Three week Vietnam tour

16, September, 2017

Three week Vietnam tour

Three week tour in Vietnam
Luxury, countryside & tradition awaits your delectation

Vietnam is a beautiful country to be explored and it can offer you an amazing range of adventures and memorable experiences.

You can spend hours at home searching for the top things to see and visit, but we have saved you time by putting together the best destinations and attractions you can experience on your Vietnam holiday.

When you have the luxury of 21 days to explore a country like Vietnam; the decision on where to visit or what destinations deserve your precious time can be overwhelming. Vietnam offers so many diverse experiences. One day you can be trekking through bamboo forests and the next day you could be taking a Vespa tour through Ho Chi Minh city.

We saved you the trouble and strife of searching for that perfect tour in Vietnam and we have put together a fantastic list of some of the best places and destinations you can visit in Vietnam.  

Sit back and get ready to explore a country full of impressive beaches, vibrant cities, vast countryside and beautiful rivers all awaiting to be explored on your three week Vietnam tour.

Walking the streets
Vietnam towns & cities

3 week vietnam tour

Old quarter of Hanoi
The capital city of Hanoi is a city full of ancient history and culture. Museums, large and impressive gardens as well as spectacular pagodas and temples all await for you to discover their beauty.

The french quarter will give you chance to view and learn about its french colonial history, view the Parisian architecture sat next to modern buildings and thrive upon their innate beauty.

Hanoi offers you amazing traditional Vietnamese food, stroll through the many night markets and tuck into food from the many street food vendors. Hanoi holds secrets for the entire family to discover. An easy city to walk around.

Hoi An
When you walk through this majestic and beautiful city, you will not fail to be impressed by its ancient and stunning architecture. It is a city full of history and of stories waiting to be told and discovered.

The former port history is reflected in its architecture. It is home to a mix of styles from wooden Chinese shophouses and temples to colourful French colonial buildings.

A gentle city with ornate streets, delightful restaurants and a slower pace of life. The restaurants feature many of the diverse mix of food and you will leave tasting the best food in Vietnam. Visit the iconic 1700s Japanese covered bridge.

Ho Chi Minh City
No visit to Vietnam would be complete without a visit to Saigon, a city where you cannot help but feel enthralled. With a staggering 48 museums to visit, you will be spoilt for choice. The war remnants museum is packed full of Vietnamese history and the Cu Chi tunnels will give you the chance to walk through diverse and complicated tunnel systems used in the war years. A unique and touching insight into history.

Walk the vibrant and bustling streets and breathe in it's varied exotic smells and sounds. Take a scooter around the city or simply walk amongst the locals enjoying tradition.

Jump through time
Temples & Pagoda’s

my son temple vivutravel

My Son Sanctuary -  (Located near Hoi An)
My Son sanctuary is an immense and vast range of ancient temple buildings. A recognised UNESCO world heritage site, the temple is a site to behold. Dating back to 4th century, the temples are a true vision of Vietnamese history.

Many of the temples are in ruins, but you still feel a sense of glory and importance the temples must have played in the Vietnamese history.

Bach Ma Temple – (Hanoi)
An elaborate and delicately decorated temple dating back to 1010. Located in the old quarter, it is believed to be the oldest temple in the city of Hanoi.

You will be in awe of the gold, orange and intricate detail that covers this beautiful temple. Walk along it’s ancient wooden corridors and feel part of history.

Visit on a Sunday for free

Relax on the best of
Vietnam Beaches

vietnam beach holiday

An Bang Beach – (Located near Hoi An ancient town)
An Bang beach is a beach perfect for relaxing. A smaller beach which still offers dreamy white sand, palm trees and casual beach bars. The beach is located at the foot of the mountains offering stunning scenery.

An Bang gives you a laid-back vibe of a Vietnam beach holiday, with the added bonus of being located to the bustling, traditional Vietnamese town of Hoi An.

Lang Co –  (Located near Hoi An & Danang)
Perfectly beautiful white sandy beaches are surrounded by the crystal blue waters of Lang Co island.

Lang co is a laid back beach primarily based on fishing and tourism. The beach is peaceful and are speckled with palm trees and mountains.

Lang Co beach promises peace, clean white sandy beaches surrounded by turquoise waters. The whole family will love taking time out of your busy Vietnam holiday to visit Lang Co.

Nha Trang
Nha Trang ha sloong been known as a beach destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. White sandy beaches, emarald sea and nice beach resorts make Nha Trang a chosen destination for honeymooners, family.

Mui Ne
Known as the capital of beach resorts in Vietnam, Mui Ne is a highly recommended place to stay on a 3 week Vietnam tour. Staying in Mui Ne, tourists have some interesting things to do and see such as the water sports, fairy spring, the white sand dunes, fishing villages, Cham temples. 3-5 nights at Mui Ne is great for a Vietnam family vacation.

Phu Quoc island
The pearl island of Vietnam and used to be little-explored, but it is developping quickly to become a the key tourist destination. Pristine beaches, green national park and some histocial sites make Phu Quoc island a perfect place to end your three week Vietnam tour.

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Vietnamese Tradition

vietnam homestay tour

Vietnam Homestay
Homestays offer you a true glimpse of Vietnam culture and family life. It's the perfect chance to become familiar with local lifestyles, learn the language and immerse yourself in the culture.

Homestays give you the opportunity to stay with a local and share their homes. In many cases you will be cooked for and attentively looked after by your host or you will be able to take part in the cooking of the family meal.

What better way to indulge in Vietnam tradition, teach your family how other cultures live and make friends with people who would love to learn from you too.

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Halong Bay - Junk Boat trip
Halong bay is made up of over 3000 tiny islands and is a world UNESCO heritage site. It is also one of the most photographed locations in the country.

Take time to indulge in tradition with a trip in a traditional junk boat, you can take time breathing in the fresh air and exploring the many lagoons as well as swimming in the crystal blue waters.

Junk boats have been used for hundreds of years and you will feel enveloped by their majestic beauty as you sail through the crystal blue waters.

Many boat trips and tours give you the chance to stay onboard and watch the sunset over this perfect location.

Cookery Classes
Cookery classes can be a relaxing and educational way to learn about traditional Vietnamese food and you can spend time cooking with your family, as well as shopping at the local markets for your ingredients.

Cookery classes are a great opportunity for you to bond with your family and relax before you move onto your next Vietnam adventure.

Vietnam really is a country of diverse countryside, beautiful people, fresh and delicious food and amazing history.

A tour operator can assist with all of your booking requirements, they often have the best contacts and will be able to tailor make your holiday just for you. You will spend the best 14 days possible and see everything Vietnam has to offer.

Make memories in a country simply waiting to be explored..

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Vietnam is waiting for you.