7 Beautiful Bays in Vietnam

01, June, 2017

7 Beautiful Bays in Vietnam

With over 3200 km of stunning coastline, Vietnam is a prime coastal destination with the ability to offer some of the most gorgeous bays in SE Asia. The bays along the pristine coastline not only have the white sandy beaches, but also stunning scenery and calm waters. Also, many of the beautiful bays are located near national parks or other protected regions to ensure there is minimal development.

Here are seven of the most gorgeous bays in Vietnam:

Halong Bay
Halong Bay is an iconic natural gem in Vietnam and must be mentioned at the top of the list of the country’s beautiful bays. With nearly 2000 limestone islets emerging from the emerald waters; this region is a fascinating collection of seashore, oceanic and tropical evergreen bio systems. A dense cluster of 775 islets makes up the heart of the bay in the Gulf of Tonkin, Quang Binh province.

Halong Bay is easily reached by bus from Vietnam’s capital city, Hanoi (approx 165 km) and seen as one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country. Plus, its extraordinary beauty and UNESCO World Heritage Site recognition have made this bay globally recognized. Traditional junk boats are used for taking tourists out on the 2 week tour in Vietnam. A day or overnight cruise gives a perfect opportunity to explore the islets, as well as the nearby floating villages and fisherman. More and more travellers are relying on the Vietnam travel agency to include this marvellous site on their tour itinerary.

halong bay

Vinh Hy Bay
Vinh Hy bay is one of the least developed and most unspoiled bays in Vietnam. It is part of the Nui Chua National Park on the coastline of Ninh Thuan Province. The natural landscape that surrounds the bay is home to a few ethnic minorities, such as the Cham and the Raglai people. Plus, it has an ever present fishing community.

The lack of development in the region means this bay attracts little attention from Vietnam’s coastal tourism infrastructure. However, the local area has seen construction of resorts and new roads in the area in recent times. Even so, the national park status and the protection the region is given, means the local coral reefs and lush-green forests will stay as pristine spots for snorkelling and hiking.

vinh hy bay

Lang Co Bay
Lang Co Bay is among the world’s most beautiful bays and easily recognized in central Vietnam. It is located a short distance from Danang’s stretching bay, but is a much smaller coastal inlet and enjoys a great tourism infrastructure. Lang Co Bay is flanked by the peaceful and quaint Lang Co town and Bach Ma National Park. This wonderful location creates a more peaceful destination compared to the busier beaches at Hoi An and Danang. It is easily accessible along the Central Vietnam Heritage road, and from destinations like My Son Sanctuary and Hue

Much-like other coastal towns, the economy in Lang Co Bay is entirely supported by both fishing and tourism. The local markets are great to visit on the Vietnam customized tour and stacked with the day’s catch of fresh seafood. Also, the local town is worth a visit when the annual festivals are taking place which are celebrated with traditional dance, music and art.

lang co bay

Nha Phu Bay
Nha Phu Bay is a paradise destination for the nature lovers and easily reached by travelling about 15 km from the lively beaches of Nha Trang. This bay has peaceful and calm waters year-round and perfect for activities like diving and snorkelling. A boat trip to Thi Islet or one of the of the small islands is great for those travellers looking to venture beyond the sands.

Nha Trang makes a great base for a day-trip to Nha Phu Bay because of its close proximity. The bay is easily reached by taking a local boat to this paradise spot.

nha phu bay

Xuan Dai Bay
Located about 45 km from Tuy Hoa city, Xuan Dai Bay is a picturesque landscape that harmoniously blends the sky, water and mountains. The bay is flanked by the Co Ngua Mountain and spans a total area of nearly 13,000 hectares. The local area has a primitive beauty with plenty of charming and small beaches that follow along the coastline. The region has peninsulas, islets and mountains such as Mu U peninsula, Da Mai Mountain and Ong Xa islet to create the quite superb landscape. A great way to discover the hidden charm of this bay on the Indochina travel is booking a boat trip. Also, for the tourist planning to spend a day at the bay, the seafood is diverse and delicious with plenty of unique species that aren’t easily found elsewhere.

xuan dai bay

Van Phong Bay
Van Phong Bay is located about 80 km from Nha Trang. This is a calm and pleasant bay that is relatively free from wind, a depth of 20 to 30 metres, and a water surface of 41000 hectares. Hon Gom Island surrounds the bay and has stunning terrain that consists of sand dunes, beaches, coastlines, deep waters, peninsulas and islets. This part of Vietnam benefits from a diverse eco-system with its mangrove and rain forests. For travellers on the 3 week tour in Vietnam interested in eco-tourism sites, this part of Southeast Asia is certain to appeal. The beaches in the local area have white smooth sand and clear blue waters. Plus, the weather in this region is warm year-round.

van phong bay

Vung Ro Bay
Vung Ro Bay is a divine destination for sightseeing and relaxing with its forested hills, hidden beaches, coves, rocky escarpments and clear, calm waters. It is located approx 100 km north of Nha Trang. Vung Ro Bay has plenty to discover in the area, including the historic French-built lighthouse and the floating fishing village. This bay has built up a solid reputation for not only the striking landscape, but also the specialty seafood dishes for visitors. The local waters are perfect for diving, fishing and swimming.

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