The UK tourists guide to Central Vietnam

13, August, 2016

 The UK tourists guide to Central Vietnam

Stunning coastlines & ancient cities await

We are all looking for new destinations to explore so why not choose a Vietnam holiday from the UK. With so many Vietnam tour packages available to you, choosing your way to experience the beautiful island full of history and mystique will be easy.

Take time to read through the UK guide to Vietnam below and feel inspired and excited to book your next holiday; Choosing Vietnam for your holiday from the UK will not disappoint.

Vietnam is a country of diverse culture, beautiful people and natural landscapes, all of which feel seemingly untouched. Vietnam is based in Southeast Asia and borders Thailand and Cambodia, longer than it is wide; its approx 2000 miles in length North to South.

To the locals its known as “Middle of Vietnam” but to westerners it is known as Central Vietnam. Perfectly sandwiched between North and South, this free flowing part of Vietnam sits in pretty harmony with stunning culture and vibrant, unique cities. Surrounded by Highlands, central Vietnam is often collectively referred to as Central-Highlands or Trung Bộ.

nha trang travel guide

If you look down on Central Vietnam from above you will see the Central-Highlands to the left and South Central coast to the right, each offering tourists and visitors individual and outstanding adventures. Adventures tour operators will take time to introduce you to and personalise your experience of this wonderful part of the country. Vivutravel are a great tour operator with vast knowledge of the entire island.

If you choose a local tour guide like Vivutravel, they will take you on a journey tailor made for your personal experience. Let them guide, assist and make you feel at home in their home country.

We all love a coastal resort in the UK and you will not be disappointed by your first destination along the coast of Central Vietnam. Nha Trang is situated on the coast of the East Sea and is a coastal resort city well known for its breathtakingly white sandy beaches, scuba diving and access to off shore untouched islands.

A popular destination for tourists and backpackers alike, the streets are lined with seafood restaurants, hotels and speckled with ornate buildings. Organise a Vietnam tour package with Vivutravel and they will introduce you to Po Nagar Cham Tower, a breathtakingly huge red brick temple with Indian Buddhism at the route of its history. The largest tower, which is 23m high, was built in 817 AD and contains huge statue dedicated to Po Nagar.

Visit Nha Trang and take time to relax on one of its many white beaches or enjoy local seafood cuisine. A simply wonderful way to start your tour of Central Vietnam. January to August will offer warm weather and is the best time of year to visit.

Lets move onto Vietnamese history and the city Hoi An.

hoi an travel guide

In 1999 this ancient city was awarded UNESCO world heritage status and when you visit it is easy to see why. Originally the main port city of Vietnam, it has now embraced tourism as its biggest economic growth. Its a city with almost 2000 years of history; peruse its old streets filled with ancient ornate buildings housing shops and restaurants.

An ancient city easy to walk around and view the temples, bridges and ornate buildings all of which now house tourist style shops; from tailors to local food. Its a city offering ancient culture and friendly people. Hoi An ancient town is a place full of places to buy suits, shoes and even take a tour around a traditional town house.

Take a stroll in the evening when the ambiance really adds effect to the ancient surroundings. A city often described as 'magical' due to its incredible food, people laughing and serene surroundings of time and history.

Hoi An is also blessed with My Son sanctuary a recognised UNESCO world heritage site, it will offer a unique insight into the cities ancient history. Dating back to the 4th century it is a location blessed with impressive tower-temples located in a dramatic site that was the religious and political capital of the Champa Kingdom for most of its existence.  

After the relaxation and ancient feel of the ancient city of Hoi An, lets move to its modern neighbour and the bustling city of Danang!

Danang is placed perfectly alongside the picture postcard coastline and is Vietnams fifth largest city, it holds the title of the largest city in Central Vietnam. Embracing its location at the end of the Han River and Eastern Sea, visitors can enjoy water sports or days spent relaxing on the stunning beaches.

Beaches are the biggest draw for UK tourists visiting Danang. Offering over 12 perfectly formed beaches, you will be spoilt for choice. The south of the city is home to four beaches, each offering a glimpse of idyllic white sands and crystal clear waters.

In the south of the city Pham Van Dong Beach offers places to drink, eat and feel part of the vibrant city, whilst My Khe beach is where the locals flock to before sunrise to exercise and drink in the view. Bac My An beach is well known for tourists, its surrounded by palm trees and with the views of mountainous vegetation, you will just need to sit back and enjoy.

We move onto the ancient city of Hue.

hue travel guide

Your Vietnam tour package will lead you to the ancient city of Hue, formerly known as Saigon. Hue sits above Danang and Hoi An and was the national capital from 1802 – 1945.

Hue offers visitors the chance to see where 13 Nguyen dynasty emperors were seated, The Nguyen family are recognised as one of the major families in Vietnamese history. The grounds of the Imperial City are protected by the citadel, with a perimeter wall measuring 2.5km in length and surrounded by a moat, its an impressive site.

Inside the Citadel is the Imperial City (Hoàng thành) and within the Imperial City is the Purple Forbidden City (Tử cấm thành), with access to the innermost enclosure restricted to the Nguyen family. With each layer of the city you will find intrigue and history that will leave you feeling part of Vietnamese history.

On they way to our next destination and the city of Dong Hoi, its worth stopping at Vinh Moc tunnels in Quang Tri. Steeped in American War history the tunnels offer an exclusive and humbling opportunity to experience an incredibly extensive series of tunnels used by the Viet Cong during the war. Families spent their entire lives in the tunnel. If you are lucky your tour guide maybe one of the last surviving children of Vinh Moc.

Moving up the coast you will come across Dong hoi. Dong Hoi is the capital city of Quang Binh province. The city is not as touristy as many other cities, so you will feel part of the Vietnamese culture. The city is compimented by a vast array of different cultural sites and opportunities to explore. Offering coffee shops, hotels and plenty of places for rest and recorporation.

 phong nha cave

The city is surrounded by the UNESCO World Heritate site of Phong Nha – Ke Phang National Park which is home to a network of stunning geographical caves. One of the most impressive is Phong Nha cave, measuring 7,729 metres long and containing 14 grottoes, as well as an underground river, its vast network offers you the chance to experience life deep below the earth.

You can take a boat through its intricate river network, Vivutravel your Vietnamese tour guide will be able to organise this for you.

Choosing a tour is an easy and cost effective way to travel around Central Vietnam and ensure you are not missing out on any of its hidden secrets; using local knowledge and expertise means you will get the best out of the time you have to spend.

Vivutravel offer a huge range of experienced tours and you can combine a tour with many other attractions the island has to offer. Tours can be tailor made to suit where you want to visit and their extremely helpful and knowledgeable tour guides will make your holiday one of the best times of your life.

An exceptional tour operator with vast experience and knowledge, you will feel very safe in their hands.

How do you book your Vietnam tour package?

Vivutravel are a professional and friendly tour operator; from completing the initial enquiry form through to booking your chosen itinerary the experience will be straightforward and easy. With many customer reviews and accreditation you can be assured of their loyalty to you and your Vietnam holiday. Simply complete their online travel enquiry form and one of their expert travel consultants will be in touch to discuss your Vietnam adventure.

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