Reasons to experience a Vietnam cruise tour

25, January, 2017

Reasons to experience a Vietnam cruise tour

With its myriad of rivers and the ocean and its spectacular marine landscapes, tourists choose Vietnam cruise tour as a way to experience the greatest cruising tour in Southeast Asia. From the eye-catching Ha Long Bay, Mekong River and its tributaries to the stunning coastal gem of Nha Trang, Vietnam offers countless destinations that tourists choose from.

Vietnam’s emerald waters and island will leave you simply impressed and you probably will not get enough of these. With many navigable rivers especially the Mekong River and its tributaries, tourists can take a boat ride as they watch the magnificent floating villages. You can take a ferry to the beautiful islands and after the tiresome fun filled trip one can reflect and lighten up your mood with a trip to the beach.

Vietnam has a large number of rivers that are party navigable including the breath taking Mekong River. Lovely day trips on rivers in Hoi An, Danang, Hue, Tam Coc and many more rivers are possible by boat. You can cruise the Mekong River, you will also need to relax on the beach and get to understand the country’s often overlooked and less known sights and experiences. Boat trips are not impossible in the sea. Cruise along the Ha Long Bay on a boat trip and sail among the floating villages, grottos and vanishing limestone pillars; get to the spectacular Cham islands in central Vietnam or the south islands off Nha Trang. There is a lot more out of this world experience that you can get by using boats. Also scheduled ferries sail year round but depend on weather conditions to these wonderful Vietnam islands.

The cruise boat cabins are something else. You have a choice for your own when it comes to boats for cruising. They provide friendly and boutique atmosphere, top services and mouth watering cuisine o provide a highly personalized experience. The cruises are designed in harmony with Vietnamese heritage and culture with internationally set standards. They are designed to make your stay more pleasurable and comfortable; most of them having a rich wooden interior creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the travelers.

And it gets better. Several companies offer tailor-made Vietnam tour and personalized travel experience. All travel packages takes care of you; from luxury cruises, mid-range cruises, budget cruises, private cruises, day cruises, family cruises to honeymoon cruises. Your tour is individually customized to your wishes. The teams plan and execute every detail of your trip based on your needs, travel style, timeframe, interest and budget of every member of your travel group so that you have the experience of a lifetime, rather than just a trip.

Thrills of Vietnam cruise tour
There are several reasons to experience Vietnam cruise tour. With a fleet of traditional Vietnamese junks, luxury river boats to cruising on modernized rice barges, cruising on the navigable rivers is beyond just simple cruising. It is a trip worth taking. It is something to remember long after to leave the aquatic environment or even Vietnam. Cruise tour with several companies and agencies to any of these fascinating aquatic landscapes not only offers comfort and luxury but also a clearer, close-up and mesmerizing quick look into the Vietnamese culture, an elite chance to discover the riverside communities and explore the spectacular landscapes of Vietnam along the way. You are confident to see Vietnam’s highlights and even the country’s often overlooked and less known sights and experiences.

Visit the Ha Long Bay, a remarkable UNESCO World Heritage site in North East coast of Vietnam, a vanishing limestone karsts surrounded by emerald water creating a site worth remembering, a natural wonder. Make a quick stop in Sao Dao Centre and shop for traditional Vietnamese arts and handicrafts as antics or souvenirs. You need something to remember this magical world, not just the memories. Lounge on Bua Cua beach  and watch the dreamlike scenery surrounding of Bai Tu Long Bay.

Enjoy a picturesque journey through the Red river.  Sail past suspended villages and limestone peaks. Visit the buried lagoons and the islets of Ha Long bay that are hard to reach using a kayak. Cruise in a conventional Indochinese boat, a traditional bamboo boat, and discover the meandering waters of Mekong River and let the lazy waters take you back to the past days to deep in the heart of the Mekong delta. Get a glimpse of the extraordinary lure of Sa Dac, the ancient architecture and the activities of a floating market. Discover the countless networks of canals and Mekong river tributaries then slowly tie up your boat in a serene canal. Experience the delta first hands you discover the magical canals and the rhythm of daily life of the riverside communities.

Savor great classic fresh Vietnamese sea foods at the Mekong delta, the coastal town of Nha Trang, on your cruise or you can stop quickly at a lovely pagoda where professional chefs prepare sumptuous Vietnamese sea foods. A taste of Vietnamese cuisine will leave you wanting more and more. Dine in on its simply prepared sea foods, or sweet, charcoal grilled everything, showered in herbs. Vietnam is famous for its wide range of exotic sea foods, unbelievably mild in its flavors and outstanding in the variety it offers. Vietnamese food is a fascinating draw to anyone who loves learning new foods to put on the plate; new flavors and anything food. Vietnamese sea food is intensely sweet-smelling, herb-laden and has its own Vietnamese sweetness, not found anywhere else.

Or you can cruise to Tan Phong Island to take part in a cooking class; learn the Vietnamese secrets to its delicious sea foods, get hands on experience on cutlery and plate decoration the Vietnamese style. Prepare yourself a tasty meal inspired by this island’s recipes from braised fish, grilled herb- laden steaks, fried- elephant-ear fish and many more weird but fresh and tasty fish dishes.

Explore the exquisite coastal town of Nha Trang, lighten up your mood at its lovely beaches. Snorkel and scuba dive in its crystal clear water in search of Nha Trang beautiful corals at its islands and game fishing for tropical fish.  Get back to this coastal town and be a child one more time by enjoying a mud bath! You can also visit its peculiar aquarium and see weird see creatures.  

Cruise tour to Vietnam is fascinating all day long and all night long. You can relax, getting sun-kissed, swimming, sunbathing or taking pleasure in classic Vietnamese barbeque at the beaches, explore the communities at the floating villages during the day; enjoy a cocktail on the deck of your cruise boat as the sun sets behind the countless islands. Spend nights on a traditional junk, swimming, kayaking, exploring caves and dining on fresh sea foods under the moon and the stars or wake up to the beauty of the water and spend your morning soaked up in the magical sceneries. It all depends on you. What you want and how you want to enjoy yourself.

A cruise tour to Vietnam can also be an educational trip. Enjoy a one on one chat with a Vietnamese guide on your cruise as he or she delves into the history of Vietnam and steers you to wonderful islands with blossoming sultry gardens. You can sample the exotic tropical fruits as he explains farming in Vietnam. Learn about Vietnam’s cottage industry and the coconut candy industry. A visit to the industry will be enough explanation to how this simply sweet confection is made and maybe buy some candies to snack on. A journey along the many navigable rivers will expose you to the many traditions, customs and way of life of the communities who call the riverside or the Delta their home. You can make a quick stop and join in on one of the community’s feasts and festivals.  

Leave behind the noisy atmosphere of the city, the traffic in the towns and take a cruise along the ocean or the rivers but still have a clear and spectacular view and an adventure full of splender. Spend some quite time with your lover, your family, your friend or yourself as you reflect the wildly beautiful Vietnam.

Chills of Vietnam cruise tour
It might be harrowing but this is also a reason to experience Vietnam cruise tour. Discover the countries terrible past by visiting the jails where political rebels and criminals were herded together during the French colonial period. Zip along the Saigon River to the renowned Cu Chi tunnels in a lavish speedboat. Go underground in Cu Chi to explore further the vast meandering underground tunnel built by guerilla fighters during the Vietnam War. Learn more about the Vietnam War, with the Vietnamese refer to as the American War, in a Vietnamese point of view. Get to see the genuine war remnants that remain long after the war and still remain in these tunnels.

It seems daunting but you can take a tour to Ha Long Bay and explore the cave of marvels, Sung Sot Cave. This is one of the largest caves in Ha Long and also Vietnam at large. Watch a variety of shapes of stalactites and stalagmites hanging from the cave tops and which seem to come to life when light is reflected from the numerous pools of water present inside the caves.

Cruise holiday tour
You can spend as many days as you wish on a Vietnam cruise holiday tour exploring its magnificent aquatic landscapes and taking part in leisure activities such as game fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and much more.

The coast is fringed by tropical islands with a few scattered fishing villages. Take a boat trip on the sea and cruise the islands of Ha long Bay and the lovely Cham islands on your excursion. Sail south to the tranquil islands of Con Dao. Visit the French and American island prison in Con Son which is deeply moving and harrowing to see. Later take a walk along the stunning beach as you reflect and relax your mood watching the rich coral reef sea. Take a morning stroll in this town spectacular promenade with the ocean on one side and beautiful French colonial buildings on the other

You can chat with locals and understand their life, lighten up your mood as you relax on the tranquil white sand beaches and watching the calm and clear waters at the bay. Kayak to the mystical caves and the hidden grottoes. This is the most thrilling and memorable activity to you and your travel partners. You can enjoy a walking foodie tour at a variety of markets along the rivers. for adventure seekers a cruise tour to Vietnam  is something out of this world; from making your discoveries on the little unknown parts of Vietnam, climbing the  to the top of islands, exploring a variety of infamous caves to  sailing through special but less touristic  routes. This will be an unforgettable trip

You can get away to a romantic privacy cruise holiday tour in the Ha Long Bay.  Take a Ha Long cruise boat built to provide an intimate atmosphere with the greatest comfort and top services too. Spend your time with her breathing in the fresh air at the Bay and lazily sailing in the jade-green waters surrounding the fading limestone pillars. Make your own special unforgettable moment by taking a cruise tour to Vietnam.

Get something off your bucket list or wish list on a cruising tour to Vietnam by doing an overnight cruising. Get to sleep on board as you get lulled by the lazy water waves; get that enjoyable feeling of glaring at incredible landscapes right at your bedroom window. Explore this extraordinary part of the world and relax on board. Get to live on water and mesmerized by Vietnam’s natural wonder. Night cruise gets to its epitome when you take part in karaoke; squid fishing, holding parties and many more interesting on board activities. You will never regret your decisions as it provide a lifetime of memories.