Southern Vietnam: Adorable Destinations to Visit

21, February, 2019

Southern Vietnam: Adorable Destinations to Visit

Have you ever imagined why southern Vietnam has, for a very long time been home for quite a large number of visitors, even more than what Northern Vietnam records? Then has that prompted to you nurture in your mind destinations that you must visit when next you want to have a fun-filled vacation? Probably, why you are here is to make that dream come true, right? You’ve not made a mistake perching here.

There are so many reasons why some people gets to Vietnam, for some it could be as a result of a volunteer work, others could be a visit to a friend, it could be to research and the majority of tourist are there to enjoy memorable moments. Regardless of the reason you hold for visiting the incredible country, there are quite a number of cuisine that is crowned with rice and seafood, there are numerous unique charms, and lastly fascinating destinations.

The awe-inspiring destinations would be so entertaining, you can see the magical wonders buried in this country. If you want to further your adventure journey, you should not hesitate to move to these places.

No doubt you’d enjoy your time in Vietnam. There is no gain-saying about that. It wouldn’t be surprising to see you add more days or weeks to your stay!   

Five Fascinating Destinations For Your Vietnam Travel

1. Mekong River. This destination (Mekong delta) offers differing wild life and astounding views. If you can hit a two-day tour in Mekong river, you will be thrilled by the enjoyable moments that await you. Therefore, Just hit a tour here, and you would definitely believe that it is one of the most enjoyable trips. Most luxury tour or custom tours have reasonable pricing. Thus it is something you can afford. Travel agent like Vivutravel gives affordable prices and discounts that is so rare among travel agents.

Trips could include a trip to the island where there are coconut monk , this zone is incredibly fascinating! Also, you could be taken to have a tour of the coconut candy factory. It doesn’t leave behind the motorcycle journey that involve the sparkling views of the rice fields and jungles.

2. Cu Chi Tunnels. If actually you did want to visit Vietnam, do not neglect the beautiful sight of Ho Chi Minh city, am I sounding to strict? Okay, maybe I am because of the vitality. Because of your tight schedule, you don’t need the whole day, all it requires is just a calm morning or a beautiful afternoon, and you are set.

The tunnels are just within 35minutes drive from the outside of Ho Chi Minh city ( you see, it just take less time) and besides, the destination is easily accessible. Tourists can access the location either by car, taxi or via an organized tour which may also be by a bus.

The tunnel is designed to be part of the huge network of communication that is constructed by the Vietcong during the Vietnam war so that they can evade American soldiers. True though, the expanse has been increased, yet it still maintains the structure it has when it was built. So have a feel at the beautiful scene and picture how the scene would have happened.

3. Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City is a bustling city. The city tells tourists that it doesn’t matter where the head of a country is, what matters is where the heart can be found. This is just true in the case of Ho Chi Minh City. Even though, hanoi is the capital, Ho Chi Minh City is a bustling city having around 7 million people dwelling in there with their never-ending 24/7 activities. In the early hours of the day, you could be woken up by scooters, pedestrians moving about their daily activities, you may be wrong to think it was day time.

Aside this, there is so much to accomplish. You can visit so many places of attractions. You can see the War remnants Museum, you enjoy impressive night life, visit bars and nightclubs and taste so many local dishes and drinks.

4. Phu Quoc. This is identified as the most quiet island the is located just off the coast of Cambodia. And over times, increasingly, it is becoming more popular and many tourists are streaming on a daily basis.

There are numerous legendary status that this location has won. Why? There are availability of stunning beaches, clear seas and incredible bars. Surprisingly, locals will even suggest that you go there to enjoy the amazing sightseeing. If we are picking any destination that has a high class beach in the world, Phu Quoc is rated in the world. I’m convinced you will just want to be there.

Additionally, you can relax by the lounge or pool at the bar while you enjoy the savory cocktail. The closeness to the water will drive you to do more adventure, part of which include diving, fishing, hire a personal boat, and even jet skiing. All these are amazing options for your pleasure.  

5. Cat Tien National Park. Quite frankly, this destination is a treasure trove. It offers large varieties of wildlife, and it’s also an abode for so many species of animals; even if you can’t get into the whole city, I’d advice that you just pass by if that is all you could do. Trust me, being here feels like you’ve been transported to another world.

You will also meet dense jungles that are obviously risky and the best bet is being accompanied by an experienced guide. You can see tigers, Hornbills, bears, and Asian Elephants.

Finally, which of the destinations will you go to? Well, it all depends on you! But remember, all destinations mentioned here offers what a tourist could bargain for. Just ensure that when traveling to Vietnam, you choose the right traveling agent. Because that is the way you can get back what you’ve paid for.