Traveling to Vietnam with Children

19, September, 2016

Traveling to Vietnam with Children

Vietnam’s tourism industry has grown exponentially since the 90s. Previously, Vietnam was thought of as a war torn country. Nonetheless, the country is now one of the top rated tourist destination in Southeast Asia. Additionally, the country attracts people of different interests, tastes and ages.

Vietnam is a family friendly country and anyone can travel with their children. What’s more, there are different Vietnam family tour packages depending on your budget. Being a relatively cheaper country allows families to travel without the thought of incurring extra expenses. Here are some great tips for first time family travelers.

Check the visa requirements
Before you travel to Vietnam, it’s essential to check if you need a visa to enter the country and what the requirements are. You can opt to get a visa on arrival where you’ll be required to pay in advance. You can obtain cheap Vietnam visa at .

Organize an activities based trip
Children love fun and play. You can plan a Vietnam family tour with children that is full of activities that appeal to you and the kids. Fortunately, Vietnam has different spots and activities to help make your experience memorable. Halong Bay provides an exciting, yet family friendly spot for first time travelers.

You can go squid fishing, take cooking classes, lay on the beach or swim in the ocean. Indochina sails and Bhaya have big decks allowing kids to have enough space to play around. Hanoi has landmarks and museums you can visit. Parks near Hoan Kiem provide open spaces that are not overcrowded.

Southern Vietnam is famous for Ho Chi Minh City. You can also visit the Suoi Tien Amusement Park. The park has plenty of kart rides, boat rides and activitiesgeared towards children. The Mekong Delta has canoe trips, visit to fruit candy manufacturing shop and a visit to rice paper factories. You can travel by speed boat through Saigon River Express which can be exciting for your kids.

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Have a travel plan beforehand
Vietnam requires a flexible plan if you are planning a Vietnam family tour with children. The best way to ensure that everything is organized is to book your hotels in advance. Hotels fill up quickly depending on the season. Furthermore, some hotel rooms may not have enough room to accommodate a lot of children.

Have your transport arranged beforehand through the hotel you book. This way, you’re rest assured that you are safe and that you get to the right destination on time. Taxi rates are competitive and you can compare the rates online for different taxi companies.

In addition, you need to be aware of how the weather will be when you are planning a Vietnam family tour with children. The country has varying seasons depending on the time of the year. You don’t want to be stuck in typhoon season or in the blazing sun with your children. Generally, Vietnam is consistently hot, it’s best to prepare your children on what to expect and dress them appropriately.

Safety should come first
Traveling with a family to Vietnam can be tricky especially when you’re also bringing children along.  When moving from city to city, it’s best to take a train or a plane. It’s much safer and convenient compared to taking a bus ride. Trains are safe and cabins can accommodate up to 4 people. Always carry photocopies of your passport and visas instead of the real documents.

Caution should be exercised when hiring a cyclo in Saigon, due to the aggressive nature of the drivers. Crossing the road is another task tourists find tricky mainly because most roads do nothave sidewalks. Ensure that your children are alert in their movements. Furthermore, Vietnam can be crowded and you don’t want to lose your children in a sea of traffic. Have them carry a paper with all the information that can be used to get back to you.

Vietnamese are friendly and will want to interact with your kids. Do not be surprised if the locals touch them, hug them or play around with them.

Shopping with children
Vietnam has different accessories, children toys and clothing. Tailors can create imitation of any designer piece to suit your requirements.

Street food is great
Vietnam is well known for street food which is cooked in front of you and served in a plastic bowl. The food contains different cuisines and is served hot. Be smart about your food choices. You need to be careful about where you eat from. The children can try a Vietnamese sandwich with whatever fillings they choose. Although Vietnam may not have famous fast food options like Burger King or McDonalds, you’re rest assured that they’ll have healthy meals.

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Only drink and use bottled water
Another concern most parents face when planning a Vietnam family tour with children is the safety of tap water. Bottled water is cheap and easily accessible. Use this water to also brush your teeth. Ice is safe and you can have your cold drinks without worrying.

Bring some protection
Vietnam is generally hot. It’s best to bring breathable clothes and a hat if you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors. Be sure to check how the weather will be on the part of Vietnam that you are planning to travel to. There is no special dress code not unless you are visiting the temple. You can pack up some medicine especially for nausea and stomach upsets. While there are different pharmacies around, it can be difficult to find one specifically for children.

Carrying an insect repellant is also highly recommended. Some areas are mosquitoes ridden and you don’t want your children contacting a disease in a foreign country. An anti-itch cream will also come in handy.

Planning a Vietnam family tour with children can be daunting.  Luckily, there are companies that tailor make your trip to take all the hassle out of traveling to a new destination. A travel company ensures that your flights are booked in advance, your itinerary is planned to suit every family member and that you get the best accommodation in Vietnam.