Vietnam beaches, Destination For Retirement

18, February, 2019

Vietnam beaches, Destination For Retirement

Vietnam is known for its culture, ethereal beauty and low cost of living. If you want to retire somewhere outside your country, we’d say Vietnam should be one of the top picks. More and more people in countries including America are opting for Vietnam retirement vacation. One of the prime reason is that they don't have sufficient money to live the way they would want to after retirement in their own country. And if you're going to live somewhere fancy like the beachside, you are in luck because Vietnam is known for its pretty and clean beaches as well.

Cost of living in Vietnam:
Cost of living in Vietnam is much cheaper when you compare it to see of the developed countries of the world.  A study made by the International Living Global Retirement index shows that one can comfortably live in Vietnam at $800 a month. Even locations like Ho Chi Minh City which are expensive in local standards are much cheaper than any American or European cities. Read our: Working and Living In Vietnam

Vietnam is an ideal location for people who want to enjoy vibrant beach life.  In a recent opinion poll by Live and Invest Overseas (LIO) and International Living (IL), Vietnam has been selected as one of the top ten destinations in the world for beach retirement in the year 2019.

In the study report there was a special mentioning on Coastal Da Nang. Da Nang stands tall among the rest of the location for clean beaches and fresh seafood. Also, the weather is sunny all over the year which makes it a perfect spot for jet skiing, soaking in the sun, kayaking, and surfing. Despite being a famous coastal city, the population in the town is just under 1 million, and you'd feel at ease as it is not too crowded.

Da Nang has a coastline which extends to over 90 km. Two of the most popular beaches in this city are Thanh Binh Beach and Xuan Thieu Beach. These beaches are known for azure sea, white sand, and cleanliness. If you are looking for something fancy, the southern shores of the city have many popularstar resorts.

Another beautiful Vietnambeach destinationsuitable for retirement is the Phu Quoc Island. With the cost of living that would cost you less than $1,000 a month, beautiful weather, delicious food, and friendly locals, this place is indeed very welcoming.

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Why choose Vietnam
The quality of living offered by Vietnam to expats is much better than the neighboring countries and even their own home country. If you are looking to start your own business, Vietnam's fast-growing economy would immensely help you in this regard as well. Further, holidaying in Vietnam is pretty cheap as well.

In a recent study, Vietnam was voted as one of the world's top 3 low-cost beach destination for taking a vacation. The three cheapest beaches in Vietnam would be Long Beach in Phu Quoc island, the beach at Cua Dai and the Nha Trang beach. People going for Vietnam tour tend to fall in love with this country, its exotic culture, and the beaches in Vietnam.

Let’s talk about the cost of living offered by Vietnam. The cost of living here is about 46% cheaper than in the USA. The rent is quite reasonable as well, about 60% less than what is in the USA. You can easily afford a fully furnished apartment with a cook and security guard for less than $1,000 a month. Owning cars is costly here though as 100% tax is imposed on imported vehicle's by the government, so most expatsuse public transport as a means of their conveyance since it’s pretty cheaper.

Most of the locals understand English and are very friendly. If you are genuinely interested in learning Vietnam and its culture, most of the locals would be glad to help you with that. The food here is delicious and pretty healthy. In fact, Vietnam is famous for its wide variety of seafood and street food, and if you are a food enthusiast, you are in for a treat as there is so much to discover and eat that you would be in for new experience every day.
Vietnam retirement visa scheme.

Currently, there is no retirement visa scheme in Vietnam. The expats have to make use of the extended tourist visas which need to renew at the immigration office after three months. The renewal can do with the help of local travel agents who can apply for renewal of your Vietnam visa at a nominal fee. The renewal process is easy, and there is not much difficulty faced. Read more about Vietnam visa information.

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Difficulty in retirement in Vietnam
Even though retiring in Vietnam seems very lucrative, you may be in for a culture shock. English is taught in schools but not widely spoken if you go outside the tourist areas. Learning the Vietnamese language isn't pretty easy. Remember this is a third world country, and hence few of the issues you'd face here are pollution, healthcare facility, and population. Even though healthcare here is affordable, it is quite underdeveloped if you compare it to developed countries.

In the event, if you are planning for a retirement vacation, we would suggest you to go for a Vietnam vacation tour and understand the country. You can approach any reputed travel agents in Vietnam, who can take care of your Vietnam travel plan from applying for the visa and planning your vacation packages.  Most of the tour operators are offering different types of tour packages, including customized tour packages, giving preference to your personal interest.

Located in South East Asia, Vietnam has emerged as a favorite holiday as well as a retirement destination for expats all over the world. The beaches here are lovely, clean and the seafood makes you drool. If you are a beach person, you will fall in love with this place instantly. But Vietnam got its own set of problems like any other country in the world. But despite all the shortcomings, if you are looking for retirement vacation at a place outside your county, Vietnam is definitely worth giving a shot.