The UK tourists guide to North Vietnam

18, August, 2016

 The UK tourists guide to North Vietnam

Rice terraces, Natural reserves & Local life

When it comes to choosing a destination for your annual holiday, the list of countries you can visit is vast!

Why not look to visit a destination out of the norm, a country that can offer relaxation, adventure as well as overwhelmingly beautiful beaches and mountainous views and hikes.

Treat your family to an adventure and choose to visit Vietnam.

With so many Vietnam tour packages available to you, choosing your way to experience the beautiful island full of history and mystique will be easy. A tour operator such as Vivutravel will provide you with comfort and their knowledge of their beautiful country and offer your experiences beyond your wildest imagination.

If you plan to travel from UK to Vietnam, Let's take your time to read through the Vietnam travel guide below and feel inspired and excited to book your next holiday;  Choosing Vietnam for your holiday from the UK will not disappoint.

Vietnam is a country of diverse culture, beautiful people and natural landscapes, all of which feel seemingly untouched. Vietnam is based in Southeast Asia and borders Laos and Cambodia, longer than it is wide; its approx 2000 miles in length North to South.

North Vietnam lay seemingly untouched, a part of the country rich in vegetation, mountains and unspoilt territories. In the 1920's the French established a small holding but control was regained in the 1940's and North Vietnam and its unique destinations were slowly introduced and form the Vietnam you will visit today.

uk travel guide to north vietnam

The best time of year to visit north Vietnam
It is said that the best time to visit North Vietnam is November to April when the weather will be cooler but dry. In May and October the weather can be incredibly hot and humid and December & January will be particularly cold.

North Vietnam is still very wild and inaccessible, yet it contains some of Vietnam’s most awe-inspiring scenery, sparsely populated by a fascinating mosaic of ethnic minorities. A few remote places can be visited via 4x4 tours, motorcycle tours or adventure tours; each offering a secretive glimpse into ethnic way of life, giving you a feel for local ancient history.

If you ask a local what is the best destination to visit, you will receive many different answers. The North is full of endless attractions and places for you to learn, enjoy and relax. Due to its vast list of 'must see' places it is easier to visit the North with a tour operator who will show you the secrets it has to offer.

Lets start in the hustle & bustle of the exquisite capital of Vietnam; Hanoi. Often referred to as the city of picturesque Pagoda's you will feel enlivened by a visit to this city. With the chance to visit museums full of its vivid war torn past to the temples and pagoda's of ancient customs and traditions.

Follow the streets of the old quarter through markets and traders and marvel at the French/Vietnamese architecture, drink in the smell of freshly cooked noodles or join the locals in their early morning Ta Chi on the shores of Hoan Kiem lake. Hanoi is a vibrant city constantly on the move. Come and say 'hello' the Hanoians are waiting to greet you.

Halong Bay
A visit to the North would not be complete without a visit to Halong Bay. Halong Bay is the place of floating islands and emerald waters. It's the most iconic view in Vietnam and because of its intrinsic beauty the area is used on many adverts and tourist sites promoting the country.

Halong offers peace, tranquility and scenery beyond anything you would have viewed before. Take time to travel the bay in a traditional junk; a large beautiful boat with traditional and iconic sails or visit one of the many caves where you can walk the tiny steps of time and marvel at the geology and beauty of natures gift. Use Vivutravel to organise Halong tours for you and your specific requirements.

Cat Ba island
If hiking and exploring are at the top of the list for you then a visit to Cat Ba Island is a must. The island is home to 32 types of mammal, including most of the world's 65 remaining golden-headed langur; the world's most endangered primate. The island offers some exceptional hiking trails, including a tough 18km route up to a mountain summit.

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It's time to take in more magnificent views and a visit to Sapa will not disappoint. Sapa is situated in the Northwest and was originally established as a hill station by the French. It is perfectly situated at the top of a valley which gives it views out over plunging valleys often shrouded with early morning mist. Hiking in Sapa is a must with rice terraces and tiny hill tribe villages all awaiting to be discovered. It's like stepping into another world.

Ninh Binh
As we feel the pull of the Red River Delta cascading through the North, let's take a stop at Ninh Binh. Known locally for its National Park, green valleys, impressive mountains and conservation places. Ninh Binh offers hiking trails and caves, and is home to many rare species of primate. In the northeast, its namesake capital city is a base for exploring nearby temples and pagoda's.

A place visited by the Vietnamese, it's an ideal base for exploring some of the wondrous sites North Vietnam has to offer. Ask your tour operator Vivutravel to organise a breathtakingly historical adventure to the largest collection of buddhist temples in Vietnam; Bái Đính Temple. At an impressive 1000 years old, the temples offer awe inspiring scenery and a glimpse into buddhist life of years gone by.

Ninh Binh is a good start point for a tour to Trang An – a magnificent natural reserve with a UNESCO recognised status. Take a trip through its winding rivers into caves full of geographical wonderment, showing proof of human life dating back over 30,000 years!

You will be amazed by its dominance of limestone peaks occupied by the ancient hunter and gatherers of Vietnam. Truly not a destination to be missed.

After reading through the wonderment and excitement of a few of the destinations you can visit in North Vietnam, its easy to see why opting to use a tour operator will ensure you see everything this diverse part of the country has to offer.

Vivutravel offer the chance to see the North from a unique perspective, create a Vietnam tour for your personal preferences and adventures.

A Northeast specific tour will take you to places unvisited by many; Visit Hanoi, Ha Giang, Dong Van rock plateau, Ba Be Lake and the mesmerising Ban Gioc Waterfall.

Ha Giang
Ha Giang will lend you its title of being 'the most beautiful place in the North' offering visitors a unique chance to experience life, mainly untouched by mass tourism. Authenticity of its 17 ethnic minorities, views of its striking mountains and a glimpse into local real life will leave you feeling embraced by its open arms.

Ha Giang offers easy access to Dong Van Karst Geopark, a UNESCO recognised national park. Recognised mainly in part for its important geological and cultural heritage, it is home to a range of formations that are 400 million years old, this really is a place to feel at one with nature.

The Northwest tour of Vietnam will offer you the chance to visit vibrant markets, deep lush valleys and the wonderment of rice terraces, still worked on by the locals today. The tour could be tailored to include Hanoi, Mai Chau valley, Mu Cang chai rice terraces, Sapa rice terraces and the vibrant and colourful Bac Ha Market.

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Bac Ha Market
It  is held every Sunday and will lead you into a journey of local food temptation. A market full of vibrant colours and locals dressed in original and extravagant clothes. Ethnic minorities come from far and wide to sell their wares at the market; from spices, vegetables, livestock, fish and even cows and goats. It really is a market for the locals and gives you a chance into a different way of life.

Words really cannot express the vibrancy of North Vietnam and the opportunity you have to enjoy a unique Vietnam holiday from the UK. Choose to break away from the normalities of your annual holiday and take time to build a tour of a country full of friendly people, amazingly diverse and breathtaking views and cultural history from thousands of years ago.

Choosing a tour is an easy and cost effective way to travel around North Vietnam and ensure you are not missing out on any of its hidden secrets; using local knowledge and expertise means you will get the best out of the time you have to spend.

Vivutravel offers a huge range of experienced Vietnam packages and you can combine a tour with many other attractions the island has to offer. Vietnam Tours can be tailor made to suit where you want to visit and their extremely helpful and knowledgeable tour guides will make your Vietnam holiday one of the best times of your life.

An exceptional tour operator with vast experience and knowledge, you will feel very safe in their hands.

How do you book your Vietnam tour package?
Vivutravel is a professional and friendly tour operator; from completing the initial enquiry form through to booking your chosen itinerary the experience will be straightforward and easy. With many customer reviews and accreditation you can be assured of their loyalty to you and your Vietnam holiday. Simply complete their online travel enquiry form and one of their expert travel consultants will be in touch to discuss your Vietnam adventure.

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