Top 10 Destinations To Visit In Vietnam

12, August, 2016

Top 10 Destinations To Visit In Vietnam

Calling Vietnam as the best tourist destination in Asia would be an understatement. The country has some of the most delightful places to visit. Vietnam remains a favorite spot among tourists for many reasons. From sky embracing mountains to peacefully flowing rivers, Vietnam has them all. With so many places to visit, you as a tourist might think twice which places to visit. To simplify things, here is a list of top 10 destinations to visit during your tour to Vietnam:

hanoi travel guide

1. Hanoi

Start your Vietnam travel package by visiting this beautiful city that also happens to be the capital of Vietnam. Over the years, Hanoi has seen many changes in socio-economic prosperity, culture, diversity and lifestyle. Today, the city is become a major tourist attraction due to a beautiful mix of modern and old traditions, monuments, buildings and other sights and sounds. Upon visiting Hanoi, you’ll find yourself in an amazing mix of new and colonial traditions, culture and development. Once named as Thang Long or the Ascending Dragon, the Hanoi remains a remarkable mix of past and present. Famous attractions include Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hoa Lo Prison, parks, lakes and modern boulevards that will attract your imagination.

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2. Ha Long Bay

The next destination in your Vietnam Tour Package is the Ha Long Bay. It is situated towards the northern part of Vietnam and is a 120 km long coast. The name Ha Long can be literally translated as the bay of the descending dragons. Due to its natural beauty and tremendous attraction, the bay remains one of the most sought after tourist attraction in the country. It has thousands of islands of various sizes. Most of which have thick forests and dense vegetation. Most islands are hollow from inside and feature elaborate networks of caves throughout their landscape. While others have lakes and steep hills. Some islands are also home to floating villages founded by nearby fishermen.

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3. Hue

Hue is the capital of the lasy dynasty in Vitenam, the land of history and culture, the land of music and poetry. Hue is peaceful, calm and romantic. The must see sights in Hue are the Imperial Citadel, Royal tombs of the Nguyen Kings and Thien Mu Pagoda which comprise of seven stories, it stands as the tallest pagoda in Vietnam. Climbing on the roof will give you a great view of the Perfume River flowing nearby. The river is also considered as a memorable symbol of the former capital of the state. This pagoda was built during the reign of Nguyen Lords over the country. Though initially the temple has a very simple construction, it has seen several improvement over many centuries. These improvements have resulted expansion and inclusion of several features. Today, the architecture marks a perfect mix of vintage and modern technologies.

hoi an travel guide

4. Hoi An

Your Vietnam Holiday Package will remain incomplete without visiting this wonderful destination.Initially developed as a village of fishers,  the Hoi An has been turned into a modern tourist attraction by the government of Vietnam. The city is located at the Coast of Eastern Sea. The city has had the status of an international port since the early 16 th century. Since the past few decades, the shipping business has moved to the Da Nang city for several reasons. The Old Town is known as the heart of the city. Tourists love to visit Old City to witness beautiful waters full of winding lanes and vintage designed shops. Due to its beauty and most architecture and carefully carved canals going through the city, it is famously known as the Venice of Vietnam.

 phu quoc travel guide

5. Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is perhaps the largest island in the whole of Vietnam. The island is located right at the front of the Coast of Cambodia and is has since emerged as a major tourist attraction in the country. The famous saying goes among the locals that Phu Quoc is today what Phuket could’ve been had it not overrun by the recent development. The island has beautiful coral reeves and tropical forests. Phu Quoc is chosen as the ideal destination to stay at the end of your Vietnam holiday to relax on white sandy beaches, enjoy fresh air and seafood before taking the flight to Ho Chi Minh city to contact with your flight home.

 nha trang travel guide

6. Nha Trang

As one of the most beautiful sites and a busy tourist attraction, Nha Trang is known for its awesome sandy beaches. Apart from beaches, the city has several other spots to visit such as amusement parks, golf course, mud baths and the historic complex known as Po Ngar. Moreover, the Nha Trang also has several five star resorts and restaurants. Cha Ca is a famous local cuisine that is made from Sailfish and Jellyfish.

 phan thiet travel guide

7. Phan Thiet

It is located near the tropical beach of Mui Ne. Phan Thiet is one of the major tourist attractions in Vietnam. Tourist love to spend time on this beach that has so much more to offer. There is also a reclining White Stone Buddha of Taku Mountain but that’s not all. There is also a mineral formation of Suoi Tien Fairy Spring that tourists love to visit. The area contributes a major share of fish sauce and pungent condiment which is a key ingredient in many cuisines in many South East Asian countries.

 da lat travel guide

8. Da Lat

Da Lat is a former colonial resort and a breather from the year round swelter in Vietnam. The town has many beautiful buildings that are reminiscent of the French Rule over the country. Most parts of the town are surrounded by pine forests and farms that are known to grow exotic vegetables. The weather in this town remains cool for the most part of the year. Tourists like to take a hike here to escape the heat during peak summer season.

 sapa travel guide

9. Sa Pa Terraces

It is a town located in the northwest of Vietnam and is not too far away from the Chinese border. Upon visiting the site, you will find rice terraces in the Muong Hoa Valley located between the Fanispan Mountain and Sa Pa Town. There is a thick woodland made of bamboo trees and is quite a sight from distance. Sa Pa is the home of many tribes including the Hmong, Giay, Tay, and Dao. The majority of these tribes grow rice and corn along with vegetables on the paddy terrace. To book a Sapa tour package, it is best to contact a local tour operator in Hanoi like Vivutravel as we know when is the best time to visit Sapa, the best way to get there and best things to do in Sapa.

 mekong travel guide

10. Mekong Delta

It is the site where ancient Me Kong River falls into the sea. The delta is rich, lush green area due to its fertile terrain. Most of the region is covered with rice fields that produces almost half of the total rice produced in the country. Upon visiting, you’ll find that most of the area is accessible by river and not by roads. Want to spend your next vacation in Vietnam? Plan a trip today and absorb the breathtaking natural beauty that is spread all over this country. Choose the best Vietnam Holiday packages that suits your needs.

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