Northern Vietnam: 10 Stunning Destinations You Should Tour

11, February, 2019

Northern Vietnam: 10 Stunning Destinations You Should Tour

Truthfully, when it comes to Northern Vietnam, it receives fewer tourists compared to the southern destinations like Ho Chi Minh City and some other famous coastal destinations.  

Nevertheless, northern Vietnam tours have amazing, stunning destinations that are irresistible and you can't just afford to miss them. and experience has it that places that are less populated offer tourists the best experience.

Do you know that Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam and it is fittingly located in Northern Vietnam? Amazing? Not that alone, it offers overwhelming vast rice terrain, captivating bay and so many exciting aspects of their culture.

What you are set to read will fill your itinerary with beautiful moments.

Destinations For Your Vietnam Tour

1. Tam Coc. Both locals and experienced tourists describe tam Coc as one of the most captivatingly beautiful destinations in the northern region. And the trip is best enjoyed with the aid of a boat. If you want more adventurous things to do, row your boat alongside the lush green paddies and within the breathtaking limestone cliffs. It is also possible you float through three distinctive Tunnels that spans through the region.  Impressively, you have the locals waiting for you so you can buy that enticing handcraft and souvenirs.

2. Ha Long Bay. This location is arguably one of the best spots in the whole of Vietnam. Therefore, heading for Northern Vietnam for your luxury tour, you aren't set for failure. Halong Bay has a valid and real identity, why? The true beauty has been preserved for a very long time, and it's still waxing stronger. Both day and night cruises offer an overwhelmingly large way of experience the real beauty of Vietnam. In Halong Bay, you can swim, explore natural caves and explore the more remote area.

3. Ha Giang Province. If you want to know one of the most remote areas in both the southern and northern part of the country, Ha Gian province answers that.  It offers green vegetation, forest and granite mountains. There is numerous ethnic diversity that you can explore. Hiking and camping aren't out of the fun. Amazingly, this region is also a location for spectacular vintage points. There are common outdoor markets and folks around always enjoy attending events either weekly or monthly, you are welcome. You can join in the celebration and enjoy whatever is offered.

4. Bac Ha. Although a small town, the Bac Ha is a few miles away from the Chinese border. How do you start exploring the tow? Visit the town square. There you can find a wide array of restaurants serving inexpensive local dishes. Amazingly, the Sunday market is a beauty to behold. There are people from different region coming together to get one or two things. The sighting alone makes you see what could be called cacophony of color, vibrancy, and sounds. In a single scenic city, you can view so many ranges of ethnic group.

5. Sapa. If you've heard about Sapa for a very long time, you might be curious to read about it on this list. There you have it! Sapa is identified for its culturally diverse population. There are many Hill tribes in Sapa. There are large rice fields, beautiful and startling Terrain, and the valley. A stay at the homestay will let you see the embedded culture and residents. Also, a night walk can get you the privilege. If you care to learn more from the hill tribe resident, you can eat and drink with them.

              More Destinations For Your Vietnam Travel

6. Hanoi. Briefly hinted you about Hanoi at the preceding paragraphs. But there's more. Hanoi has a captivating combination of western and eastern culture. The architecture designs you sight in Hanoi reminds you of the Colonial Era. The presence of Museum and Mausoleum are exciting attractions from the exterior. Some incredible beaches and temples are impressively beautiful in Hanoi. Apart from the architecture, the cuisine also reminds anyone of the French colonial Era.

7. Ban Gioc falls. Detain waterfalls is also located in the boundary between Vietnam and China. It is known as the Ban Gioc Scenic zone. Right though, the waterfall is the primary main of attractions. However, the three stages make the scene more dramatic and captivating. There are pools, mini cascades that makes the scene even more exciting. You can see more of the Ban Gioc Falls if you hire a raft and a guide. These will make you want to see more as you get closer to the river itself. Also, it is possible to see the view of a more unusual perspective.

8. Mai Chau. Mai Chau is identified with its green vegetation, beautiful mountains, and vibrant culture. You keep viewing in amazement. If you indeed want to get not just a sneak peek but a full look at the culture of Vietnam in the Northern part, Mai Chau is ready for you. It has a sort of the melting point; it has incredible silt houses. The houses are amazingly constructed, how? They are built 3m off the ground and give shelter to some animal so they can avoid the incliment weather condition.

9. Bai Tu Long Bay. Aside from Halong Bay, this is another bay worth exploring. Why? Though adjacent to Halong Bay, it boasts gorgeous water, skinning limestone plateau and a sufficient amount of small islands. And interestingly, for most folks, they prefer this bay in comparison to Halong Bay because it is less crowded and it has any number of cruises available to those visiting.  So, it's more like a wonderful privilege to be here. Indeed, you might not be able to enjoy the thrill if you can't take the tour via boat.

10. Cat Ba Island. This is a unique destination. However, you might wonder why I said that? On the island, you can find more than 50% of the island to be a national park. And it's so because it prevents the adorable difficult-spot-primate. Nevertheless, if you are unable to spot the primate, take a ferry to make a boat down to the Monkey Island. Yes, you can also view Cannon Fort, it is an incredible sight and was constructed in 1942. With the fantastic views present, you can tour the excellent views.

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