The 6 Senses of Vietnam

22, October, 2018

The 6 Senses of Vietnam

Human senses work in unison to connect people with their environment. At times, where people lack a particular sense, or it has been damaged or diminished, other senses can strengthen to compensate. Senses give a person knowledge about other people and things and their surroundings. There is a case to make that sight is the prime sense yet blind or visually impaired people often learn to compensate by developing a greater awareness through other senses. It is worth looking at the five senses, and the sixth that results from the knowledge earned from the five, as well as considering how they will help you enjoy a Vietnam tour packagedesigned to show you the many delights of the Country. An increasing number of travellers are finding that a Vietnam holiday has much to offer.

You may think that nothing can compensate for the loss of sight. It is difficult for people born without vision to imagine what a mountain or coastal bay landscape looks like. It is easier for those who have lost their sight during their lives to imagine the setting but arguably, it is even more frustrating. Imagine knowing that you are in Halong Bay, the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Gulf of Tonkin, but you cannot see it. You may have a picture in your mind if you saw photographs of this stunning place before you lost your sight. Your enjoyment will have to be a result of some other senses.

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There is something special about fresh air. If you are in Sapa, the smell of the fresh air and gentle breeze will help you relax and enjoy the atmosphere, even if you are unable to see your surroundings. Sapa and the north of Vietnam are home to spectacular scenery, diverse culture, colorful markets, etc. Are you looking for something special? Come to Vietnam.

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Halong Bay can be busy and plenty of boats are cruising in the Bay at any one time. However, the Bay’s coastline is 120 kilometres and there are a huge number of limestone islands as well. It means that you will never feel disturbed by other people enjoying the Bay. You can hear what is going on around you and much of the time, it will only be the sounds of nature. If you go trekking during your travel in Vietnam, that will definitely be the case.

There are many reasons for taking a holiday in Vietnam and the culture is definitely one of them. An important aspect of culture is the performing arts, traditional music and dance. Those who cannot see the performances but can hear them will get plenty of entertainment attending an evening theatre performance or watching a Vietnam festival. Likewise, deaf people may not enjoy the whole experience, but the vivid colours of traditional costumes help create an atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.

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Touch is a very important sense. It is not only someone’s ability to touch and feel softness and strength. South East Asia in general is renowned for its massage techniques; touch can impart comfort to others. If you decide to spend time in a spa and massage facility, whether in a 5 Star resort or a specific health facility, you can emerge relaxed and refreshed which is exactly what you need after a busy day enjoying the attractions of Vietnam.

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The flavours of Vietnam cuisine are quickly becoming ones that even those who have not been to Vietnam can recognise. While Chinese, Indian, Thai and Japanese cuisine spread worldwide before Vietnam’s cooking, that omission has been rectified. There are many popular dishes with fresh fruit and vegetables, native herbs and spices and even some French influence involved. The cuisine certainly satisfies your taste buds.

One of the experiences of a Vietnam holiday is taking a cookery class and you should look at this when you plan your Vietnam itinerary.

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Extrasensory Perception
Extrasensory perception has commonly been described as the ‘’sixth sense.’’ It is something that cannot be taught but comes from instinct, even clairvoyance or telepathy. You will be aware of something without having a rational reason for that awareness.

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How Can You Experience the Sensesduring a Vietnam Holiday?
When it comes to a holiday in Vietnam, you can expect a genuine experience. If you haven’t been to South East Asia before, wow! Sights and sounds, the smell and taste of lovely cuisine, the whole feel of the Country combine to make Vietnam a place you will never forget.

There are standard Vietnam tour itineraries but a good Vietnam travel agent will design something that is specific to your interests. Some things should be common to every itinerary. Whether you arrive in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, it is worth spending time in the City before heading on.

The attractions of both these contrasting cities mean that you might like to head the length and breadth of the Country to see them both:

•    Hanoi has many historical and cultural attractions. There is plenty of evidence of the time that the French occupied Indochina. The buildings and boulevards contrast with the narrow streets of the Old Town with its street food vendors and markets. Hanoi is a vibrant city, hectic perhaps when it comes to traffic and full of sound in the busy streets. It attacks the senses in many ways, mostly in very pleasant ways.

•    Ho Chi Minh City is larger and arguably more modern with skyscrapers an increasing feature. Formerly Saigon, this City is the commercial capital of Vietnam and much larger than Hanoi. However, it would b wrong to think you cannot get a feel for its history. There are some impressive colonial buildings in a fairly small area within the City; you will be impressed.
While these cities have major attractions, and indeed Hanoi is among the most popular in Asia, Vietnam has so much more to offer:

•    The cuisine of Vietnam is fresh and healthy. It excites the taste buds and sometimes the nostrils as well. Fish sauce is made by placing fish in a barrel which over time ferments. The ‘’juice’’ that can be drawn from these fish could never be described as sweet smelling; indeed, the opposite is the case. However, fish sauce is a common ingredient in Vietnamese cooking, especially in central and southern Vietnam.  The smell is masked within cooking fortunately. Fish sauce is also commonly used as a dipping sauce but often after adding things like lemon, sugar and vinegar so the odour is not unpleasant. You can actually learn some of these dishes in a cookery class. The day begins by buying the ingredients at the local market and ends by eating what you have prepared.

•    Beach resorts have developed over recent years as more and more tourists have discovered the wonders of Vietnam’s coastline. It is almost 3,500 kilometres in length and contains many lovely beaches and offshore islands. Demand for health, spa and massage facilities within the quality accommodation in such resorts as well. It is worth remembering that the local middle class also represents a market for such facilities. Ho Chi Minh City is close enough to some of these resorts to justify taking a weekend break. A massage to refresh you after a busy day, or even the ‘’tiring’’ time just lying in the sun is great before enjoying dinner. The touch of Vietnam massage staff is a delight.

•    Vietnam remains a largely rural area with remote regions in highland areas little changed over generations. The natural environment is stunning, ranging from Fanispan in the far north near the Chinese border, Vietnam’s highest mountain, to the caves that have been created in soft limestone. The world’s largest cave is a relatively recent discovery. Son Doong was discovered by accident in 1991 by a local who was then unable to find it again. Years later, he was successful in finding it again and this wonder in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park has only been open to the public in recent years.

•    Meeting local people is a great experience. You will be welcomed by villages throughout Vietnam whether it is by ethnic hill tribes in the North or Central Highlands or in farming regions in lowlands throughout Vietnam.

•    Halong Bay is a great place to cruise, simply taking in the atmosphere and setting. Sapa is the ideal place for hiking. The Mekong Delta is another alternative. You can visit the morning markets selling local produce in what is the most fertile region of Vietnam and observe life along the banks of the River. Even if you are blind, or partially sighted, you will enjoy time cruising down the waters.

If you have good instincts, you will be able to use all your senses on a Vietnam holiday as huge numbers have already discovered. The volume of travellers to Vietnam is increasing year by year, and there is no reason to believe that trend will not continue. Go there, and you will see that your instincts were right.