Why I love Vietnam

05, November, 2018

Why I love Vietnam

Vietnam, a country with strong opinions from travelers- some love it, some dislike it. I know you'd want to see the category I belong to. Fact is, I'm for the former. Yes, I love Vietnam. But why?

This isn't just about what I've heard; it's about what I've seen and experienced. Let's face it, Vietnam isn't a paradise where you expect perfection from folks around there, people who live in Vietnam aren't unique humans different from the rest of the people all over the world. Vietnam is today, described as one of the most peaceful countries. Isn't that amazing!

While it's okay not to get swept entirely off by some description about Vietnam, it is also worthy of note that you pay attention to the impressive aspects. I can confidently say, there are more good reasons to visit Vietnam than reasons not to.

So, what are my strong points for loving Vietnam? I'll highlight briefly, three of those points. These three points are a full composition of what an awesome country should look like.

The serene environment: Awe-inspiring landscape view from the limestone Karst of Halong Bai straight to the knitted Mekong Delta waterways will no doubt leave you lost in a maze of wonders. Beaches, rice field, and the cities are beautiful sights. That's not all; the city gates are either finished with a carved dragon or beautiful hanging lantern. Regardless of how and where you look at it, Vietnam is always beautiful.

The Food: Even if you are not an avid foodie, a bite in Vietnam will make you keep coming, if not make you extend your stay. You perhaps might not be a fan of Asian Meals, but not Vietnam. From the spring rolls to the delicious pho, down to the coffee, oops! I'm just salivating again.

The People: The people undoubtedly will lay a good impression on you, you'd always meet friends that will ensure you are treated well. The kids in the neighborhood are still anxious to sing for you, while on the bike, you can get a large number of hands being waved by kids. You play several games in the street and enjoy meals will friends.

If you've checked Vietnam as your next vacation, you are still set for the right trip. However, your trip to Vietnam can be a custom Vietnam tour, custom Vietnam travel, you may want to know the best time to travel to Vietnam, amazing things you can do at Vietnam and most importantly, things to avoid when you are there. I'm set to bail you out. Read on and pay close attention as you do. Let's begin with Vietnam Custom Travel.

vietnam custom travel

Vietnam Custom Travel
To the extent to which you want your fantasies to turn to reality, you can explore Vietnam with Vietnam Custom tour. This is designed specially to immerse you fully into the culture and native people of this beautiful country.

Is your quest about Vietnam food focused? Or is it based on a tour that makes you dive deeper into the ethnic villages? Via custom tour, you can experience an alternating culture and diversity of local food. The most recent, scenic and center of highlight will feature your Vietnam custom tour. Let's highlight three of it.

North Vietnam. You can take a custom tour to North Vietnam to sight locals and lakes and lagoons. There are charming village home stays, along narrow canals, you can take boats, you can walk rice fields as well, and yes get to know the Vietnamese. This custom tour is designed for those with strong inclination about culture and intend on making new friends.

Vietnam And Cambodia. What does this grand custom tour include? Here you visit Hanoi, Halong, The Mekong, and Angkor Wat. Here you can explore and get to know the Cambodian Khmer civilization. Tour could begin from the magnificent old city of Hanoi, enroll for a cooking session, and feel the local Vietnamese music. So many opportunity for you to take boat rides, even at night.

A Taste Of Vietnam. This is exceedingly great. A tour that takes you through the highlight of the country. From Saigon to Hoi An, to Hue and Hanoi and could extend to other places if you so desire. This tour makes you explore the market, boat or bike through the Mekong Delta to see local farms and see how foods are cooked in Hoi An. You won't fail to give gazes at the marvelous artifacts and architecture detailing how things were in the past.

Apart from these custom tours, you are opened to an array of custom Vietnam travel too. Which is another subheading that I'll briefly hint you about, we never can tell, you can fall in love with that!

Here you can also experience the exhilarating adventure through the culture of Vietnam, custom, and colorful cuisine. Let's see a few of the custom Travel plan you can enjoy.

halong bay custom tour

Sapa And Halong Bay Tour. This is cheap. And it's made exclusively for those with little and yet they intend to see the must-see locations in Vietnam. The use of bus and car would start and end this trip. The beauty is just so much to fill your curiosity.

Family Tour. This Vietnam custom travel plan allows your family to exhumed memorable moments after their visit. You'll take stunning pictures and gladly show to friends and family. The family tour will start at Hanoi to the magical forest of Cuc Phuong and the famous Halong Bay, and you'll travel through Hoi An where you can see beaches. No doubt, this trip will bring amazing memories to your family.

Ninh Binh Walking Tour. Do you have a smaller vacation? Then this travel is meant for you. While on your feet walking, you will sight scenic places. Although, it begins and ends at Hanoi. You can explore nature, culture and everyday life in Vietnam. Also, if your love is carved in walking and hiking to Gaze at views, this is for you.

Hoi An Stopover Tour. Private car transfer will be used in touring Hoi An. And additionally, you can participate in the cooking class. You can see beautiful areas and scenic environment. Yes, you can learn how to cook Vietnamese food in a real way.

Vietnam Must See. A private tour with lively people and lively air. This tour is more tailored to satisfy everyone- from young children to grandparents.

However, it's imperative to know that your Vietnam custom tour and customs Travel can suffer a shipwreck if you'd go when the weather is hardly favorably. To that length, the experience I gathered plus in-depth research made have urged me to show you when it's the best time to visit Vietnam.

Best Time to Visit Vietnam
To be blunt here, getting to know when it is the best time to visit Vietnam can be a little bit tricky. You need to learn from those who have gained rich and long line experience. But you don't have to worry at all. I'll mention all you need to know about the seasons and the best time to visit Vietnam. I'll take them by months, to clear any uncertainty and streamline your understanding.

hoi an custom tour

Best Time to Visit Sapa. In Sapa, which is a Northern Vietnam has a climate that is very seasonal with the temperature reaching 29°Celcius. The best time to fix a visit here is in March and April; you will get warm and dry weather. If you'd travel during October and November, you will get more relaxed and clearer day.

Visit Hanoi. In Hanoi, summer runs from May down to September and comes with heat and humidity. Winter is more relaxed yet, and it used to be accompanied by clouds and little rain. The best time to make your travel is around October and November. Then you are opened to enjoy little rain and sufficient sunshine.

Time to Visit Halong Bay? If you fix your trip for March or May, you will experience a bright, blue and pleasant temperature. From May to November, the weather will be warm humid and accompanied by an afternoon shower. Therefore, the best time you can travel and enjoy the weather condition is during spring and autumn.

Time to Visit Saigon. Warm temperature year round happens at Saigon. The tropical climate in Saigon is marked the dry and wet season. However, you can expect tropical downpour in the afternoon, yet travel is rarely affected by the rain, and you will see more of green vegetation.

When you travel near Hoi An from January to August, you will escape the flooding that may arise during heavy rains in October and November. From January to August, you will experience the common afternoon showers coupled with an average temperature that will increase to the summer.

Since we've got an overview, it would be nice to talk about must-do things in Vietnam

Things You will enjoy doing and would embed in your awesome memories.

sapa custom tour

Things to do in Vietnam
True though, there are plenty of things you can do at Vietnam. Hundreds of them, but I'll succinctly highlight the most fundamental part that visitors would never want to miss.

1. Enjoy a Meal With Enthusiastic Local. The best way to enjoy local meals is having it eaten at a local host's home. Granted, you will enjoy eating real food and then be opportune to experience the excellent company of the lovely locals in a relaxed atmosphere. The cuisine in Vietnam consists of balance level of heat, sweet, Aroma, sourness and fish-sauciness.

2. You Can Experience Shopping Sessions at Local Market. If you are obsessed with shopping and street market, you will get nothing close to paradise in Vietnam. From fruits to vegetables to cooked foods, souvenirs, and even clothes. Don't miss out on this, when you visit, ensure you travel to the local market.

3. Feel The Pleasantness of Culture in Sapa. Sapa Valley would undoubtedly make you fall in love with Vietnam. There you will find a fantastic atmosphere, excellent views, and pleasant people. Known as the most indigenous region of Vietnam. You can also learn about the rural way of life.

4. Extend Your visit to the Old Quarter Hanoi. This city has the composition of both modest and energetic people. Numerous sacred places will be met on your way, explore the religion practiced there and studied more beautiful sites.

5. Explore Vietnam on a Motorcycle. A private Motorcycle tour lets you avoid traffic gridlock, and then offer you the opportunity of checking main attractions. Indeed, you will get a fun and exciting experience.

But, to be factual there some things you need to avoid when you journey down to Vietnam, just like I highlighted earlier on, Vietnam isn't a place you expect perfection.

While the more significant part of the country people are lovely and surprising, a small fraction are intent on scamming visitors, stealing their hard-earned money.

But with experience, you won't fall into their hands. The following points below will shed light on how you can avoid scam in Vietnam. They are authentic and realistic ways to prevent them, so, pay attention.

cha ca vietnamese cuisine

How to Avoid Scam in Vietnam
Let me ring this into your ear, I adore Vietnam so much, and the facts remain that the people in Vietnam are adorable and infectiously happy. However, I need to put you through these petty scams that might cost you little cash.

1. Squeaky Donut. There are plenty of street food options, cut off donut from your list. The oil used in frying might be unregulated, and they might have produced it in an unsanitary area thus it might make one feel sick. It's common for sellers to stop you and want you to have a bite, decline and keep walking.

2. Luggage Handler. They will swoop your bag unexpectedly and expect you to tip them either at the train station or airport. Therefore, keep an eye on your bag, if you need to lift, ask train staffs or taxi drivers to help you lift.

3. The Eager Cobbler. While walking the street, shoe cobblers might stop you and check your shoes, find fault in it and them repair and ask you to pay. To avoid this, when a cobbler stops you, keep walking. You can stop if you desire to repair or amend

4. Dodgy Taxi. Some taxi drivers might paint their cars to look like registered taxis. Therefore, you do well in checking the taxi you want to enter for branding so you can be sure it's properly licensed.

5. The fruit Seller. Apart from luring you in to buying their fruits at an overpriced rate, they might snap a picture of you and their bamboo stick or a picture of you and them, and then force you into paying. if you wouldn't like to snap a picture, politely say "no."

By Tasha Cage.
London, United Kingdom