Mistakes to Avoid on Vietnam Tours and Holidays

17, October, 2016

Mistakes to Avoid on Vietnam Tours and Holidays

When travelling to a country like Vietnam it isn’t too difficult to overcome issues related to language and culture. But, there are several mistakes that need to be avoided on the Vietnam tours and holidays.

Here are several things to remember while enjoying the Vietnam tours and holidays:

Carry your paperwork
It is practical to take a copy of your identity papers – passport, visa, etc. – and carry those in your bag when out travelling. It isn’t necessary to keep the original documents on you. Plus, check the passport and visa to make sure enough time is left in place to avoid issues with entering or leaving the country.

Organize travel insurance
It is generally advised to take out fully comprehensive travel insurance when planning to visit Vietnam. Many people already have some form of travel insurance through their bank, credit card or work. But, for those without any insurance, it isn’t that expensive to organize cover for a single period or trip.

Pack only the essentials
Try to avoid over packing the suitcases when travelling to Vietnam. Just pack the essentials and enough clothes and accessories to last the duration of the stay. It can help to check the predicted weather for the period of visit to make it easier to pick the right clothes to match. Also, if you leave space in your suitcase there is greater opportunity to bring home some cherished memories.

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Valuable items
Try to avoid travelling around with valuable materials, such as jewelery and cash. If you are travelling with expensive items of jewelery, it is often more practical to leave them in the hotel safe when travelling through the local streets or tourist sights.

Choose appropriate destinations
To avoid getting over tired and stressed on the Vietnam tours and holidays, make sure to carefully prepare an itinerary that includes both places to visit and times to rest and relax. A slow and relaxed pace is better to fully appreciate the local culture and life. If you are rushing from place to place there is less likelihood of really enjoying the experience.

Take care on the beach
When visiting one of the stunning Vietnam beaches make sure to apply enough sunscreen to give protection against the intense heat. Also, try to avoid swimming or sunbathing between 11am-3pm when the sun is most intense. Sunscreen should be in the region of 30-50 SPF. Plus, it is important to remember that a typical travel insurance policy isn’t likely to give any protection related to excessive sun exposure.

Research the destination or attractions
Many novice travellers wait until they arrive at a destination before learning its history. But by putting in a little time to research the latest destination you are likely to get a more enjoyable experience. There are plenty of travel guides that are well worth a read. Also, to get the most authentic experience it can help to look at life from the point of view of the locals, while also sampling the cuisine, and learning about their culture.

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