Visit The North, Central or The South of Vietnam?

04, March, 2019

Visit The North, Central or The South of Vietnam?

Have you been dreaming about traveling to Vietnam a long time ago? If yes, do you know that Vietnam as a country, is sectioned into three regions: The North, Central, and South?

Oh! Are you just getting to know? That's pretty okay; it's not a big issue. If you knew before, you would be faced with the decision of where you can visit between these zones to have the best holiday ever!

Either you are aware of these zones or not, Vietnam, is home to pleasant beaches, incredible cuisines, outstanding wildlife. Ancients artifacts like temples and museums. Included, are locations that are marked as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Crowning your tours are the presence of appealing locals and many more.

To help you make a more streamlined decision, as a Vietnam travel expert, we are going to highlight outstanding locations in this article for your pick. Reading over these locations, it will be easier for you to pinpoint your subject of interest and what you want in an area where your vacation would be well- spent, where you will never mind paying a visit to when you are set for another holiday.

These locations are going to wow your visit to Vietnam and your Vietnam private tour. Enjoy as you carefully read from Vietnam travel specialists (Vivutravel).

Northern Vietnam
When visiting Northern Vietnam either to have a Vietnam private tour, as Vietnam travel specialists (Vivutravel), we suggest you pay your visit from August to December. With decades of  experience as Vietnam travel experts, weather condition then isn't extremely humid or cold.

Besides, a visit to the Northern location is indeed a blessing for foodies. All around this region, you are set for beautiful dishes.

Well, let's check into three of the best regions in northern Vietnam.

Hanoi. We strongly feel that a visit to Vietnam that is highlighting here is exceptionally vital, essential and relevant. Why? Hanoi is the cosmopolitan capital of Vietnam. As a result many visitors start a tour, an exploration here. There are incredible history dug dipper into this location. It houses incredible details regarding Buddhist temple, differing traditions, and intricate museums.

Furthermore, Hanoi Old Quarter, in Vietnam, is confirmed as the busiest center. It maintains its elegance and rich history of the old facilities, and incredible, it's pleasing to note that most of the festivals in Vietnam are held in this location. Thus apparently, if your visit falls into any of their festival periods, then you are opened to super sights.

Far from this credibility on ancient wonders, inclusive are sights for avid backpackers; they would experience delicious dishes, exploring mountainous areas and feeding your eye at one of the UNESCO World Heritage site. It's incredible.

vietnam travel hanoi

Halong Bay. Astonishingly, Halong Bay is also marked as a UNESCO World Heritage. The reason isn't difficult to comprehend. Halong Bay has naturally existing wonders of creation, offering essential and appealing biological importance.

There are overwhelmingly formations of limestone islands that sprang up from the emerald sea water. No, don't toil away with this dramatic and elegant sight; I doubt if you won't spend most of your time here staring and gazing at the magnitude of these rocks.

Besides, Halong Bay has many hollow rocks, presenting tourists with mighty cave clustered around them. It's not difficult to see visitors enjoying kayaking, hiking, and swimming! Undeniably, in Halong bay, if you are a die-hard fan of kayaking, you can get your full dose here.

vietnam travel halong bay

Sapa. Being the third location we will be highlighting in northern Vietnam, Sapa is known as a traditional town that is crowned with mountains, unique views.

If you are dedicated and obsessed about mountains, and incredible terrain, you will be glad to see how these mountains align with the rice terrain in this region thus providing a majestic view to tourists. This is a step back into a more traditional Vietnam.

Your visit to Vietnam won't be void of fun nor contentment, even in Sapa. As a Vietnam travel expert, we have discovered that even in Sapa, there exists unique traditions, customs, and beautiful culture.

Top of it, Sapa inhabitants are friendly, welcoming and are ever ready to offer a helping hand when they seem fit. Additionally, in scheduling a Vietnam private tour, Vietnam travel specialists (Vivutravel) will provide you a perfect process, explaining honestly all the process and cost involved.

As you make your determination to visit Vietnam, if all these features aren't your bone of contention, it's not over, here below is another region that will be fully explained so you can have sharp details about Vietnam as a whole.

vietnam travel sapa

Central Vietnam
A Vietnam private tour thus deserves a better location! Central Vietnam isn't far from bringing that reality to you as you visit Vietnam.

A lot different from Northern Vietnam, central Vietnam as described by Vietnam travel experts, has fantastic beaches, and incredible luxury hotel resorts. Neatly lined in the region are areas that are matching with any budget travelers.

There is the bold, elegant flavor of different delicacies that have origins from the southern part of Vietnam. Additional, in the central region of Vietnam, they have the spiciest and incredibly flavorful meal. As Vietnam travel specialists (Vivutravel) we are bent on revealing three incredible locations that can lets you have all these happen to your real life.

Da Nang. If you are asked to pick the populated city in Vietnam, that might not be difficult, but if asked the fourth, that might spell for trouble. Hey, do you know I just gave a clue? Dan Nang is the fourth largest city in Vietnam.

There are calm, cold, waters that are highly suitable for fishing, yachting, diving, water-skiing, and others — having unusual tastes of sea life is indeed a fantastic taste diversity. There is beautiful nature sight, and during weekends, the beach in the parts of Da Nang is a wonderment for travelers.

vietnam travel golden bridge bana hills

Hoi An. As Vietnam travel specialists (Vivutravels), from recent travels we've managed, tourists have found Hoi An town to be interestingly a typical example of a Southeast Asian trading port that emanates precisely from the 15th century to the 16th century.

Most buildings and streets present to an onlooker the influences of both foreign and indigenous styles which gives an outstanding heritage.

Although, in visiting this place of attraction, you might not be able to find or locate a train or pick up a flight directly to the destination. But Vietnam travel experts suggest that you hire a taxi right from Da Nang which will lead to Hoi An ancient town.

Granted, when you want to visit Vietnam, it is so apparent that you will be concerned about where to lay your head. Yeah, we know, and we suggest you get among the best ones located in Cua Dai Beach and Hoi An City. Well, it all boils down to whatever suits your style of a comfortable abode and if it's pocket-friendly. Picking an appointment with Vietnam travel specialists (Vivutravel) would be so incredible that you will get exactly what you needed.

vietnam travel central vietnam

Hue. Back then, this location is the capital of Vietnam. And undeniably, this location relates to glories, the mightiness of imperial Vietnam. Sadly, many of the beautiful and incredible buildings were demolished during wars, yet till this moment, if you want to visit the oldest imperial city in Vietnam, don't doubt it, Hue presents you real relics for sight. Additions are royal tombs, where folks can remember emperors buried in them.

Another charming location where hue takes its popularity is from the Perfume River- what presents to viewers a picturesque on a bright clearer day. Impressively, Hue can remind you of the true meaning of tranquility, and how an incredible nightlife should look like, in a sense, Hue can teach you more effectively on serenity and nightlife.

If you are a backpackers are bent on these features, you are among thousands of tourists who flock in a day in day out to have a firsthand experience that is bent on improving your overall visit to Vietnam. You will undoubtedly say: "its no wasted effort journeying down."

Now, its time to talk about the last region, Southern Vietnam. Be reminded the best three locations would still be featured.

vietnam travel hue tour

Southern Vietnam
For a passionate tourist whose schedule isn't a fixed one, but at any slightest opportunity would want to visit Vietnam. You can ring a  bell in southern Vietnam. Why? It is only Southern Vietnam that has temperate weather. Thus you are covered to visit Vietnam at any time of the year.

Notwithstanding though, Vietnam travel specialists (Vivutravel), have experimented that from May to November, the rainy period can make the trip a bit daunting, but thankfully, it doesn't last long.

Definitely, in the south, we can have an expert rich and delicious meal, yet it didn't fail in delivering in that regard. You are more exposed to friendly, honest and generous folks. As usual, your Vietnam private tour will have smooth dealings here, as explained by Vietnam travel experts.

Ho Chi Minh City. Want a chaotic and bustling horizon for your trip; you can't get it wrong in Ho Chi Min City. One of the beautiful sights that would be familiar to view is the wheezing of scooters all around everyplace in the city, don't be surprised, it could even be chaotic than Hanoi- previously mentioned.

Interestingly, this location will give you a credible look into the nightlight, its identified as an energetic city, and the city offers a wide array of dining options. So, be set for scenes, especially, if it's going to be a private tour.

Mekong Delta. A popular site in southern Vietnam. Most Vietnam travel experts agree that Mekong Delta is one of the most visited locations in Vietnam.

Apart from Vietnam excellent tour, Vietnam Private tour is always featured in Mekong Delta. But why? Tourists who have visited Vietnam sometimes ago claim that this location is mind-blowing.

When tourists are bent on having a boat cruise down the Mekong River, you will be driven straight into old-world Vietnam, and presently, most folks are mostly interested in getting homestays.

Continually, this location has maintained the discharging of one of the best ways to view life. And it has survived more than one century. Furthermore, this location offers more fresh vegetables, cereals, and legumes. They include fruit orchards, floating markets, and rice paddies. Indeed, everything about Mekong Delta is every inch blessed with life.

vietnam travel mekong delta

Da Lat. And this is a bit farther from all you've been reading. Da lat is an area of love; identified as the most romantic throughout the country! Outstanding, not so? If you want a genuine romance, this could likely be your favorite spot.

Amazingly, the temperature of Da Lat is impressively cool. At night especially, that is when you will get the real sense of where a cool region should look like.

Eternal spring, another name for Da lat is due to the climate that invites folks to this part of the country. Also, the mighty waterfalls, and the thick forests. This gives Da lat beautiful landscape, all-year-green vegetation. Interestingly, there is the more tranquil and romantic vibe that you wouldn't want to miss.

Conclusively, going by the nine credible locations you've read from Vietnam travel specialists (Vivutravel), you should be well-equipped in making one of the most informed decisions. You can pick a niche , thick out your favorite spot to have a more fun-filled journey. Fact is, there is no end to what you are going to see in these locations, yet, the little time you will spend will give you the real sense of your visit.