Incredible Benefits of Getting Vietnam Visa on Arrival Services

27, December, 2018

Incredible Benefits of Getting Vietnam Visa on Arrival Services

Want a trip to Vietnam experiencing the stunning beauty and fascinating scenes? One of the first preparation to make is getting a Vietnam visa.

Since inception, there are about three widely known ways of getting Vietnam visa. Namely Visa on Arrival, E-Visa,and the Vietnamese Embassy. However, as an understanding fact, we are aware that travelers are most keen about speed, convenience, and cheapness when applying for a visa. Therefore, what fate awaits those who use this option, Visa on Arrival (VOA)?

Since your obsession is tied around this, we are committed to bringing to your notice the incredible benefits in this means of acquiring a visa on arrival. Let's start first by understanding what Visa on arrival services is.

What You Need to Know About Vietnam Visa on Arrival
At the earlier days of 2004, Vietnam Visa on Arrival was introduced. And not long after that, it became a sweet spot for the majority of folks flying in with a demand for a visa to enter into the country legally.

Vietnam Visa On Arrival (VON) is a form of visa that travelers are issued at any International Airports in Vietnam.  Before travelers could get a visa stamp at the airport,  travelers would first get an online application for the approval letters before arrival. After that, when travelers get to the departure airport, they can then show the letter, so they get on board, and upon arrival at any of the country's airport they would be checked and have stamps on their original passport.

For clarity sake, this type of visa is applied via a third party travel agency or through a Vietnam tour operator.  The form you are required to get online would be processed via their website with relevant payment fee for the services and processing.

 In the next 1-2 working hours, an approval letter will be sent to you via Email. The message will be in a PDF format so that you could print and take along. Thus,  when you arrive at any of the international's airport in Vietnam, you present it and get a stamp on it.

Be reminded that our focus isn't explicitly based on Vietnam visa on arrival; rather we want to by experience, at Vietnam Visa Provider, enlighten you about the overwhelmingly substantial benefits you would get from using this medium.

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Five Advantages of Using Vietnam Visa On Arrival - Vietnam Visa Provider

Caution: This article isn't portraying this form of getting Vietnam visa the perfect form, it still has its drawbacks (although you can avoid it). But as a fact, it's still way ahead of other types.

1. Simplicity. Many travelers like you are not ready to face any complexity whatsoever, all you need is a straightforward means of getting a Vietnam Visa. This one is just for you!

The procedure is as follows:

i. Access.  For example, at Vietnam visa provider, you would need to fill out the online form with relevant information like your full name, date of birth, passport expiry date, date of arrival, gender, passport number, and purpose of visit.

ii. Make Payment. This process has no hassle, all you need do is to pay for the service of the third party you are selecting, after payments, you'll get the visa approval letter via email.

iii. Get Your Visa Stamped. Upon arrival at the international airport, get your visa stamped. You will be required to show your approval letter at the airport, and make payments for the stamping fee in cash.

Quite simple, not so? You'd realize that you don't have to travel for visa application. But note that you could only make this process work through the recognized five international airports in the country.

2. Convenience. Unfortunately, a few folks are still glued on visiting Vietnam Embassy for them to acquire a Vietnam visa. Nonetheless, Vietnam visa on arrival offers an outstanding convenience when compared to Vietnam embassy.

Take, for instance, if you live so far from the embassy, you will not find the idea of traveling down there pretty funny. While travel there when you can use an alternative that's authentic with less time?

With Vietnam Visa on Arrival, you don't have to face this difficulty, at the comfort of your closet, you can start with the processing. You won't have to travel at all, either at your office, home, or anywhere you could have Internet connectivity, you can lunch the processing.

3. Time-Saving. You might have no difficulty understanding why Vietnam visa on arrival saves time for you. Here is it:
Think about the time you'll be required to travel to the embassy, think about the procedure of getting the visa at the embassy, where on moving there at first:

You will be required to complete a written application with a lot of information together with your original passport and other documents, you will return home and come back after a few days, then you will travel back again to claim your full visa for Vietnam. You surely wouldn't want to face this? Undoubtedly, Vietnam visa on arrival is the way out!

4. Last-Minute Visa Procurement. Unlike Vietnam embassy procedure where you have to wait three days before your Visa gets to you,what happens in a situation whereby your flight is a few hours close? You won't be able to get the visa, and your ticket will inevitably be canceled; wasted time and money not so?

With Vietnam Visa on arrival, within 2-3 hours, you will get your approval saving you significantly on the risk of having a trip canceled with wasted effort and time.

5. It Saves Cost. The procedure of Vietnam Visa on arrival procedure is lesser. Contrary to the expenses to be made while you travel to the embassy and other related charges, you are only required to pay for the services rendered by the third party when you use Vietnam visa on arrival mode.  Unlike other forms, no small but vital fees to pay in addition to additional charges.

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