Vietnam, Gateway to Southeast Asia

28, October, 2018

Vietnam, Gateway to Southeast Asia


Vietnam, the 15th most populous country in the world with an estimated 96 million individuals. Vietnam is a country located in the Asian world. It is also the 9th most populous country in Asia. Vietnam is bordered on the North by China, on the northwest by Laos, to the southwest by Cambodia. its capital has long been Hanoi since the unification of both the south and North Vietnam in 1976. Ho Chi Minh City is the most populous city in Vietnam.

How significant is this country? And how is the country going to become the gateway to Southeast Asia? This article will be taking us through this great country, helping us see the beauty hidden in Vietnam and why it’s an excellent gateway to Southeast Asia. Ride on with us.

If you have at any point toured around Vietnam and you didn’t get to these fantastic places, you may need to contact your tour guide and ask for a refund. Life in Vietnam can never boring, throughout your stay in this tourist empire, there are so many sights to behold that will make you become glued to this country. Here are some of the beautiful, amazing sights of Vietnam.

Voted as one of the world's top destination in 2018, Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, having numerous historical and cultural places to visit such as Hoan Kiem lake, the Old Quarter, Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, Templef of Literature, Perfume Pagoda, etc. In Hanoi, tourists can enjoy cyclo ride around the old streets, see Water Puppet show, taste delicous street food, etc. 

From Hanoi, it is convenient to do the side trips to Sapa, Halong Bay, Ninh Binh, Mai Chau or take the flights to other destinations in Vietnam and regional countries.

If you want to learn about Vietnam, understand Vietnamese culture, history, people, etc. Nowhere is better than Hanoi.

Sapa Countryside
One of the most good-looking rural vistas in Vietnam is the Verdant rice field countryside which surrounds Sapa; it is bordered by the Tonkinese Alps. The deep valley in this location house a diverse mix of Vietnams ethnic minorities which include the Hmong, Giay, and the Red Dzao people, the hills are surrounded by rice fields.

This is the highest trekking destination in Vietnam; you may choose to trek or hike between tiny villages and enjoy the best view of the mountains. The main base in this location is Sapa which is an old French hill station which is now presently bustling and growing tourist center which can be compared to nearby tourist centers.

Ninh Binh
The most picturesque place to visit within 100km from Hanoi, Ninh Binh is considered as "Halong among the rice paddies". For boat trip, tourists can choose to experience Van Long natural reserve, Trang An grottoes, Tam Coc. For hiking, Cuc Phuong national park is highly recommended or Mua Mountain and cave. For culture, history and religion, Hoa Lu ancient capital, Bai Dinh pagoda, Bich Dong pagoda or Phat Diem stone church should be combined in a day trip to Ninh Binh. If you have more time here, bird watching at Thung Nham is very intereting.

From Ninh Binh, it is recommended to do a combined tour with Mai Chau valley to visit home of the White Thai ethnic, with Nam Dinh to see the rural countryside and Ha Long Bay with the overnight boat cruise. VIVUTRAVEL will help!

Halong  Bay
One of the most spellbinding sea views is the karst seascape of Halong Bay, unsurprisingly; it is a UNESCO world heritage site. Within this bay are thousands of limestone islands which can be found in the Gulf of Tonkin, they have been eroded into jagged pinnacle by both the action of wind and water over millennia. To have a proper view of the scene, it is advisable to make use of boats, and at least dedicate a day to marvel at the beauty of this location. There are several caves in this bays that can be accessed like the Hang Sung Sot which has three enormous caverns and the Hang Dao Go with weird stalactites and stalagmites.

The Ba Be National Park
Are you planning to travel to Southeast Asia? One of the most attractive sights to behold in Vietnam is the Tranquil Ba Be National Park with three interlinked Ba Be lake at its heart, circled by jagged karst peaks and thickly forested slopes. Most who visit this area do that to be able to have a peaceful boat trip or Kayak on the lake and then explore the caves which are filled with stalactites and stalagmites in its environment. Those strong enough can also enjoy hiking and trekking in the hills between these minor villages.

Talking about peaceful spots in Vietnam, this location is ranked. First, travelers can easily sleep in the traditional Stilt house homestay accommodation which is along the lakeshore, at least one can have a full experience of the simple, enjoyable rural life.

Ban Gioc Waterfall
Located in Cao Bang, the northern province of Vietnam, Ban Gioc is the most stunning waterfall in Vietnam lying on the border between Vietnam - China. In Summner, it is like a great swimming pool, but when the Autumn comes, it looks like a water-colored painting or mirror, very impressive and should be visited on your tour in Vietnam.

On your trip to Ban Gioc, there is opportunity to visit Nguom Ngao cave, experience homestay at a Nung ethnic family. If you wish to extend your travel, Ba Be lake in Bac Kan or Dong Van plateau in Ha Giang will be highly recommended. What you want, just contact VIVUTRAVEL.

Ha Giang
This northern province of Vietnam is blessed with high mountains, stunning sceneries, rich and diverse culture of several ethnic groups living in the region. If you want to see an authentic Vietnam, take great photos or a life-changing trip. Ha Giang is top listed.

Places to visit in Ha Giang are Twin mountains of Quan Ba, Dong Van karst plateau, Lung Cu national flag tower, the Vuong palace, Sung La culture village, imposing Ma Phi Leng pass, rice terraces in Hoang Su Phi, etc.

Mu Cang Chai
A district of Yen Bai province in the northwest of Vietnam, Mu Cang Chai highly praised as one of the most beautiful destination in the world to see the rice terraces from June to October every year.

Trip to Mu Cang Chai should be started from Hanoi and there is no luxury hotels there. The best choice is to stay in a homestay with a local family. However, this will be the highlight.

This one of the most historic towns in Vietnam, it is loaded with relics from the reign of the 19th-century emperor. Added to its beauty is the gorgeous perfume river, the imperial enclosure which sprawls for over 2.5 km and several other historic sites that can be seen in the city.

The most beautiful way to visit these amazing sites is by having a riverboat cruise on the perfume river. With just a day’s sail, you will see several beautiful sights. You may also visit tombs like Tomb of Tu Doc, or the Thien Mu Pagoda which has a tower 21 meters high.

The Phong Nha-ke Bang National park
Talking about caving destination, this is one of the best. World Heritage lists this national park as a dramatic karst mountain formation which is honeycombed with huge caverns which housemagnificent stalactite and stalagmite. The most visited destination in this park is the Paradise cave which extends for over 31km below ground level. While the best excursion is to the Phong Nha Caves where the interior can only be accessed with boats.

Hoi An
Hoi An is arguably the most atmospheric city in Vietnam, and this location houses several historical architectures. Within it is the old tow quarter which is beautiful to explore as it is packed with merchant houses that are well preserved, those dating back to the 15th century. At that time the town was the major meeting point for both the Japanese and the Chinese merchants who sort for their local silk there. Most of these old merchant houses are left open to allow you to feel the taste of those olden days view.

One of Hoi An’s major symbol is the Japanese bridge located at the western end of Tran Phu street, while the most highly decorated temple is the assembly hall of Fujian’s Chinese Congregation. The beauty of this town is exploring its length and breadth and admiring its rich beauty.

My Son
This area is surrounded by lush, and a jungle covered mountain. My Son is a ruined Cham era temple city which has existed since the 4th century. During the 7th to 10th century, this old Hindu religious was very active and in use. The location starts to get abandoned during the 13th century. There are still more than 20 blocks of the temple still standing in this location all built with bricks or sandstone, and they all show influence from various Asian empires which include India, Malaysia, etc. you can access My Son from Hoi An.

The Ho Chi Minh City
Do you love cities? If yes, your first stop should be Ho Minh city. The city is a buzzing and crazy commercial environment. In the streets are several motorbikes, cars, restaurant with the best shopping experience ever. At the core of this great city is Dong Khoi, a very small and easy to navigate central district which houses the city’s best sights. At this point you’ll find the HCMC museum where there are several artifacts that tells the true story of the city, at this point too, you will find the grand Notre Dame Cathedral which was built in the 19th century. If you are interested in seeing the cities beautiful and best surviving architecture of the French colonial, you might want to visit the old district of Da Kao. And to explore the iconography of Taoist and Buddhist religion, you might want to visit the Jade Emperor Pagoda. To view collections of stacks of relics, you may want to visit the history museum.   

Most who have come to tour this district has found another beautiful sight to behold along the Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, the reunification palace otherwise called independence palace where the South Vietnam president resided. The other sight is the war remnant museums which have a painting of how brutal the war was and pictures of atrocities committed by the US forces during the Vietnam War campaign

The Củ Chi tunnel
One other spot travelers can find fascinating is the Củ Chi tunnel. The Củ Chi tunnel is an extensive tunnel network that was ever active during the Vietnam War. This tunnel stretch for more than 250km and it was the link that made communication and operation of the VC troop around the Ho Chi Minh City possible. If you are making use of tour guide to Southeast Asia, he can take you round the two sections of this network, and down into the narrow, unlit confines, those suffering from claustrophobia man wish not to approach this area. At some point, you may need to crawl on both your foot and hands. You can access this location from either Ben Dinh Village or Ben Duoc Village.

Mekong Delta
This is located at the far south region of Vietnam; this is the spot where the Mekong River finds its way into the sea in a maze of waterways which crisscross the floodplain. This delta is one of the best sights to behold owing to its incredibly lush, paddy field and mangrove. This location still possesses its full local life and a chaotic floating market which can be explored by boats. The closest base is Can Tho, a very popular town. It is very close to the floating market of Phong Dien and Cai Rang. Traveling on a boat from Ca Mau, you will be able to behold and explore the U Minh Mangrove forest and the Cau Mau Nature Reserve.

Nha Trang
Do you want to experience sandy fun in Vietnam? Nha Trang is the perfect destination for you. It is one of the most maintained beaches which spans a distance of six kilometers along the shoreline of the Nha Trang city. During summer, many travelers fill this location up whenever they are on vacation  You can enjoy swimming in some designated area on this beach, you can also have your manicure at a lounging area in this location,  this makes the area a perfect spot for relaxation, trust me soaking up in the sun and sand is a beautiful experience.

In case you are no longer in sunbathing, you can switch to the ancient Po Nagar Cham Tower which is located in the north across the Xom Bong Bridge, and it has also been used as a place of worship for a very long time. Another place to behold is the museum dedicated to the work of Alexander Yersin who was the one that detected the cause of the Bubonic plague and also founded the Nha Trang’s Pasteur Institute.

Con Dao Island
This is the former home of political prisoners, but today it has turned to a tourist attraction for travelers who are seeking their own island anonymity with a total of 15 island and islets to choose from. This area provides protection for the protected sea turtles in the area.

Apart from these locations, you can access the other beautiful sights of Vietnam like the long list of gigantic luxury hotels and residential building. You can never get bored in Vietnam; there are so many things you can feed your eye on throughout the course of your stay.

Phu Quoc
Voted in the top ten must-see islands in Southeast Asia in 2016, Best Destination of the World by the World Travel Awards, top five destinations to visit by the CNN in 2018, Phu Quoc is now the magnet that attract both domesic and international tourists to come and enjoy great time at the world's class beaches.

Phu Quoc has all that suits the needs of the young or old, couples or family, honeymooners or friends. Vivutravel always recommends tourists to spend few nights in Phu Quoc by the end of their Vietnam holiday to relax and refresh.

Are you traveling to southeast Asia, were you having problems selecting the right destination, I am sure this article has provided you with enough reason to make Vietnam your ultimate gateway to southeast Asia. The economy is fast growing hence it is the perfect green and fertile land for your business.

You can enjoy the beautiful sight of this great country while also making ends meet and improving your worth and the economy of this great company. Now I am sure you know why VIETNAM IS THE GATEWAY TO SOUTHEAST ASIA.