Why I Keep Coming Back to Vietnam

31, August, 2018

Why I Keep Coming Back to Vietnam

In a few months time I will start my 7th visit to Vietnam so what brings me back time after time.

I love the friendliness of the people. Most will try to speak a little English if only ‘hello’. They are so proud of their country and are willing to impart their knowledge. Stand still for a while and nearly always somebody will ask if they can help you, ‘what or where are you looking for, are you lost’ They will show you the way or point you in the right direction.

I love seeing the customs of the country. In the north, especially, you see ethnic minorities still in their traditional dress, going about their daily business. Where else can you go and see the ladies planting their rice field, all by hand, tending the plants as they grow tall then the whole village helping with the harvesting, again by hand.

sapa tour with vivutravel

I love the diversity of the scenery. If you do a road trip, and you really should, then the countryside can change around each bend. You can see sheets of rice drying at the side of the road. Different house styles, some tall and narrow others built on stilts. The beautiful old towns, like Hoi An, the villages that you pass through, the limestone carsts of Halong Bay  and there’s always the most colourful fruit and vegetable market to be seen.

If you like beaches you will not be disappointed beautiful white sand and non over populated. Join Vietnamese people on their holiday on one of the many islands that are still so very authentic.

History abounds everywhere. Ancient sites as well as, what no doubt most think of when they think of Vietnam, the American/Vietnam war. Wander around and learn about this beautiful country and its ancestors.

hoi an ancient town by vivutravel

Wherever you travel in the Country you will experience fantastic food. Whether you dine at a restaurant or go for street food you will enjoy great fresh food. Whilst eating have a cool Hanoi or Saigon beer, delicious. Don’t forget to try Dalat wine, Vietnamese wine at its best.

All in all add all these things together and you will have a holiday to remember and no doubt will find yourself going back for more.

By Lyn and Barry from UK