UNESCO World Heritage sites to visit when travelling in Vietnam

21, October, 2016

UNESCO World Heritage sites to visit when travelling in Vietnam

Vietnam has been long known for its breathtaking landscape, stunning beaches and exquisite cuisine, but did you know that this South East Asian country has some of the most famous world heritage sites? These sites are listed for preservation of history for the importance they contribute to future generations. When planning a Vietnam tour package, do not forget to add in your travel itinerary some of the common sites as below;

Halong Bay
Listed back in 1994 as a world heritage site by the United Nations, science and culture organization, Halong Bay has grown to be one of the most famous sites in Vietnam. Get to see the 1960 islands in various sizes and experience the smooth sea surface. A great time to visit this area is in May when the Halong Bay carnival festival takes place. Take a Halong boat cruise when you travel in Vietnam. Sample some delicious cuisine in one of the largest hotels and sing your heart away at a karaoke bar. Couples looking for a romantic getaway will find La Long Bay impressive.

Hoi An Ancient Town
Hoi An features a unique combination of local, foreign and medieval influences and was declared a UNESCO heritage site in 1999. The peaceful old town was Southeast Asian trading port in the 15th century. Buildings in Hoi an are ancient and feature a traditional architectural design of the 20th century. You’ll find this site in Quang Nam province and there are a lot of foreign influences in this area. Foreigners come to Hoi An to invest due to the fused cultures associated with an international maritime commercial center.

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Hue’s monuments
The complex of hue monuments was established in 1802 as the only cultural, religious and political center under the Ngunyen royal dynasty. The city’s intense beauty comes from the stunning perfume river and the Ngu Binh Mountain. The complex of Hue Monument is renowned for thebelvedere of the 5 phoenixes where the emperor showed up on royal occasions.

With a land area of 500 hectares, hue monuments is made up of 4 citadels-Hoang Thanh, Tu Cam Thanh, Dai Noi, and Kinh Thanh.The site was listed as a cultural heritage site in 1993 and it’s owned by the government.

My Son Holyland
Located in Central Quang Nam province, My son was listed as a world heritage site in 1999 and it dates back to the 13th century. The sanctuary features tower clusters that were constructed over 10 centuries ago in what was referred to as Champa Kingdom.

Anyone visiting My Son sanctuary will recognize the towers as they are the most significant part of the sanctuary. With a variety of architectural design, the towers are made from fired brick and decorated with sandstone that showcases different scenes from Hindu mythology. My Son sanctuary is also considered evidence of the Cham’s construction and engineering skills. Moreover, it depicts the Champa kingdom spiritual faith.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park
Located in the middle of Annamite mountain range in Central Vietnamese province of Quang Binh, Phong Nha national park shares its boundaries with Hin Namno-a nature reserve located in Lao to the west. The park was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 2003.

Featuring aquatic and terrestrial habitats, the park occupies 85,000 hectares of land rich in tropical dense forests. Additionally, Phong Nha has the world’s largest cave-Son Doong Cave. The cave was discovered by a local-Ho Khanh back in 1991 and it has a river within it.

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Trang An Scenic Landscapes
Situated in Ninh Binh province, North of Vietnam, Trang An scenic landscape is a must visit site when you travel in Vietnam. It was the first site to be acknowledged as a mixed cultural and natural property.

In the south, you’ll notice the red river delta which makes the scenery stunning. Made from resplendent complex of limestone karst peaks and submerged valleys, Trang An features vertical and steep cliffs. Human activity traced back to 30,000 years have ago have been found within the complex.

Trang An is also home to sacred sites, paddy fields, pagodas and villages. If you love nature, you’ll be glad to know that the complex has 41 species of different animals, 73 species of birds and 500 species of flora. Its natural beauty, diverse ecosystem and geological features make it a must visit site to include in your

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These are some of the renowned UNESCO heritage sites you need to visit when you travel in Vietnam. Contact a Vietnam travel agency and have them include these sites on your itinerary to make your trip memorable.

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