Romantic Honeymoon in Vietnam

25, October, 2016

Romantic Honeymoon in Vietnam

No one wants it to rain on their wedding day. It is more than just the fact that it will limit the outdoor photographs that are possible, it is about the mood that rain can create. In Europe and North America the seasons are quite distinct but in Indochina the monsoon rains come from different directions at different times of the year. In parts of Vietnam the monsoons may be around when in other parts of the Country there is barely a cloud in the sky. Undoubtedly a Vietnam honeymoon vacation provides a memorable start to married life. It is important to plan it at a time when the weather is likely to be reasonably good. If you are coming from the West then it is likely that you will not consider November to March for your wedding at home so your honeymoon will be April around to October in all likelihood. Alternatively Australians and Kiwis in the Southern Hemisphere are more likely to pick October to April because that is their summer.

The Climate
•    The South
It is likely to be dry from December until the end of April. During the monsoons it may only be an afternoon shower so the idea of the south in the northern hemisphere summer is not to be dismissed.

•    The Central Coast
This receives the north-east monsoon that arrives in November, briefly disappears and returns in some areas until rain ends during May. The best time to visit two important areas, Danang and Hue is actually February to May before temperatures rise. Late summer there is a chance of heavy rain and strong winds at times.

•    The North
The best sun in the North is October to December. Rain can be heavy in mid-summer and overall the temperatures as lower than elsewhere in the mountain areas.
The climate is complex and if you decide that you want to see the whole country with minimal rain when you go on a Vietnam honeymoon tour March and April and September to December are your best alternatives. However where the monsoon just means an afternoon shower it is often refreshing.

Some Honeymoon in Vietnam ideas include:

honeymoon in vietnam

The top coastal resorts:
•   Nha Trang offers white sand and clear blue seas. It was once just a small fishing village but has grown into a resort with an infrastructure to meet tourist demand.  It is a great place for scuba diving and if you want a bird’s eye view over the area there is a 3.3 kilometre cable car ride over the sea. There are some great resort hotels ideal for a Vietnam honeymoon.

•   Hoi An was a historical trading port but has now developed as a popular holiday destination. It is fairly close to Danang, regarded as Vietnam’s third city which has domestic flights from both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City as well as a few international links.

•   Phu Quoc is an island off the Cambodia Coast in the Gulf of Thailand where the beach and green jungle areas provide a great contrast. Diving is also a major attraction around Vietnam’s largest island. When you are on a romantic Vietnam honeymoon vacation you will be looking for lovely cuisine and the seafood on Phu Quoc Island is lovely. It is actually the home of a vital ingredient in Vietnamese cuisine, fish sauce (nuoc mam).

The Con Dao Islands are still fairly remote but becoming more popular. It is a romantic setting ideal for a Vietnam honeymoon vacation.The weeks between June and September should provide the weather to match the surroundings. Coral reefs provide great scuba diving opportunities and for now there are plenty of places on the 16 small islands where you will be entirely alone.

honeymoon in hoi an

City Life
•   Hanoi is an extremely interesting city. While there have been modern developments there is still the feel of former times exemplified by the wide boulevards and French colonial architecture. While it may not be a place to spend more than 2 or 3 days as part of a Vietnam honeymoon vacation there is nothing wrong with its inclusion in Vietnam honeymoon tours. After all it is one of the two cities where overseas honeymooners are likely to land to begin their holiday.

•   Visit the most famous lake in Hanoi, Hoan Kiem where legend says that King Le Loi received a sword from the gods to repel Chinese invaders. He returned it when he had done so. Hoan Kiem means ‘’returned sword.’’

•   The museums and temples are worth some hours of your time. Take your pick depending upon your particular interests.

•   The Hanoi Hilton’’ is not where your honeymoon suite will be located. Hoa Lo Prison held Vietnamese fighting against the French all those years ago and US prisoners shot down during the Vietnam War.

•   Ho Cho Minh City (formerly Saigon as capital of South Vietnam) is the other likely place for overseas tourists to arrive. It’s great for shopping with the restaurants in Chinatown a delight. A day trip to the Mekong Delta can also be included in Vietnam honeymoon tours while the Vietcong’s Cu Chi Tunnels are not far away either.

•   Danang’s position in the centre of Vietnam is a great base for trips to some of Vietnam’s real attractions, places like the Imperial City of Hue, a UNESCO World Heritage site that is being visited by increasing numbers each year.

Vietnam has so much to offer it would be a shame to travel there and not see some of its variety. When you are on Vietnam honeymoon you may not want to visit the remote parts of the country to see typical rural life, for example the hill tribes north of Hanoi. However it is quite likely that after a memorable honeymoon and a small taste of what Vietnam has to offer you will want to return in the future to see even more. The locals will be more than happy to see you again in the future.

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