October in Vietnam Offers a Lovely Climate and Much More

19, January, 2018

October in Vietnam Offers a Lovely Climate and Much More

October in Vietnam is a month when temperatures have fallen slightly to provide a lovely mild and dry period in the north. Although Central Vietnam will be getting rain, it is not sufficient to deter travellers who want to enjoy a Vietnam holiday. Vietnam travel agents will certainly recommend visiting Halong Bay and the Highlands north of Hanoi up towards the border. It is the season when the predominant colour changes from green to gold. The SaPa Terraces look stuning as the crop is being harvested and the leaves on the trees match the colour of the Terraces.

Trekkers who decide to spend time up in this region will be rewarded by the stunning natural environment, mountains and valleys.

That is not to say that other parts of Vietnam do not compete. There will be rain in central provinces around Hue, DaNang and Hoi An and that adds a freshness to the scenery. Hue , as the Imperial Capital of the Nguyen Dynasty until the fall of the French, and Hoi An, the ancient Champa trading port both demand some of a tourist’s time; they will be included in most Vietnam tour packages.

sapa terraces

Further south, the rain is now infrequent and with temperatures in the upper 20s, it is a great time for visiting attractions such as the Cu Chi Tunnels that the Viet Cong used to such good effect in the Vietnam War, and of course the Mekong Delta.  The Delta is the final part of the journey the River has taken from the Tibetan Plateau before it reaches the East Sea. There is much to see and do within the Delta that has towns and cities as well as rural villages. One highlight is certainly visiting a floating market which reinforces the fact that this is the most fertile region in the whole of Vietnam.

The coastal resorts is the south have developed due to demand from both the locals and overseas tourists. The Island of Phu Quoc in the East Sea just off the coast of Cambodia certainly deserves some attention. It has its own airport and a certain amount of international flights so it is easily accessible. There is no better way to finish a busy Vietnam holiday than to relax on the coast before returning home.

October 10th is a significant date in the Vietnam calendar. It was the day way back in 1010 that Kinh Ly Cong Uanpicked Hanoi as his capital and a thousand years on, few would argue that it wasn’t a great choice. It is celebrated as Liberation Daybecause  it was the day in 1954 when Hanoi was ‘’liberated.’’ If you are lucky enough tobe in Hanoi on that day in the calendar, it will be a sea of colour; flags, flowers and banners. There are several cultural events as well. Ten days later is Vietnam Women’s Day when the country celebrate the contribution that women make in Vietnamese society.