Travel the waters of Vietnam

04, July, 2018

Travel the waters of Vietnam

Discover and flow down the beautiful rivers of Vietnam

Vietnam is an S shape peninsula that borders China to the North, Laos to the West, and Cambodia to the Southwest.

Vietnam has a lush and varied topography, with two large deltas (one in the North and one in the South), craggy mountains, tropical forests, and rock formations add to the stunning scenery and coastlines. Vietnam claims thousands of islands off of its coast too.

The shape of Vietnam has been formed by the two rivers flowing through its heart. The rice growing regions of the Red River Delta to the North and the fertile Mekong River to the South.

Experience the tradition - Red River Delta
The Red river delta offers tourists the opportunity to experience true nature at its most vulnerable. The river is the epicentre of prehistoric culture and early empires trekked and sailed its flowing waters.

If you are looking for an adventure along historic waters, the Red river delta will not disappoint.

Arrive into Hanoi and you will have plenty of chance to experience various tours and amazing river experiences. Red river day trips from Hanoi are so popular and there are so many to choose from for your Vietnam tour.

Experiencing Red river life in Vietnam is one of the best things to do in this wonderful country.

The Red River delta is easily accessible from Hanoi. You can choose to take a day tour along the flowing river, where traditional villages and amazing views await you.

Imagine cruising down the river in a small river boat or a large cruiser, depending on your budget there is something for everyone.

Why not take a river tour to visit to a ceramic village? You can watch the locals produce fantastic pieces of ornamental ware, each piece made by hand to 16th century methods. You can even make your own ceramics to take home to friends and family.

All river tours will collect you from your hotel in Hanoi. Everything will be taken care of and you will be assured of a fantastic tour experience along the Red River Delta.

If you are feeling particular adventurous and want to see Vietnam from another perspective, why not take a tour along the green river? A visit to the stunning Hoa Lu, a place known for being used in filming locations; such as King Kong. Peer up at the vast mountains and feel in awe of the magnificence of the area.

The boat tour will see you sail passed large vibrant green rice fields, all surrounded by vast caves and unexplored mini islands. Such an astoundingly beautiful way to experience Red river life.

The Red River delta is such a fascinating way to experience traditional life in Vietnam, you will not fail to be impressed and happy you included it in your personalised tour experience.

Making Memories - Mekong Delta
The Mekong flows 2700 miles through Vietnam to the sea, where it finally splits into 9 separate channels. The Vietnamese call it the nine branches of the Mekong River or the nine dragons river.

A river full of over 800 species of fish and visiting by almost 1500 birds, it is an impressive and bustling hive of natural wildlife.

The best time to cruise the Mekong is November - February where the temperatures will be cooler and some parts of the river cruise could be effected by seasonal water levels. Your tour operator will ensure you are visiting at the best time of year.

The major cruises will give you a chance to spend up to two weeks sailing and discovering the waters of the Mekong. Most will start in Ho Chi Minh city and end in Hanoi.

Imagine a day when you wake up to be surrounded by the most beautiful array of tiny and unique islands, traditional small towns and temples.

The many highlights of a river cruise will include Hanoi, home to a very famous bridge built by the Eiffel company, who indeed built the famous Eiffel tower in Paris. Move along the Siem Reap, where a blend of modern and tradition sit side by side.

A visit to the historical city of Anghor Thom is a perfect way to see beautiful and ornate architecture, dating back to 1186 you will not fail to be impressed.

Your cruise may see you visit Tan Chau where the best way to see the city is via a traditional rickshaw ride. The city is home to traditional factories and it is famous for its silk, still dyed using berries from the local forest.

Your river cruise tour could also see you take port at Cai Be. A city home to the infamous floating market, dating back to the 17th century. The market has reduced significantly and is now much smaller. The locals now have access to transport, using motorbikes enabling them to shop on land.

The biggest attraction in Cai Be is the factory of artisans where you can watch the locals producing fantastic objects. You can even taste snake wine and pet a python too.

Both the Red river and Mekong Delta have so much to offer you.

To help you when you have booked your river tour - check out our helpful river tips;

Remember insect repellant - The river attracts lots of tiny gnats and bugs, so be prepared and bring along your repellant to keep you bite free.

Don’t touch the wildlife - As tempting as it maybe even though wildlife may look cute, many will bite, even the fish. Stay safe and keep your hands to close by.

Plan for weather - Weather along the river can be changeable, so bring lots of layers. Jeans and tight fitting clothing is not advisable. Wear loose clothing you can sweat in!

We cannot wait to help you book your next river tour and adventure with us. All river cruises and boat trips can be tailor made to suit you and your tour budget. River travel is perfect for everyone, from families to couples looking for a unique experience.

We look forward to sailing with you.