8 Most Picturesque Places to Visit in Vietnam

24, July, 2017

8 Most Picturesque Places to Visit in Vietnam

Vietnam has a rich diversity of scenery with mountains that hug the clouds, lush-green forests and white sandy beaches and turquoise waters.

Let’s take a look at eight of the best places to visit in Vietnam:

Nha Trang
One of the biggest beach destinations to visit on the Vietnam photography tour is likely to include the coastal resort city of Nha Trang. This city has the ability to not only provide the pristine beaches, but also all-day boat tours and great night-time entertainment. Its main beach in town is long and curved and pretty nice, but for travellers more interested in diving or snorkelling, it pays to venture out to the offshore islands. A day of island-hopping is relevantly inexpensive (about $6) and gives a perfect opportunity to see the visually stunning coral and thousands of multi-coloured fish.

However, the coastline in Vietnam isn’t simply limited to clear blue waters and sparkling white sandy beaches. A fascinating coastal landscape is the red sand dunes of Mui Ne (there are also white varieties). Whether you plan to slide, run or jump on them, it is difficult to not let the overwhelming beauty of the dunes affect you. The dunes seem to stretch for what appears to be miles. Plus, Mui Ne is a great destination for the travellers on the Vietnam holiday interesting in kitesurfing.

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The rice terraces of Sapa were carved into this mountainous region over two thousand years ago, and continue to be primarily inhabited by the Black H'mong tribe’s people. The local people plant and harvest rice year-round on a constant cycle, which helps to sustain the lives of their families.

The rice terraces are best appreciated on multi-day trekking tour of the region. A local H'mong guide can make the experience more fun and enjoyable, while also providing interesting stories and facts about the region. Most of the local villages have plenty of homestays for the night to relax after a long day of exploring the fascinating scenery.

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Ha Giang
Travelling further north leads to the amazing landscape of the Ha Giang province. Tourists need to apply for a permit if staying for the night, while a digital camera is a must-have accessory to take photographs of the immensely beautiful scenery that surrounds the region. A motorbike tour is certain to give panoramic views that look over the terraced rice fields below. The leg between Dong Van and Meo Vac is arguably the most beautiful part of the road trip. This part of the road includes travelling up and down valleys and mountains and in and out of rock crevices. Read more: Hoang Su Phi Rice Terraced Fields in Ha Giang.

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Halong Bay
One of the most famous tourist attractions to visit on the Vietnam photo tour is certain to be Halong Bay with its limestone karst formations. The rising rocks and still emerald waters are best seen on the overnight trip that gives the most complete cruise experience. Also, the multi-day trip makes it possible to enjoy excursions away from the traditional junk-style boat, such as kayaking or swimming. Kayaking is a great way to get up close and really appreciate the cave systems that are waiting to be explored.

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Cat Ba
Cat Ba is a must-see if you are in Hanoi. The jungle-clad and rugged Cat Ba has a diverse ecosystem with a rocky coastline, but there are also several hidden fishing villages in small coves and some sandy beaches. This island has started to experience a surge in tourism in recent years and the largest of the islands in Halong Bay. Cat Ba has nearly 50% of its land (as well as the coral reefs and waters) preserved for a national park which makes a complete paradise for travellers interested in kayaking, climbing and hiking.

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Dalat is located in Vietnam’s central highlands and known for its cool and temperate climate and French Colonial-era villas. For travellers on the Vietnam private tour this is a perfect destination for the adrenaline-fuelled activities, while it is also a popular spot for the romantic honeymoons. Dalat is a lot about the countryside and waterfalls which are best explored by travelling on two wheels. A one-day motorcycle tour is enough time to see sights like the Pongour waterfalls, Elephant waterfalls, Crazy House and Truc Lam pagoda. Also, the local area has incredible street food, and famed for its agricultural success, and produces rice, dairy, silk, flowers, fruits, vegetables and coffee.

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Mekong Delta
The Mekong Delta has the ability to offer unspoiled rural beauty and amazing culinary offerings. It is a complete water world with rivers, streams and canals that criss-cross the landscape and filled with floating markets, houses and boats. A tour of the swamplands, paddy fields and orchards is a wonderful experience and a complete difference to the bustling streets of the cities and towns. A visit to the Mekong Delta is certain to be unforgettable with its diversity and wide-ranging everyday scenes, from market vendors to rice workers and Khmer monks to rowing boats on the maze of channels. Plus, there are plenty of tourist-friendly towns with My Tho a practical choice for a day-tip from Ho Chi Minh City.

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Phu Quoc
Phu Quoc is an enchanting island in the south that is blessed with pristine white-sandy beaches and amazing fresh seafood. This is a perfect destination for the sun-seeking tourists looking for a bit of time for escaping and exploration. Whether it is lounging on the beach, eating up the back roads on a motorbike, kayaking in the bays, or diving in the reefs, there are plenty of things to see and do on Phu Quoc Island. This is a great place for the luxury Vietnam holiday with 5-star luxury resorts, golf courses, casino’s, and an international airport.

Much of the island is still clocked in thick tropical jungle even with the ambitious development plans in place. Over 50% of the island and surrounding sea (including coral reefs and marine life) is reserved as a national park.