7 Tips to Choose the Best Tour Packages to Vietnam

27, August, 2016

7 Tips to Choose the Best Tour Packages to Vietnam

Are you planning to visit Vietnam to experience its natural beauty, chaos and colour? You get to feel your senses come live as you sail on the majestic Ha Long Bay, visit the mountainous region of Sapa, or experience first-hand the crazy streets of Hanoi. Vietnam's history, culture, sights, people and street food are enough to bring back the most seasoned traveller. But it is the time and effort put into planning your tour package to Vietnam that can make or break your trip.

What are tour packages to Vietnam?
A tour package is easily defined as a type of trip taken by a group of travellers who follow a pre-planned itinerary. This type of package deal can include land transfers, sightseeing, meals, accommodation, and anything else that can create the perfect Vietnam holiday experience. Additionally, a tour is likely to include the services of a guide that will accompany the group while travelling between the different sights.

To have the very best tour package you must...

•  Research the intended destination
•  Choose the best time of season to explore that particular country
•  Pack light and weather friendly
•  Get to know your destination, i.e. local culture, travelling around, food, accommodation, etc.

Once you know what to expect and have an appreciation of where your money is going, you can avoid many disappointments and problems and have the Vietnam tour experience that is a complete pleasure.

best tour packages to vietnam

Here are seven tips to organise the very best Vietnam tourism packages:

1 - Know what you want to see and do in Vietnam
A great way to organise the Vietnam trekking tour is to go with the customised holiday that is specifically tailored to match your specific needs. Although, there are plenty of pre-planned tour packages that let you visit the major tourist attractions, such as Hanoi, the Mekong River, Ha Long Bay, Cat Tien National Park, Tam Coc, Phu Quoc, etc., you may want to look at being more adventurous.

But for those that prefer to do something a little different from the regular tours, create a list of places you want to visit in the country as well as activities that you wish to get involved in, such as trekking, cycling, cruising, or even learning to cook the Vietnamese cuisine. Plus, the tour should also let you explore the sights at a preferred pace, without being rushed from location to location.

2 - Calculate your budget
Make sure to carefully plan the budget before setting off to ensure you have enough money to last the full length of the trip. You want to use the Vietnam tour companies that will make the very most of your budget and not waste anything on things you aren't likely to be appreciated. Certain parts of the Vietnam tour package can be tailored to match your wishes, such as the accommodation, which can vary from the budget friendly to the most luxurious. Also, other expenses to consider include entrance fees and internal land and air transportation. A reliable tour operator should create the type of package that is fairly priced and offers the very best in value.

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3 - Consider the season
For the best chance of having an enjoyable Vietnam holiday, you want to look at planning it so that it falls within the more favourable weather conditions. The local tour operators have the experience to give advice on the most practical times to visit the different regions of Vietnam. For instance, the weather in the North is more seasonal and can be cold in the winter, but in the South the weather is generally humid at all times, even if it is raining. For the tour package that travel from the capital city of Hanoi in the North to Ho Chi Minh in the South, the weather is certain to vary and wet weather is very likely on this type journey, meaning there is not really a best time to travel to Vietnam and you can travel at anytime you wish.

4 - Find a reliable tour operator
The very best tour packages are created by the friendly, trustworthy and reliable tour operators. The preferred tour operator should be able to provide a package that is able to fully meet the specific needs of the travellers. Also, the most experienced and knowledgeable companies are able to provide the customised Vietnam travel deals.

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5 - Reputation
Use online travels message boards or similar to help determine the tour company's reputation. By reading the independent Vietnam tour operator’s reviews, you are in a better position to find out the truth before making a booking. It doesn't have to be just the major tour companies you use; many of the smaller ones that are actually in Vietnam are just as good or better as they have the first-hand knowledge.

6 - Vietnam tour guides
The tour operator should provide access to local guides that are knowledgeable about the different locations and sights that you plan to explore. The preferred guide is a local resident that has great travel experience, knows the local language, and even able to offer life-saving techniques. The preferred tour guides are able to explain everything as you go and ensure that you are able to keep the tour going in the preferred schedule without being rushed. It is worthwhile asking about the guides when booking the tour packages to Vietnam to make sure you have someone that can make the travelling experience more enjoyable.

7 - Get a well organised schedule
When it comes to booking a Vietnam tour package you want to make sure the operator is able to fill your day with cultural sights and fun activities. The tours can range from those that may leave you to your own devices or packed with a lot of activities. The best tours are well-balanced and include a schedule of the preferred destinations and activities that you wish to get involved in. Try to avoid the tours that will leave you running around all day without much rest, but you still don't want the too slow-paced schedule, as this may leave you sitting around not doing much.