7 reasons to visit Ha Giang in Vietnam

15, February, 2019

7 reasons to visit Ha Giang in Vietnam

Ha Giang is situated in the Northern Region of Vietnam and it is known for its magnificent landscapes, unique meals, abundant coffee and fruits, attractive sites, steep hills, undulating roads, tourist and outdoor activities such as mountain biking, trekking, camping and so on. Ha Giang is popular for entertaining visitors and tourists and the Vietnamese are some of the most hospitable people in the continent of Asia.

As a lover of adventure or a tourist expert, perhaps you’ve been thinking of touring the north of Vietnam, but you don’t know much about the region and if the province is worth visiting, this article is written to show you unique things about North Vietnam tour, particularly Ha Giang.

Here are 7 reasons to visit Ha Giang in Vietnam and I hope you find the article substantial enough.

1.    For the sake of Adventures
If you are very adventurous and you have not visited Ha Giang, you should probably include this province in your bucket list. There are lots of attractive sites to see in Ha Giang, tasty foods to savor, beaches to go, and pleasure to take in the resplendence of nature.

Leisure travelling in the north of Vietnam is quite convenient and very affordable. You can easily rent a local bus or hire a cab driver. But it is most common among tourists to go for motorbike. This allows them to see a lot of places, ride through the winding valleys and roads. Although this bike trip is not for the weak-hearted, it is very fascinating and most tourists engage in it.

2.    Attractive Sites and Historical Places
Tourism cannot be interesting without attractive sites to visit but when you talk of Ha Giang in Vietnam, you will be overwhelmed with the magnificent tourist sites and historical monuments. One of the most popular tourist site in Ha Giang is Quan Ba Heaven Gate. It is hard to see any visitor who comes to Ha Giang that will not visit the Heaven Gate. From the crest of Heaven Gate you could see a number of exquisite valleys that look like paradise. Tourists love the place and even write about it.

Heaven Gate is just one out of many. Ha Giang is blessed with attractive sites such as Ma Pi Leng Pass, Dong Van Plateau, Rice Terraces of Hoang Su Phi, Hmong King Palace, Lung Cu Flag Tower, and also the markets such as Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Khau Vai Love Market, and the likes. If you really want to see the world in a different place with a different view, visiting Ha Giang is highly recommended.

3.    Abundance of Fresh Fruit and Delicious Meals
As a tourist or adventurer, you probably take pleasure in delicacies that are served in places you go. Now, talking of foods and drinks, you should give kudos to this province. The people there have such a great culinary skill that they make impressive meals such as Thang Den. This meal is a very popular rice flour meal in Ha Giang, served with sugar and ginger soup. Other sweet delicacies in Ha Giang include Au Tau Porridge, dried pork, steamed rice rolls, pho noodle soup, spring rolls, banh mi, and so on.

And if you are visiting  Ha Giang, you don’t want to miss out on the abundance of fresh tropical fruits they have there. Fruits are sold everywhere, from stall to stall, in small places in the town. You can find watermelon, pineapple, banana, mango, and some new strange fruits.

Vietnam, being the second largest of coffee exporter in the world, makes coffee available in abundance. So if you are touring either northeast of Vietnam or in fact anywhere within the nation, there are various kinds of coffee mixture you can find there including black coffee, coffee with condensed or coconut milk, coffee with yoghurt, and many other tasty coffee drinks.

4.    Good Climate
Talking of the weather, the climate in Ha Giang has two seasons: rainy and dry but regardless of time when you visit Ha Giang, the weather there is good throughout the whole year. No excessive rainfall or too hot season. Unlike many other places, there is  no time of the year that you can’t visit Ha Giang.

5.    Friendliness and Hospitality of the People
If there is anything at all to like about Vietnamese, it is their hospitality and friendliness. They are some of the most hospitable people in the continent. Typical Vietnamese can offer you a home in his house, give you a cozy apartment to stay for the night, take you around to see the country side with pleasure, and even tell you some historical stuffs about the city and county. The Vietnamese are very warm and it is common to see everyone smiling. So you can easily make friends and have the opportunity of exploring their culture.

6.    Handicrafts
Making beautiful handicraft ornaments is a kind of tradition in Vietnam. In fact, they have schools for teaching handicrafts and they are so talented at making different kinds of handicraft objects from earrings, scarves to traditional outfits. If you are a handicraft freak or someone who is fond of antiques, this is a good reason to visit Ha Giang. And shopping for them is very cheap.

7.    Low Cost
Another reason you might want to consider touring Ha Giang is the cost of things there. There are cheap hostel rooms which cost about $5 to $8 and they are good to stay for the night.  Apart from the cheap hostels, which may be suitable for students, or visitors and tourists on low budgets, there are many hotels in Ha Giang ranging 2 to 3 star.

In most of the hotels their staff are fluent in speaking English, so you are sure of no language barrier. The hotels have many rooms, air conditioning, free wifi, board and outdoor games like tennis, swimming pool, and so on. Most of them also give free travel advice, assign tourist guides on request and yet all for low cost between $10 - $18.

Some of the popular 2 and 3-star hotels there are Anh Anh Motel, Huong Tra Hotel, Thon Tha homestay, Phuot House, QT Hostel, Linh Hostel, and many more.

In conclusion, Ha Giang is a great place to visit. The attractive sites, good weather, splendid meals, hospitality are great things that count towards a tourist’s experience.

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