Holiday Season in Vietnam Begins in June

15, January, 2018

Holiday Season in Vietnam Begins in June

June is the real beginning of the main holiday season for families even though it corresponds to the main rains in the country. Overseas tourists considering a Vietnam family vacation are limited to college and school holidays; in different parts of the world that can include the later part of June onwards. It is also a month when local families regularly go on holiday so one or two of the highlights of Vietnam may become slightly busier while coastal resort numbers rise as well. Ironically, June is month where temperatures can be best described as hot in the North while there is also the certainty of rain in the South.

If you decide on June for your Vietnam holiday, you should use the expertise of a Vietnam travel agent to put together your Vietnam travel package. It means that all your arrangements will be booked in advance so there is no need to worry about the availability of transport and accommodation during a period of relatively high demand. There are some obvious places to visit if you want to avoid the high temperatures. It was something the French did when they were in control of the Country. Their choice was the Central Highlands centred around Da Lat. Temperatures are lower because of the altitude of these Highlands and Da Lat has become popular for Vietnam honeymoon packages.  This central part of Vietnam is narrow; the coast to the border is a relatively short journey. Hue and Hoi An are two of the historical cities to visit in Central Vietnam incidentally.

Hue was the Imperial Capital during the Nguyen Dynasty while Hoi An was a trading port many centuries earlier during the Champa Kingdom.

A lovely place where temperatures will be slightly lower is the Northern Highlands. The Sapa Terraces where the locals grow their rice will have started to become green as the shoots come through the water. Anyone interested in the natural environment of Vietnam must head north out of Hanoi to see this region, whether they are keen on trekking or not. Life has changed little here over generations with several ethnic tribes inhabiting the region.

June is not the greatest time for swimming. Parts of the coastline will be getting monsoons, with winds that increase the size of the waves. It is wrong to think that monsoons automatically mean persistent rains. It may just be a shower each day, but plenty of sunshine as well.

In terms of ‘’special’’ days in June, there is International Children Day on the 1st of the month but nothing of real significance for tourists to see. Towards the end of the month, there is Vietnam Journalists' Day before Veteran’s Day on 27th and Family Day on 28th. Perhaps the thing to check is the timing of the Hue Festival that is often in June. There will be a number of cultural events as well as plenty of music played, especially in the courtyard of the Old Citadel.