, now is the time of friendship and cooperation.

Travelling to Vietnam can be great fun for many reasons. For instance, it is the place to be in Asia, with breathtaking sights, awe-inspiring tourist spots and fabulous recreation opportunities. Since the second half of the 20th century, tourists from all over the world, particularly from the U.S have found particular interest in this country. If you have a vacation coming and want to make the best out of it, you should plan a visit to Vietnam. However, before you start planning your vacation, here are a few things that you must heed for.

Vietnam At A Glance:

Vietnam is a big country having plenty of attractions for tourists. Regarding population, the majority of Vietnamese are forthcoming and friendly to tourists. As a traveller, you will find this country an ideal touring spot. Not only does it offer very long coastline, but it also possesses rich forests and mountains. Most of the country has hot and humid weather where rainy season lasts for the most of the year.

Suffice to say that the country has it all that you as a tourist would want. Moreover, the country boasts plenty of reputable tourist resorts offering luxury accommodation and delicious cuisine. Travelling to Vietnam is one of a kind experience that will leave you with lasting memories.

the usa travel guide to vietnam

The Best Time To Travel in Vietnam

Vietnam is among those handful tourist locations that you can travel at anytime of the year. The climate of the region could be categorized into three seasons:

• Low season – lasts from April to September
• High season – lasts between October to April

The low season is perhaps the most suitable time to travel Vietnam. Rains, thunderstorms and even typhoons occur in some parts of the country, especially the coastal belt. Yet, the country remains a prime tourist attraction for tourists, especially those from the United States. Traveling to Vietnam during this low season, tourists can get big discounts from airlines, local tour operator, hotels...

The hight season remains pleasant for the most part with frequent drizzle and scattered showers in the coastal and hilly areas. Tourists prefer to plan their visits during this season. However, it is the high season where American tourists look forward to visiting Vietnam. Call it a rush hour if you will as you’ll see busy streets while hotels and resorts flooded with tourists during this time of the year.

Visa Requirements

Before planning your trip to Vietnam, you must check out the visa requirements. The government of Vietnam offers different visas for tourists. If you are not planning to spend an extended vacation, you may not require a visa at all. For instance, tourists planning extended stays for more than 30 days in Vietnam will require a visa to Vietnam.

Visas are available in two categories:
• Visa exemption
• Non-exemption

Tourists coming from the Europe, United States, qualify for a non-exempt visa and hence require to get hold of it before reaching the country. However, those planning a shorter trip may not need a visa. For those looking for an extended stay, may require arranging the visa beforehand. If you are heading to Vietnam from the U.S, you will require to arrange it from outside the country as this is your only way in. If you are going by air, you can obtain the Vietnam visa upon arrival. Visas can either be 30 days or 6 months, depending on how much you want to pay. Similarly, you can obtain multiple or single visas, depending upon your requirements. To obtain cheap Vietnam visa or have more information, please visit - A service managed by Vivutravel and has been highly recommended by thousands of tourists as a cheap, quick, reliable address.

trip to vietnam from united states

Travel and Tour Packages

Tourists have the luxury of choosing from a variety of touring packages to choose from. Packages include the scuba diving, swimming and cycling among others. Other packages include countryside trips, a visit to Ha Long Bay and other limestone islands. If cycling and diving are not your types, always witness the sky-high peaks reaching as high as 10,000 feet from ground level. Height is just one of the factors that make these peaks a sight to behold. The rising sun is dropping its shine to remove moisture from early morning cliffs. From a distance, it looks a breathtaking sight. To get your trip started, you can spend a day relaxing at the Hanoi city.

During your stay, explore the primitive neighbourhood whose history goes well over millennia. The city has an abundance of ancient temples, pagodas, theatres and lakes that are reminiscent of its rich history. On the streets, you’ll find an incredible mix of people including pedestrians, riding bicycles, scooters and cars. On the side, you’ll come across shopkeepers selling fruits and vegetables, and freshly grilled fish. In the evening, the life takes a nostalgic turn with plenty of fresh and delicious cuisines available in the famous Club Opera situated at the heart of the retro French mansion.

During your trip to Vietnam, you can buy several entertaining packages. For instance, you can take a trip to the dense forest in the whale island or take a tour of the calm East Sea. Similarly, you can spend your weekend exploring the village near Cam Ranh. Watch the villagers throwing fish nets to catch a different variety of fishes. You can enjoy the mix of traditional food mixed with innovative tricks ike cake pancakes and hot spot specials.

Friendliness and Warmth

Vietnam is a gorgeous place to spend a vacation, but some Americans are reluctant to visit it. In fact, things have changed a lot since the war. Today, Vietnam is the fastest growing economies and a popular tourist attraction in East Asia. They wouldn’t question your identity and doubt you for being an American. In fact, today’s Vietnam is a changed place, something you’ll notice upon seeing it with your own eyes.

If you are an American tourist visiting Vietnam, you need not worry about the past. The Vietnamese are a welcoming and friendly nation, and they’ll greet you plenty of with warmth and gratitude. So much so that within moments, you will start feeling at home.