Why Vietnam? Why Vivutravel?

07, August, 2016

Why Vietnam? Why Vivutravel?

Why Vietnam?

Vietnam is an amazing country!

Located in the Southeastern corner of Asia and has one of the oldest known cultures of this region. The country is known for its many cultural traditions in the areas of food, drink, celebrations, and leisure.

One of the most famous cultural traditions that originated in Vietnam is the beautiful art of Water Puppetry. Vietnam is also famous for its cuisine that varies in flavor and taste depending on the region that you happen to be traveling in. The country is divided into (3) regions which include: North, Central, and South Vietnam.

No matter which region you happen to be traveling in, Vietnam is sure to delight! The country has unique landscapes, pristine beaches, and unique finds that are sure to dazzle both the senses and the palate.

Vietnam is encompassed by 54 different ethnicities where each brings its own flavor and brand of culture to the area. Some cultural traditions that span the entire country include the Vietnamese Martial Arts that are known as and governed under the principles of: Viet Vo Dau. The Viet Vo Dau combines many forms of the Vietnamese Martial Arts under one umbrella. The philosophy behind these arts are: “To encompass all humanity.” This a very beautiful tradition and part of the Vietnamese culture that shouldn’t be missed.

The Vietnamese are also famed for having gorgeous celebrations each year with some of the most prominent celebrations including: The Lunar New Year and The Mid-Autumn Festival.

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The Vietnamese Lunar New Year or “ Tet” as it is locally named is a celebration of rebirth in the country. The name relates to the meaning of a Feast of the First Moring of the First day and is celebrated annually; normally around the same time as the Chinese New Year between January and February of each year. This celebration is similar to the North American New Year’s Eve celebration, although it is much longer in duration.

This annual “rebirth”: encourages the Vietnamese people to focus on the positives in their lives. The celebration focuses on a celebration of life’s joys and resolving old issues in order to make room for new possibilities and great things to come.

The Vietnamese people are a humble culture which is refreshing to see in our current times, a culture that maintains the integrity of honor and value of the Vietnamese people and all people as a whole. The Vietnamese place a very high value on family values, and traditions including honoring their ancestors which many cultures in our fast paced societies have gotten away from. Vietnam allows for you to bring that sense of family back. The Lunar New Year reminds us what is important in life and why we what we do.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is also celebrated here and is also on the list of major holidays that are celebrated in Vietnam. This annual festival serves as reminder to the Vietnamese people to be thankful for all that they have and is similar in nature to the North American Thanksgiving holiday. At the time of the Mid-Autumn Festival, people gather together to celebrate family, accomplishments made throughout the earlier year and say prayers for those blessings and successes that are yet to come. The festival is celebrated by sharing beautifully prepared meals, moon worship and with multi-colored paper lanterns. During the festivals, busy families take the time to reconnect and remember their importance to one another. This is one of the most prominent festivals celebrated in Vietnam, second only to the previously mentioned Lunar New Year, or “Tet” The festival is celebrated in the 8th month of the year on or around the 15th day on the night of the full moon between early September to October.

Vietnam is home to many awesome natural landscapes and unique travel sites including:  

• Ancient Cities
• Historical Sites
• Pristine Beaches
• Resorts
• Historical Battlefields
and More!


Why Vivutravel?

Vivutravel offers a uniquely personal and customized view of the Vietnamese culture and landscape. Rated 5 stars by Tripadvisor, Vivutravel is the best resource for travel, fun, and adventure in the Vietnam region.

Vivutravel offers many prepacked Vietnam vacation itineraries for those looking to travel Vietnam in the “traditional” sense while still allowing for flexibility and customization of packages for the more seasoned traveler with a specific kind of vacation experience in mind.

Vietnam tour packagess at Vivutravel combine excellent service with affordable pricing that is sure to make for an extraordinary experience for you and your family!

Vivutravel is your one stop shop and service provider for all things related to travel in Vietnam.
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The packages offered are customizable and Vivutravel can handle all of your travel needs from A to Z! Included in the services that Vivutravel offers are Visa Travel services where you and your family are able to secure your Vietnam Travel Visa(s) upon arrival by simply completing the form on the Vivutravel website. Vivutravel also makes arrangements for all travel related needs including Hotel Bookings, Transportation and Meals. You are sure to be delighted by having all of your needs met with the Full Service travel experience provided at an amazing cost!

To learn more about both Vietnam and Vivutravel you may visit our website to explore the Vietnam culture, offerings, and various Vietnam travel packages that are available to meet all of your Vietnam travel needs. If you have questions, prior to booking your Vietnam vacation with Vivutravel on our website, you may contact Vivutravel directly by using the contact information below. While browsing our site be sure to visit the Vietnam Travel Guide  in order to get an idea of what your Vietnam travel experience will be like with Vivutravel. Here, you will find a guide that explains many facets of the Vietnam culture and environment including  its’ people, environment and landscape.

Are you ready to begin your Vietnam travel adventure? We look forward to assisting you with meeting all of your Vietnam travel needs.

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