A Different Christmas in Vietnam

22, January, 2018

A Different Christmas in Vietnam

Christmas is a major holiday time in many parts of the world. Although essentially a Christian holiday, and therefore not particularly important in Vietnam, it is a period when many workers have time off. You may find it difficult to find turkey with all the trimmings during a Vietnam travel package during December but that does not mean it is not a good time for a Vietnam family vacation.

It will be fairly cold up in SaPa and the Northern Highlands above Hanoi, but then winter in the Northern Hemisphere is cold; places like Europe and North America. There will be some snow in the Highlands but it does not hang around as long as it might in more northerly latitudes. In Hanoi itself, there will be cold days but there is so much to see and do that wearing a little warm clothing is hardly an inconvenience. In general, it will be dry so balms and creams are a useful addition to your luggage.

Further south it is a little warmer, but if you are planning a Vietnam holiday, you should surely spend at least some time in the north?

Any breezes that you come across as you head south as usually gentle and much warmer than you will find in the north; there is less need for your warm clothing that you can put into the bottom of your case. You first stop may well be Hue, the Imperial City during the Nguyen Dynasty in the 19th and 20th Century before independence. The Imperial Citadel and the Old City, north of the Perfume River, deserve some of your time before you move on.

Danang is Vietnam’s third city but after Hue, Hoi An, the ancient trading port during the Champa Kingdom many centuries ago is the next place you must see if time is restricted in any way. Among its highlights are the Japanese Bridge’s Pagoda, the Fish Market (an early start is needed) and the museums which are very educational if you are travelling in Vietnam with kids.

The coastline south of here has many well-established resorts. There are lovely beaches in Vietnam along most of the coastline and it is worth enjoying some time on the coast; if you come from a cold climate, it will be a real treat.

The South coast is equally as good, with the Island of Phu Quoc off the Cambodian Coast a popular place with tourists from overseas as well as locals. There is an airport meaning it is very accessible, particularly from Ho Chi Minh City. The latter is the commercial centre of Vietnam, modern yet with many historical attractions as well. It is just east of the Mekong Delta which is another region to include on your itinerary. Whether you head north to south, or travel in reverse, you will enjoy December in Vietnam. Talk to a Vietnam travel agent and you will get plenty of suggestions about what to include in your trip; these are just some of the ideas.