Beach holidays in Vietnam

22, September, 2017

Beach holidays in Vietnam

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For most people, the thought of a busy city break or being in the hustle and bustle of people and traffic on their vacation fills them with dread! For some people a vacation means relaxing on a beach, taking a deep breath and letting their worries and stresses slip away.

Imagine the anticipation of arriving at your beach holiday destination, kicking off your shoes and feeling the sand through your toes or the warm sea lapping your ankles. For some of us, the thoughts of our beach vacation can keep us going through the winter months of home.

It has now been scientifically proven that a beach vacation leads to lower levels of stress and gives our minds and bodies chance to relax as we look out to the ocean and breath in the sea air. What more of an excuse do you need?

Choosing Vietnam as your beach holiday destination will ensure you get to see and relax on some of the best beaches in the world.

Central and South Vietnam offers the most beautiful and breathtaking beaches for your beach vacation. Choosing to use a tour for your Vietnam vacation will ensure you arrive in a relaxed state of mind.

A Vietnam tour operator like Vivutravel will take care of booking your accommodation and ensure you are taken to some of the best beaches Vietnam has to offer.

Due to the diversity and beauty of beaches in Vietnam, this was no easy task, but we have put together our Top 5 beaches for your vacation in Vietnam.

lang co beach

1. Lang Co –  Turquoise lagoon
Vivutravel will be able to organize the trip from Danang airport. You will be greeted by white sandy beaches surrounded by the perfectly blue waters of Lang Co island. Lang co is situated on the Central coast region of Vietnam, a laid back beach area primarily based on fishing and tourism. The area is quiet and peaceful with beaches speckled with palm trees and mountains. You could choose to stay in a beachside villa or a local bed and breakfast, there is plenty of accommodation to suit every budget. Lang Co promises peace, clean white sandy beaches surrounded by turquoise waters.

2. An Bang Beach – Hoi An's hidden secret
At 30 kilometers from Danang airport, a visit to Hoi An can offer you an opportunity to spend time in a bustling town of Hoi An and spend time relaxing on An Bang beach. An Bang is a smaller beach which still offers dreamy white sand, palm leaf umbrella's and casual beach bars to relax in. Sitting at the foot of the mountains surrounding the area, An Bang can offer a fabulous place to sit and storm watch too. An Bang gives you a laid-back vibe of a beach holiday, with the added bonus of a bustling, traditional Vietnamese town close by. Hoi An is the great base for exploring the UNESCO world heritage center too. An Bang is a beach vacation with a little hustle and bustle.

3. My Khe Beach – 20 miles of white sand perfection
My Khe beach is considered to be the most picturesque beach in Vietnam. Danang is the closest airport, at only 20 minutes away from paradise and located just under an hour away from Lang Co bay. The beach was made famous by an American series filmed in the area and ever since people have been visiting My Khe. Picture white sand, crystal blue sea, and palm trees and you will not be disappointed. The lack of waves, warm water, and cleanliness means the area is ideal for a family beach vacation in Vietnam. My Khe beach promises you a taste of paradise.

my khe beach vivutravel

4. Doc Let Beach – Watch the sunrise over Nha Trang
Ask your Vietnam tour operator to take you further down the coast towards Nha Trang and you will be faced with Doc Let beach. Doc Let has still, warm waters and large expanses of sand, once again surrounded by mountains. Mountains that offer you a spectacular chance to watch the sun setting behind their monumental shadows. You will have the chance to play volleyball, kayak on the still sea or simply lay back and relax on one of the many picture-perfect sunbeds. If you wake early enough you can watch the local fishing boats going out to catch your evening meal. Your tour operator would even be able to hire a driver to explore the local area – 20 km of coastline perfection.

5. Nha Trang Beach – A beach with hustle & bustle
Nha Trang beach certainly offers the best of both worlds for your beach holiday. At 6km long the beach is one of the smaller beaches along the South coast, it is surrounded by lots of idyllic islands. Nha Trang beach is known for being the 'go to' beach for tourists visiting nearby Nha Trang, so expect to see more beachfront bars, more accommodation choices, and a few more people. Due to the growth in tourism, the beach has been improved over the last few years and has pretty parks, sculptures, and manicured trees. Nha Trang beach is a buzzy, fun beach for all the family.

nha trang beach

6. Phu Quoc island – The star beach in Vietnam
There is no Vietnam visa needed to stay on Phu Quoc island within 15 days. Phu Quoc is chosen as the pearl island of Vietnam, blessed with pristine beaches, explored national park, wam weather and fresh seafood. A Vietnam tour package is normally designed to spend the last days in Vietnam at one of a nice beach resorts on Phu Quoc. Family vacation to Vietnam, honeymooners, tired people are highly advised to choose Phu Quoc island. 

A beach holiday in Vietnam really can offer you and your family a chance to experience a wonderful and magical country. Your tour guide could organize visits to temples, traditional villages or excursions to see all of the idyllic islands located near your beach resort.

An organized Vietnam tour really is a spectacular way of seeing Vietnam. You will feel welcomed, safe and relaxed in the company of Vivutravel tour guides.

They always have you and your interests in mind and as their many testimonials state;

Vivutravel are experts at organizing the best holiday of a lifetime for you.