Visiting Vietnam in November Deserves Serious Consideration

22, January, 2018

Visiting Vietnam in November Deserves Serious Consideration

Vietnam covers several degrees of latitude so not surprisingly there are temperature variations. During the month of November, the temperature starts to fall in the North while the South is still relatively warm. During a Vietnam holiday at this time of the year, you may find temperatures touching 30C at times. It is also dry in the South so it is an excellent time for visiting Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta. Indeed, November is a month recommended by many travel guides as the best time to visit Vietnam.

While there may be a little rain the central part of Vietnam, it is not even an inconvenience to travellers who want to explore Hue and Hoi An, two historical gems.
The reason why temperatures can fall further north is the prevailing winds are coming from further north and the leaves finally drop from the trees.

Winter in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere means short hours of daylight, low temperatures and often rain, even snow. It is not surprising that people with a good choice of when they can take their holidays may be looking to get away from these conditions. Vietnam has so much to take a traveller’s mind of weather back home.

• Hanoi, the Capital, is a place with so much that is different from cities in other parts of the world; it is a hectic city with a great history and many cultural attractions.
• Halong Bay may be a little cool but it is a stunning setting worth visiting any time.
• The Northern Highlands are home to many ethnic tribes for whom life has changed little for generations.
• Hue was the Capital of the Nguyen Dynasty which corresponded with the time when the French occupied Indochina.
• Hoi An was a trading port many centuries before during the Champa Kingdom and although it has no trading importance any more. You will enjoy your time there.
• Da Lat and the Central Highlands was an area the French used to escape the high temperatures of the lowland areas. Even though there is no oppressive heat in November, this is still a lovely natural region that you should ask a Vietnam travel agent to include in your Vietnam travel package.
• Ho Chi Minh City is the commercial hub of Vietnam but forget the skyscrapers and modern buildings. There is much more to the City than that.
• The Mekong Delta deserves some time. Whether it is the backwaters, the villages, the orchards or the floating markets, you are certain to enjoy your time in this vast area.
• Take your pick from the coastal resorts of the south when temperatures remain good.

There are three significant dates for your diary if you book a Vietnam travel package for November, the International Tea Festival in Thai Nguyenhas been held in mid-November, November 20 is Vietnam Teacher's Day  and Thanksgiving which is largely celebrated by the ex pat community comes a few days later.