Why should you travel in Vietnam in low season?

25, May, 2017

Why should you travel in Vietnam in low season?

Want to experience a 2 week tour in Vietnam with better scenery, cheaper prices, and fewer crowds. You can, simply by travelling Vietnam in the low season. From May-September, Vietnam experiences a quiet time with its low season for foreign tourist. A major reason for the low travel is the weather when it is summer with its very stormy, rainy, wet, humid and hot climate. However, the weather is unpredictable and varies throughout the different regions of the country. So, it is still possible to enjoy the holiday at this time of the year.https://mjwellness.com

Pros of low season
Cheaper hotel or guesthouse stays
Fewer people at popular sites
Low airfares
Beautiful rice terrace in the north
Last minute planning is a possibility

Cons of low season
Its summer, so the temperature can get really high (39° C or more)
Sometimes harsher climate in certain regions
Restrictions may be in place for certain services or transport
Increased solicitations from street vendors

Travel Vietnam from May-September
In fact, there are several great places in Vietnam that are well worth a visit at this time. The mountainous region of Sapa is a great place to visit at this time with its blue skies and rice terraces that are simply wonderful with the benefit of regular rainfall. A cruise in Halong Bay can be pleasant with longer time in the afternoon to venture through the bay to watch the sunset, sunbath, swim, fishing villages, hidden caves and kayaking. In Hue and Hoi An in the central region, the climate is quite warm with the likelihood of downpours, but they rarely last long and travelling throughout the region is still easily kept to schedule. Further south in places like Mui Ne beach, Phu Quoc Island, Mekong Delta and Ho Chi Minh City, the climate can be a bit warm, but there are plenty of opportunities to cool down at the beach.

cruise in halong bay

Here are a few of the most compelling reasons to consider travelling to Vietnam in the low season:

There are fewer tourists
An obvious reason to travel Vietnam in the low season is the fact there are fewer tourists. This is a very important to many travellers on the Indochina tour packages and avoids the tourist-like issues of having to wait around to see the popular sights. Any traveller that takes place out of season – May to September – means there is so much less foot traffic and easier to see and explore the different attractions and sights. In key destinations like Halong Bay, the atmosphere is more peaceful and relaxed and gives a greater opportunity to get immersed in the local culture.

Even for the most visited sights and attractions, travelling this Southeast Asian country in the off season gives the much more comfortable experience. Also, organizing the travel is less complicated when the popular tourist destinations are less crowded. For instance, it is rarely necessary to book ahead for accommodation. Hotels or guesthouse in the most visited places are rarely full, so it is easy to find the affordable options in the preferred part of town.

Also, not having the pre-booked accommodation waiting for you means there is greater flexibility in the day-to-day travel plans. There is no need to reach a particular destination at a fixed time. This can give the option to make decisions on the fly and enjoy the more relaxing and flexible experience while on the Vietnam customized tour.

travelling vietnam in low season

It is more affordable
A further very simple and extremely compelling reason to travel out of season is the more attractive rates. With less demand for hotels and flights, prices are that much more appealing. The thrifty traveller is certain to benefit mostly in regards to a reduction in the cost of flights and hotel stays – typical the two biggest travel expenses. A great way to get the best prices on accommodation in the low season is to get in direct contact with the hotels, resorts or guesthouse and attempt to negotiate the most affordable price.

Also, the tours organised by a Vietnam travel agent have the potential to be lower. For instance, an overnight right cruise on a traditional junk boat can be 5-10% cheaper when travelling in the low season.

Everything looks vibrant
Rain has an ulterior motive that is a lot more than simply getting tourists wet on their daily excursions. A regular fall of rain is just what is needed to make the landscape pleasant, green and beautiful. Instead of the parched earth and arid landscape, the countryside in regions like Sapa, Y Ty and Mu Cang Chai is surrounded by lush vegetation, and lovely, leafy views. For the snap-happy travellers this is certain to increase the photo opportunities with everywhere looking that much more scenic and pretty.

y ty rice terraces

Water is everywhere
In the rainy season there is water everywhere, which has the often overlooked benefit of making the water-based activities in Vietnam and the surrounding regions that much more impressive. The lakes and rivers swell, so there is the potential to cruiser faster and further inland compared with the possible routes in the dry season. The ponds and moats around temples are filled with water to fully reflect the loveliness of the region. Also, the floating villages will look their best for the travellers that plan to explore the areas on the tour to Vietnam.

The rains aren’t so bad
The periods of rain during the low season aren’t as rainy as most travellers would believe. Most of the rainfall is short, heavy downpours that lasts a relatively short time before the skies clear and it is back to sightseeing. The rainfall is quite regular and falls at a similar time each day to make it easier to plan the day’s activities around the expected showers. Also, the temperature stays hot and humid so the rain can give a welcome break from the heat and in the event of getting wet, drying off is usually achieved quickly.

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