The top 10 walk& hikes in Vietnam

08, July, 2018

 The top 10 walk& hikes in Vietnam

Hike your way through a country of beauty

Vietnam offers adventures and curiosities around every corner. Be ready for a wild ride in a colourful and chaotic land - along the way, you will discover tranquil places and opportunities to connect with local people.

Hiking in Vietnam is a little known way of seeing the best the country has to offer. Many tourists will head to the cities and temples; but for some seeking a hiking adventure is high on their tour itinerary.

You can choose easy walks through picturesque villages, shoreline hikes along its long and diverse coastline or spend a few days hiking through one of its many jungles.

The country offers hikers and walkers a truly memorable experience. Imagine walking through rice paddies towering beneath vast limestone mountain ranges. No matter your physical fitness or ability, Vietnam has a hike available for you.

We have compiled a list of the best 10 walks and hikes in Vietnam. Grab your hiking boots and join us for an adventure of a lifetime.

Ba Be National Park - Lake side Hiking
From the small town of Bac Can; which lies 6 hours north of Hanoi you will find Ba Be National Park. As the road climbs towards the park you experience increasingly picturesque views of the valley among hilltop tribes. The park surrounds Ba Be Lake, the starting point for adventure hikes and walks.

Explore remote caves and hill tribe villages. A guide will show you the best hiking routes available for all abilities. A jungle trek not to be missed.

Mai Chau - Village Hiking
Set approx 5 hours from Hanoi, the small village of May Chau is not a typical tourist destination. But the surrounding area is home to some of the best network trails and hikes available in Vietnam. Large, lush areas of rice paddies nestle within small villages. The networks are easy to access and hiking for all availabilities makes this a popular destination.

Cuc Phuong National Park - Easy Mountain Hiking
The oldest park in Vietnam; established in 1962 it is now one of the most important conservation areas. A huge variety of hiking trails cater for all levels and the hikes to the ridges of the karst mountain are a must for the most breathtaking views. A great day trip from Hanoi.

Cat Ba National Park - Strenuous Mountain Hiking
Located near the tourist destination of Halong Bay you will find a day long 18km hike. The hike awaits any experienced hiker looking for a challenge. Taking a tour guide is a must but you will be rewarded with wildlife; such as monkeys and deer and of course the most beautiful views.

Sapa Valley - Rice Paddies Hiking
A tour to Vietnam would not be complete with a visit to Sapa. Home to a dense network of hiking trails and some of the largest areas of rice paddies in the country, it will be hard not to leave feeling in awe of this special place. A popular place for hiking due to hikers of all levels finding the perfect hike.

Cao Bang - Waterfall Hiking
Another hidden hiking gem in Vietnam. Nestled in the northern province of Vietnam, the mountain scenery, deep gorges and rice terraces all make for a awe inspiring hike. Trek along one of the networks and find yourself being greeted with Ban Gioc waterfall. An easy hike for all abilities too.

Ba Na Hill - Scenic, easy Hiking
Hidden in the mountains near the city of Da Nang, this cute french colonial town hides a range of small, easy and scenic hiking trails. Sitting on top of Ba Na Hill you will find a pretty resort offering a cable car ride and a view into the history of Vietnam under French rule. Marvel at the town before heading off one of the scenic hiking trails surrounding the village.

Cat Tien National Park - Jungle Hiking
Covering a massive area of more than 70,000 hectares, Cat Tien park was first established in 1978. The park is packed full of wildlife and ancient trees. If you are fortunate enough you will see one of the 79 reptile species or one of the 400 species of butterfly. Your Vietnam tour operator will need to book in advance as the park only accepts a limited number of visitors. A unique hiking experience.

Lang Biang Mountain - Adventure Hiking
Known for being the tallest mountain in the Da Lat area, many hikers are drawn to the taste of climbing one of its trails. A very busy are which offers camping and hiking tours as well as impressive local culture. Stand on the summit in the summer and you will be greet with the silver topped buildings shining in the sun.

Ta Nang - Phan Dung - Experts only Hiking
A serious trek taking you through three provinces, forests and a range of different trails and paths. At 60km, this hike is not for the inexperienced. A tour guide will take you along the route over 2 days and 2 nights. A challenging climb awaits as well as some of the most fascinating and diverse range of views you will ever experience. A hike for the serious hiker in you.

All of the trails and hikes can be tailor-made for you and your tour. Many of the hikes are suitable for family tours and are a great and unique way of seeing the country from another perspective.

It is advised treks and hikes are taken with a tour guide who knows the area and will ensure you get the best out of the experience.

Each place offers an insight into another part of Vietnam often missed by many tourists. So grab your hiking boots and get trekking through Vietnam.