Tips to Make Your Vietnam Holidays Smooth

06, September, 2016

Tips to Make Your Vietnam Holidays Smooth

Vietnam is a beautiful, yet culturally rich country with a lot of destinations to visit. Unlike what many people perceive, Vietnam is a safe and friendly place to visit. The only thing you need is a little preparation and you’re guaranteed of delicious dishes, elegant seaside resorts and friendly locals. For first time visitors, being in Vietnam can be tricky due to the hectic streets, chaotic markets and populous cities.

To help you make your Vietnam holiday smooth, here are some travel tips that will come in handy.

Have a Diversified Plan for Your Vacation
As compared to most South East Asian countries, a Vietnam visa comes at a very pricey cost. If you pay that much and you see only one destination, you will be wasting the visa money and the opportunity. Take time to do a little groundwork before you get to Vietnam. It helps to know the most significant places to visit before you actually get there. A trekking trip in Sap would be ideal and if you are fascinated with Vietnam’s regal past, you should tour the Hue’s temples, the tomb and the Pagodas right after you have been through a tour of Hoi An. When you take a tour of numerous destinations, you will have a greater comprehension the culture and the enchanting history of Vietnam. This will give you a more enhanced and comprehensive experience.

What to Watch Out For in Vietnam
Vietnam has too many backpackers hopping into buses and trains and it would be advisable to take flights from one Vietnam destination to another. There are numerous low fare airlines and you can be able to find flights that cost as low as $10. This will not only save you time but will ensure that you have a convenient and stress free time touring the nation. You need not worry about the weather while in Vietnam. While the climate varies from one region of the country to the other, the weather is very pleasant. A Vietnam tour package is always customized to meet a tourist's interests and needs. What you need is to contact a Vietnam tour operator like Vivutravel.

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Taking Care of your Safety and Accommodation
Touring Vietnam, you should not have a lot of jewelry with you and you should not carry a bag unless necessary. Vietnam is not a nation that is known for violent crime. Nonetheless, petty crime is more pronounced and you are a possible target when you have a bag or are wearing jewelry. Ensure that your cash, credit cards, airline tickets and other valuables always kept in a safe place while you are outdoors and when you have to travel, use travel agents who have been recommended or are approved. Lonely Planet, Thorn Tree Forum and Trip Advisor are good places to get relevant information about the best tour guides, travel agencies and even accommodations. You will find these tree places to be very resourceful and you can avoid any unpleasant experiences through the forums.

You should also try to figure out the best accommodation options while in Vietnam. You will find an abundance of accommodation in every city, town, and resort. You will find that you are spoilt for choice and can afford any five star accommodations but you must choose wisely to avoid the frenzied area and get a place where you can chill and get away from it all. Staying in the outskirts will help you experience the uniqueness of a calm atmosphere without having to go through the chaotic city.

Women can travel safely in Vietnam because the nation is largely very safe. Nonetheless, it would be advisable for a woman to dress as a local or conservatively especially if walking alone and particularly late at night. The Vietnamese are very inquisitive and they might ask why you are travelling alone if you are a woman. They might ask you questions about your marital status and about your family life.

Taking Care of What Your Eat or Drink
During your Vietnam tour, just remember, tap water is not regarded as safe in Vietnam and you should take bottled water at all time. You will find that bottled water is very affordable and always readily available in all shops, hotels or restaurants throughout Vietnam. Before drinking any water, ensure that the seal on the bottle cap is unbroken. The Vietnamese are known because of their tasty and varied foods. Rice, noodles and vegetables are the most popular and are mostly served with meat or seafood. In most Vietnam eating place, tipping is not expected but they will appreciate if you choose to tip them because the wages are very low. Generally, taxi drivers don’t expect tips as well but it would be advisable to make the entire amount a round figure. When you visit the pagodas, dress decently and leave a small donation particularly if a monk has shown you around.

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Shopping in Vietnam
There is so much to shop for in Vietnam because they have marvelous arts and crafts, textiles and jewelry. You will attractive things that you can purchase in any part of Vietnam and even in very remote areas. There are numerous markets, large modern shopping malls and street stalls. It is quite traditional for people to bargain in Vietnam and you will find it to be quite amusing because the Vietnamese do it with a smile and in a very cordial manner. You too can do this as well. It would be advisable to bargain in local currency as this will give you better value.

Vietnam as a Family Destination
Vietnam is one of the best places for family vacations and people of all ages will find that the nation is a great destination for them. There are numerous activities that are applicable to family vacationing. Many water parks that are great for families are also available in the nation. The Vietnamese are very affectionate to children and this affection is openly displayed by them so any approach by locals when you have children should not surprise you. Vietnam is generally a wonderful place to visit. The people are friendly and the place itself is breathtaking. Before you set foot on this pleasant nation, you will be helped by a little advance information.

Research available Accommodation options
Before traveling to this historically rich country, it’s essential to explore your available options. Vietnam tour package has different options to choose from. For the laid back individuals who would rather enjoy the peace and tranquil nature, there are various options in the outskirts of the Old Quarter. The rooms are spacious and you get to enjoy the oasis of calm in the middle of the ever busy city.