10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Vietnam

02, July, 2017

 10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Vietnam

Vietnam is a magical destination with truly breathtaking natural landscape that consists of white-sand beaches stretching for miles, limestone peaks emerging from emerald waters, and rice terraces carved into steep hillsides.

Here are ten of the most beautiful places to visit in Vietnam:

Hoi An
Hoi An is a centuries-old port on the central coast that continues to retain its charm even with the increased tourist attention. This ancient city is appreciated for its ornate temples, graceful bridges and wooden-fronted merchant houses. The narrow streets are illuminated at night with shop fronts hanging up colourful lanterns to create the atmospheric look. Plus, this creates a romantic sparkle over the Thu Bon River. Tailor shops, travel agents, boutique hotels and lounge bars are a common sight in town. But travel a short distance from Hoi An and you are met with some of Vietnam’s most enticing scenery with the option to explore by boat, motorbike or bicycle. Also, An Bang Beach is just 4 km away and perfect for a relaxing time. Watch the video.

hoi an vietnam

Sapa is in Vietnam’s far north and this dramatic site is a place that travellers rave about for its stunning scenery and trekking opportunities. If the region isn’t shrouded in mist, the viewpoints include the looming conical mountains (including Mount Fansipan) and the rich-green terraces. Sapa is a perfect base for trekkers that not only want to explore the fascinating scenery, but also visit local minority villages that continue to live the traditional ways. For the most authentic Vietnam photography tour of Sapa, you really want to sign up for an overnight stay in a homestay. Many of the homestays are found in attractive positions and give the best opportunity to learn about the local culture, people, and cuisine. Read more: Sapa Rice Terraced Fields

sapa vietnam

Halong Bay
Halong Bay is a must-see attraction and certain to appear at the top of most travellers bucket list. This UNESCO World Heritage Site (recognised in 1994) is a stunning bay scattered with limestone pillars, islets and islands with emerald waters. This seascape is one of the most eye-catching in the world and great to visit throughout the year, even in the off-season when the fog creates the more mystical atmosphere. Halong Bay is best experienced on an overnight cruise on a traditional Vietnamese junk-style boat. This type of cruise is very relaxing with more time to fully explore the floating villages, caves and islands. Plus, there is the option to get involved in activities like swimming and kayaking.  

halong bay vietnam

Mekong Delta
The Mekong River is a vast sprawling delta with a complex maze of lush mangroves forests and languid waterways. This region is referred to as Vietnam’s rice bowl because the fertile land has the ability to produce nearly 50% of the country’s rice production. Also, it is the base of atmospheric floating markets that are well worth visiting to see the colourful boats filled with all types of fruits and vegetables, as well as many essential supplies.

mekong delta vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City has the thrill of a big city and seems to operate at a sheer breakneck speed. While HCMC isn’t the capital, this lively, cosmopolitan city of French colonial architecture and skyscrapers is sleek and sexy. A great way to appreciate the city is to soak up the local atmosphere by watching the traffic-choked boulevards from one of the many luxurious or street pavement café.

ho chi minh city

Ha Giang Province
In the very far northeast of Vietnam is Ha Giang Province with its green valleys and rugged peaks. The mountain landscape is lined with narrow roads and hair-raising bends to make it a perfect destination for the motorbike tours. This part of Vietnam is well worth visiting on the Vietnam family tour for its colourful minority villages and dramatic scenery

ha giang vietnam

Phu Quoc
Phu Quoc is a paradise island getaway that is located in southern Vietnam in the Gulf of Thailand. The island isn’t yet overdeveloped, and its west coast has spectacular ocean sunsets and picture-perfect sandy white beaches. Also, the island is dominated by Phu Quoc National Park that takes up nearly 50% of the land and great for the adventurous traveller interested in outdoor pursuits. Also, there are pepper plantations and plenty of red dirt roads to give access to explore the lush-green interior.

phu quoc island

Danang is a modern riverside city that is growing increasingly popular with travellers on the Vietnam private tour. Often cited as a must-see destination, its beauty is particularly noticeable after dark when the Han River is lit up by local neon lights. Also, the unique Dragon Bridge is illuminated in the evening on the weekends to give a true spectacle, and even breathes fire. A visit east of Danang has a long stretch of beach that extends nearly 30 km in the direction of Hoi An.

danang beach

Cat Ba
Cat Ba is a low-slung harbour town that makes a rich paradise for travellers on the Vietnam photo tour in search of a wild and rocky island. A large percent of the island is reserved as a national park (Cat Ba National Park) to not only give protection to the thick, natural landscape, but also the coral reefs and waters. It is great for activities like kayaking, climbing and hiking. For the picturesque views across Halong Bay, it is really worth visiting Cannon Fort.

cat ba island

Da Lat is a classic hill station that is nestled in Vietnam’s central highlands. The pretty Xuan Huong Lake sits at the heart of Dalat city, and has a shore lined with pine trees. The local area is dotted with traditional villas that date back to the French Colonial-era and has a temperate and cool climate. The genteel atmosphere of the area helps create one of the finest Vietnamese honeymoon destinations.