It's time to experience Vietnam tour your way

11, October, 2016

It's time to experience Vietnam tour your way

Your private Vietnam tour; as personal and unique as you want it to be.
Its time to experience Vietnam your way.

Booking your time away from the daily grind can be one of the most exciting times of the year, deciding where to go along with looking forward to all the new experiences can often keep us going through the cold winter months.

For some people the thrill of booking their own accommodation or tour packages around a new country can be part of the holiday process, but for others they want to feel safe in the knowledge their adventure will be taken care of by the professionals and namely a tour operator with knowledge of the country.

There are so many benefits to booking an organised tour package, but even more so if you decide to book your own personal and private tour around a new country.

For many a budding traveller the reassurance and personal touch they get from a tour operator will give them chance to look forward to their holiday. A private tour will often cater for their own personal needs; meaning they can choose exactly when and where they want to go on their tour within the exciting new country they are visiting.

Many countries have tour operators who are experts in offering tourists private tours and custom made packages, and the beautiful and enthralling country of Vietnam is no exception and is a destination you should take advantage of visiting.

The growth in tourists choosing Vietnam as their holiday destination has been testament to the unique experiences Vietnam has to offer. From breathtaking sandy beaches, dense mountainous forests, culturally rich cities to the winding and mysterious Mekong River; it is a country full of mystique and intrigue.

Choosing to book a private Vietnam tour will give you the chance to experience the country in a personal and unique way. From waking up in the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City to watching the sunset over Ha Long Bay, you will not be short of seeing some of the best sites the country and even the world has to offer.

vietnam private tour

A private Vietnam tour will give you far more than just a holiday; it will leave you with memories personal and unique to you. With so many tour options and packages available, why would you choose to book a private tour?

You may find larger tours with lots of people cover a much broader range of sites and areas, some of which may not be of interest to you.

Your idea of relaxation and site seeing will be very different to others, bustling cities may not be high on your list of sites, you maybe craving a calm and serene holiday taking in pagoda's, sandy beaches or historic temples.

Larger tours are often catering for a wide variation of tastes and preferences and will look to take in the bigger tourist attractions of each place. Large tours are designed to ensure everyone gets to experience something different.

Although an excellent way of seeing a new country, you may want to see attractions and destinations a little of the beaten track, or you may have a particular temple you would like to see; large tours will not allow you the flexibility to tailor make your visit.

A Vietnam private tour gives you the chance to have input into where you decide to visit, so if you want to see the wide expanses of rice fields and eat street food with the locals, it can easily be arranged. Your private tour, your private experiences and memories.

A tour operator like Vivutravel specialise in offering private tours all throughout Vietnam.

They have often found the flexibility of a private tour appeals to people who may want to extend or book an additional stop as they go on their tour around Vietnam. Sometimes, its only when you arrive in a city or area, you really decide what you want to see.

Mekong Delta is a bustling and vibrant agricultural city, responsible for producing over a third of the countries annual food supply; from rice, coconut palms to fruit orchards and sugar canes, the cities nutrient rich soil means agriculture is at its heart.

Imagine arriving in the beautiful Mekong Delta and you decide to relax on a boat trip down the Mekong River. On a private Vietnam tour; Vivutravel would be able to organise your boat trip and they will ensure you obtain the best deal too.

Knowing exactly what to see in such a vibrant country like Vietnam can be overwhelming; you want to make the most of the time you have and knowing where to head first or where to avoid because of the crowds will make your holiday more enjoyable.

private vietnam tour

A Vietnam private tour guide will tailor your package, make recommendations and design the tour with your time in mind. You can relax knowing your precious time will be spent seeing exactly what you want and avoiding the heady crowds.

Tour guides will also make recommendations, Vivutravel may recommend a visit to Siem Reap. From here you can choose to visit Ankghor and the wondrous and culturally beautiful temples.

Siem Reap is also blessed with colonial Chinese style architecture, markets, museums and is surrounded by rice paddles and silk farms. The Ankghor temples are one of the most popular tourist destinations within the area and the crowds can be overwhelming.

As part of your Vietnam private tour, your tour operator will give you the best times to visit the temples and ensure you get there in the fastest and most comfortable way and even beat the crowds too.

Arriving in any country where you do not speak the local dialect can be frustrating and daunting. Most people want to ensure they are not taken advantage of and you do not want to end up with a trek in the forest when you wanted a boat trip along the Mekong.

A private tour guide will help you with translating, often making sure you have booked the right tickets and ensuring you get the best value too.

We all find when we visit a new country or area, asking a local what the best sites are to see will be very different to asking a fellow tourist who may have visited the country once.

For instance, ask a local what the best night market is in the city of Danang and you will be given the information first hand; tour guides will always take time ask locals when they are looking for you.

After all, no-one knows their city or are better informed on the best place to eat than a local. Your tour guide may even be local to the area and have first hand knowledge!

If you like beautiful beaches and colonial style French architecture, Danang really is a must see destination on your private tour. Its a city surrounded by limestone outcrops, pagodas and caves with huge impressive Buddha shrines.

vietnam beach holiday

Don't forget to ask the locals where the best night market is too!

Food is a big part of any holiday! Imagine visiting a country where you will see and smell hundreds of different and exotic spices and see colourful fruits and vegetables you would have never seen before.

Visit any traditional Vietnamese market and you will be able to walk through vast markets with stalls selling dried meats, live birds and fresh fish, local clothing and crafts and much more.

Eating new food for some is a passion and is fully embraced as part of their holiday adventure. For others, the thought of eating a food totally new and unknown can be daunting.

Choosing a restaurant or street food location can also be difficult, like any new place you visit, there are good and bad places to enjoy local food. Vietnam offers a rich variety of indigenous European cuisines prepared in their own traditional way.

The national dish is called 'Pho' – a beef style soup or broth which includes noodles, fresh vegetables and a variety of succulently cooked meats. Meat and fish such as chicken, beef, pork and shrimps will be added to this tasty local dish. It is primarily eaten for breakfast, but can be enjoyed at anytime of day.

Vietnams' most famous dish is called 'Goi Cuon' – Delicious finely wrapped spring rolls are packed full of healthy greens, coriander and various combinations of minced beef, pork, shrimp or crab. The rolls are served with a large bowl of salad.

Unlike many countries, the spring rolls are not fried and are delicately wrapped in sheets made of rice. Healthy, fresh and totally delicious.

If you visit South Vietnam they will serve the spring rolls filled with BBQ pork and served with green banana and star fruits. A side dish of peanut sauce perfectly compliments the BBQ pork.

As part of your Vietnam private tour, you will be able to ask your guide to find out the best restaurants to visit and enjoy some of the delicious traditional food Vietnam has to offer.

The tour guide will often take time to speak to locals and ensure you are eating the best food in the best eateries the area has to offer.

From fine dining to enjoying street food like 'Pho' with the locals; Vietnam has a lot of delicious and tasty food for your to indulge in. Embracing new food and cultures is all part of your holiday experience.

vietnamese food

Vivutravel often find people like to be reassured the accommodation they are booking is as they would expect. A private tour will help you book accommodation within the area you are visiting and will often make sure you are not paying tourist prices too.

In an area such as Ha Long Bay you will have many types of accommodation available. Relax in one of the spectacular beachside villa's or swing from a hammock in your very own tree house in the forest. You could even stay with a local family and spend time learning about the real Vietnamese culture and way of life.

Whatever you prefer your private tour operator will be able to organise it for you. All you need to do is sit back and relax.

Ha Long Bay in Northeast Vietnam is the bay of a 1000 pictures. The most photographed site in Vietnam. Images of the bay are now synonymous with Vietnam and its tourism.

See the bay from the water and take a junk boat tour, scuba dive in some of the clearest waters, rock climb up one of the mountains surrounding the bay or simply take time to drink in and appreciate the view in one of the many bayside restaurants.

Ha Long Bay really is a destination to add to your Vietnam Private tour package.

A private tour package to Vietnam will also mean you get to hear about each destination in a smaller and intimate environment; your tour guide will take time to listen to what you want to know and ensure you are given the history and facts in a personal and relaxed way.

Often, the recommendations your tour guide can give you will enable you to experience new sites and places undiscovered by other tourists. Imagine being taken to a temple or pagoda only the locals know about, or discovering the perfect hotel in a quiet location where there are no other tourists.

Spending so much time together will often mean you build a rapport with your tour guide; tour guides are often local to an area you are visiting and take great delight in showing you around the place where they grew up or have spent time.

When you take pictures back home to friends and family, you can look through and remember all the unique and personal places you were able to visit.

An organised Vietnam private tour really is a spectacular way of seeing the country. You will feel welcomed, safe and relaxed in the company of Vivutravel tour guides.

They always have you and your interests in mind and as their many testimonials state;

Vivutravel are experts at organising the best holiday of a lifetime for you.