Having a Memorable Vietnam Holiday from Canada

31, August, 2016

Having a Memorable Vietnam Holiday from Canada

Vietnam is an archaic, magnificent and captivating country that is situated in South East Asia. It is a breathtaking country waiting to be turned inside out. Visitors can experience exceptional sightseeing, splendid beaches and a culture that is unexampled and a people that are quite affable and welcoming. Most Vietnam tour packages are centers around the capital city of Hanoi, the busy cities of Saigon and Hue, the old fashioned city of Hoi An, and the sandy resort beach areas of Phan Thiet and Nha Trang meaning that Vietnam offers something for every tourist who plan to visit the country.

Overview of Vietnam Tourism
Most Canadians will probably envisage Vietnam as a previously war torn nation that is still trying to find its feet in the global picture. The nation is actually full of captivating natural beauty and very tranquil and serene local life. The nation also has some of the most immense and expansive islands, beaches and impressive lagoons that are regarded as amongst the most outstanding in the East Asian region. The country also has a comparatively extensive network of roads. Vietnam also has one of the most delectable foods per square meter globally. Visitors will without a doubt find the cuisine in the country to be the most savory.

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Places of Interest in Vietnam
There are three major places of interest in Vietnam. The first is the historical places which tell a story of the rich history of the nation that spans more than a thousand years. Vietnam is also a cultural nation and this is the second interesting thing about it. Then there are the natural sites with manifold landscapes, marvelous sceneries, and very agreeable weather. The beaches in Vietnam are pristine and unsurprisingly splendid. The beaches include Cat Ba, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Mui Ne and the Halong Bay that has a scope of remarkable limestone karst and emerald crystal water that is a must see. There is also Sapa, located in the northern mountains and Dalat in the south with a very extraordinarily excellent climate. These are outlandish hideouts that are away from the normal hot climate and a delightful opportunity to unearth some enchanting views. There is also the Mekong Delta with endless land, tropical forests and intercrossing waterways that provide various types of adventure for tourists.

Important information about Travel from Canada to Vietnam
As a tourist from Canada, you need to have a Canadian passport that you will present when you enter into Vietnam. The passport should be beyond the expiry date of the visa. It is essential that you get more information about passport validity. Canada is not included in the list of countries exempted from visas. You ought to have a Vietnam visa for Canadian nationals before entry and you should apply for a visa to Vietnam at the Vietnam Embassy or consulate in Canada. You can get extensions from the Vietnam Immigration Department in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City at a cost of course. Local Vietnam travel agents and tour companies can also help you with the extension. Once you arrive in Vietnam, you are expected to register with the police regardless of who you will be staying with. If you will be staying at a hotel, you will be registered automatically. You will also be subjected to a temperature check and might also get quarantined for medical observation in the event that you have symptoms similar to flu. You should also find out from a health practitioner about any vaccination you may need before travelling to Canada.

To apply Vietnam visa online, please visit vietnamvisaprovider.com.

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Flights to Vietnam from Canada
There are three international airports in Vietnam namely Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang. Most major flights are available from Vancouver to all the major destinations in Vietnam and direct flights are served by the national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines with many other long haul flights with transits through Bangkok, Doha, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei and Kula Lumpur. There are numerous airlines that operate flights to Vietnam although there is a limit on the number of flights that operate directly from North America. Once you have a Vietnam visa for Canadian nationals, you can choose which flights to take. Air Canada and Cathy Pacific operate from Toronto or Vancouver to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City with a short transit involved in Hong Kong with a wait time of two to four hours. If you prefer seeing more of the world, you might find the transit time to be quite ideal because it will offer you the chance to see lots more in Seoul or Tokyo.

Vietnam Tour Packages from Canada
Any Canadian planning a Vietnam holiday should consider consulting a local Vietnam travel expert. In comparison to other destinations, Vietnam is very new and is a much cheaper destination. To begin your journey, you need Vietnam tour packages from Canada. There are several packages that are quite exciting. One package involves touring the northern capital of Hanoi, the cultural heart of Vietnam. This package with provide you with an understanding of the history and the culture of the county’s numerous ethnic groups. You will also get to tour the Vietnam Museum of Ethnography and the B52 Victory Museum. You can gain lots of insight into the Vietnam War with this tour. A tour package of southern Vietnam will take you to Ho Chi Minh City which is Vietnam’s business and financial center. There are day tour packages for people who have only one day to see Vietnam and there are tour packages to Halong Bay, or the bustling city of Saigon, and you can also visit the Mekong Delta. Taking a guided tour can be a great way to enjoy what the north and the southern part of Vietnam has to offer to Canadians.

From Vietnam, it is easy for your to extend your trip to Cambodia to see Angkor temples or to Laos to discover the hidden land of a million elephants.

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The Best Time to Visit Vietnam
Spring and autumn are great times to visit Vietnam. This is in the months of February to April for spring and the months of August to October for autumn. During these times, the temperatures are pleasant and there is minimal rainfall with March and April having the least rainfall across most destinations in Vietnam. It is never easy to tour the whole country at once because Vietnam spans over 1000 kilometers and has major regional diversities. This is a destination that you can tour throughout the year and you can travel to any part of the country in any season.

Things to Do In Vietnam
Vietnam has a number of colorful events and festivals that can be quite exciting to participate in. There are very many other festivals throughout the year and you will always find a festival that will interest you. One major area of attraction is Nha Trang, Vietnam’s most popular seaside resort town. You can also go to the Cu Chi tunnels, tour the Mekong Delta, go to Mui Ne beach, trek in Sapa or experience homestay in Mai Chau, take sampan in Tam Coc, etc. Vietnam is replete with activities and tourists will not find that they are busy and their hands are full during their visit.

Visit Vietnam - Planning a holiday to Vietnam
It is highly recommended to book your Vietnam tour packages with a local tour operator in Vietnam as it is cheaper and they can customize your wishes. However, you need to book the flight to Vietnam from Canada at your end which is cheaper and more convenient for you. The first step it to visit www.vivutravel.com and send your travel enquiry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get a free Vietnam tour itinerary design and quotation.