Ten destinations that make Vietnam worth visiting again

28, January, 2019

Ten destinations that make Vietnam worth visiting again

If you'd ask any random folks what they'd expect in a traveling destination? I'm sure this three will make their list: Scenery, relaxation, and spectacular sightseeing!  But what would make you so sure that a particular destination would feature these three outstanding traits? The target must have sparkling seas and rivers, hills, mountains and valleys, glittering white sand beaches, sanctuaries and national parks, dunes, and delta creeks! Now the one million question is, how does Vietnam fare!

No soothsaying, Vietnam is the bomb! A complete treat that has packed all these and many exciting offers. Now, we are confident that you'd still want to be sure about where you can get these offers.

That's why we've decided to get you the ten destinations that would not only make your first visit stunning but in your subsequent visit, you'd still pick these destinations.

1. Ho Chi Minh City. Probably you've read that this beautiful location has been formally known as Saigon. It is still the largest city in Vietnam, and you can virtually find anything. It ranges from delicious cuisine, down to prestigious edifices like temples and citadels, you can get incredibly entertainment and still hang out with the Vietnamese folks.

To get the best of your visit, you should get to this region around May to November. You are least affected by rain; you will even enjoy the green vegetations that abound everywhere.

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2. Hanoi Arena. Being the next on my list. Hanoi is also an incredible location where you can get a first-hand glorified history of Vietnam. You've got an additional bonus as you will see an admiring sighting of temples, magnificent citadels, beautiful theaters, and so many splendors. If you are too worried about excellent locations, Hanoi will fill your quest to the brim. In fact, at the entrance of those cities, you will be welcomed by the awesomeness of this region.

The best time to visit is between October and November. There isn't the high intensity of hotness, and tourists enjoy a little shower of rainfall plus abundant sunshine.

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3. Ha Giang. This spot is one of the places that has still not enjoyed the overwhelming visit of tourists, but that's good, you can enjoy more; it is called one of Vietnam's Gem.  

Amazingly, as small as the population of the location seems, even though they are identified as the minority, ninety percent of this group have a significant influence on the culture and language of Vietnam. Unfortunately, the neglect of Government has not given the town many modern facilities, but regardless, the natural wonders are quite sufficient for tourists to have fun and sleep over.

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4. Ban Gioc Waterfall. Dub it 2 in 1; you are aptly correct. The first part about Ban Gioc is the waterfall on one side, and on the other hand, there exists a comfortable sailing through the water. And interestingly, the arena is massively blessed with mountains that are majorly limestone.
The natural wonders are so amazing that you can be lured into spending more time at this location.

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5. Co To Island. This location is an abode to many tourists who seek a place where they can enjoy the freshness of the shore.
As expected, it has beautiful and glittering white sands and blue waters. As it is, its unique details on the water provide the marine with so much diversity of sea life.

You can explore this region by diving, swimming. The air that blows in this region is highly dope and regarded as impressive, until today.

6. Halong. The scenic beauty and rich history of Halong Bay is one of the most logical reasons for people's streaming into this fantastic town.

Up to 2000 islands are abundantly found in this location. More than hundreds of beaches and more than 50 caves can be located in Halong. This gives folks the fantastic feel of real adventure and fun.

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7. Hue. Maybe you've not heard it before; this location is the former capital city of Vietnam. Honestly, during that Vietnam wartime, this site faced a lot, I hope you are not feeling like why the need for the addition? Excellently, the city has recovered from the face it wears back then. Now, you are opened to incredible to tombs, museums, and other locations.
The light showers make the atmosphere appealing and conducive.

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8. Hoi An. This spot is so fantastic to the point that it is marked as a world heritage site by UNESCO. This is a spot that you can spend a considerable number of days exploring the culture, tradition, incredible history.

This spot doesn't exclude natural wonders that stand to amuse you further that your next return is undeniably certain.

Favorably, going during July is a perfect time for you and your family. Then, rain falls at a lower rate and it has ideal beach weather. So traveling to Vietnam or planning a tour and you are obsessed about the beauty of Hoi An, come during July for the best treatment.

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9. Mekong Delta. This destination isn't only honored due to the delta systems, but highly respected as its a destination for sufficient rice cultivation. Thus, it makes it a necessity to visit the location.

At the entry of this location, the sighting of houseboats with market floats found on canals and rivers bisects the land.

Travelers visiting Mekong delta are opened to cruising Mekong delta with safari boats and eating of catfish if granted by the locals. There are crabs and other sea life that can help you. You've got a lot to make you mesmerize.

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10.  Dalat. Pleasant day and cold nights impressively add to the beauty and serenity of a location. This is what Dalat as a site offers to tourists. It's so amazing that it's being dubbed eternal spring! What a wow!

At this area, there are stunning natural wonders; lakes, waterfalls, elegant flower beds, and bright green valleys. For market lovers, there is a market nearby where you can pick dried and delicious fruit like avocado and strawberry.