Canadian Vietnam Tour: A Comprehensive Guide

06, March, 2019

Canadian Vietnam Tour: A Comprehensive Guide

The quest to visit and explore Vietnam is not limited to a particular location, all over the world, people are often thrilled whenever they read about how amazing their tour would be in Vietnam. Talk about the landscape that you will be staring in amazement, the rivers that allow limitless cruising, sea life that beautifies the water bodies, the unique and world-adored caves and hills, the wildlife, other monuments, not to talk of food and the people. The reasons are just numerous to mention.

Vietnam is a country admired by Canadians, and as a result of folks not less than half a million trips into the beautiful country annually, thus they are more thrilled when they confidently explore the country.

However, there are some requirements to meet before you plan a trip to Vietnam from Canada or travel to Vietnam from Canada. But be reminded that Vietnam tour from Canada is leisurely. While this article would be more explicit on the Canadian Vietnam tour, it is going to be expansive on how Canadian can comfortably navigate with no exception to things to do.  

Let’s elucidate on flights to Vietnam from Canada, visa requirements, things to do, important things to remember, where you can travel to, how long you can stay and the types of tours you can subscribe for.

Visa Requirements For Canada travelers to Vietnam
For flights to Vietnam from Canada to be a success, a visa is required. The most natural type, Vietnam Visa on arrival have consistently been the most frequent type of visa type travelers visiting Vietnam have been choosing, and that is what will be discussed here.

A traveler from Canada will be required to visit the website, Visa to Vietnam. When you are there, you will be required to submit an application form for you to receive an approval letter.

After getting the approval letter, print and safe-keep. Either a Vietnam private tour or Vietnam tailored-made tour, you will still need to get Visa stamp on arriving at any of the International Airports. One important fact to consider is that at the very least, six months duration of validity must be on your passport for you to be eligible for Vietnam Visa on arrival. How to get a visa for Vietnam in Canada?

However, you might still wish to get your Vietnam visa in person. If that is your quest, then, walk directly to Vietnam Embassy in Canada and then you can make preparations.

Briefly, let’s talk about flights to Vietnam from Canada, for a more explicit explanation.

visa to vietnam 

Flights to Vietnam from Canada.
Interestingly, over recent years, rapidly, the number of direct flights to Vietnam’s three main international airports have continually increased, and daily its usage can be affected. But is there a step that is cost effective? Yes!

Most folks take an indirect flight through Bangkok, Singapore, or Hong Kong. Additionally, with the help of an open ticket that is being sold by airlines that fly in and out of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, getting to Vietnam has become easier!

Now, with this precise information on visa requirements and flights, I’m sure you are set, but before you begin packing your stuff, let’s talk about fun things opened to you in Vietnam.

Fun Things Canadians Can do in Vietnam.
There are many epic things you should expect that your Vietnam private tour, Vietnam tailored-made tours, and other tours will feature. Be reminded again, that just a single visit isn’t sufficient to help you make explore more in-depth into this golden city. Let’s talk about five of these things.

1. If You Are a Foodie, Travel to Hanoi. Hanoi isn’t just a location that offers beautiful sight. When it comes to delicacies, Hanoi is a haven for any food lover. Not only that it is present, but it is also cheap, and places to get these differing meal is numerous. There are meals mainly made for vegetarian, so if you are one, you are covered. Well, if your health tolerates it, eat all the street food you find in Hanoi.

2. Drive a Tractor to The Beach. I know you’d love that if you’ve been a fan of tractor driving. Driving on a tractor makes you enjoy the ambiance, take amazing photos, and even on the beach, you can request for differing cuisines. That is assuming your beaching to the next level.

3. At Mui Ne, You can Kite-surf. Mui ne is an incredible location that is meant for both fishing and yes, kitesurfing. Yes, though the situation is based on fishing as mentioned earlier, you can upgrade your adventure to another level. But be sure that your gears are ready. And that should be done at the point when you plan to travel to Vietnam from Canada.

4. Explore The Dunes in Mui Ne. One of the top, elegant places in Vietnam are the dunes of Vietnam. It’s gradually becoming a common knowledge that Mui ne is a location for the dunes, but if you don’t know, I’m pleased to tell you. The dunes are fantastic, and you can comfortably sandboard. Your private tour won't exclude this if you want it that way.

5. Ever Had a Mud Bath? Yeah! Do you know what a mud bath is? Yes, if you don’t know, this is an opportunity for you to get that done. Damn! It’s fun undiluted. There is a magnificent cave, Dark Cave. With a small group, you can enter with safety gears. But when you are close to the end of the cave, you will be welcome by the mud bath. Your getting there doesn't have to be rigorous, get there to get an entrance ticket, and you are done. At this same spot, you can enjoy music, play football and one beautiful thing is that you will be addressed and brief before you go in. That way, safety is ensured during your Vietnam tailor-made tour.

Let’s briefly talk about essential things you should never toil with before you plan a trip to Vietnam from Canada.

plan a trip to Vietnam from Canada

Essential Things to Consider You Travel to Vietnam From Canada
Sadly, some folks who plan a trip to Vietnam from Canada have made terrible mistakes, and as a result of that, they wouldn’t want to come back. The fault isn’t about the country, Vietnam. The problem is with them. As an intelligent folk, I’m sure you’d want to tread carefully and not repeat the mistake these folks have made.

This leads me to five of the things you should take cognizance of, so you won’t come up with avoidable mistakes.

1. Don’t Toil With Your Visa. Yes, address it as your life depends on it. Although, it might appear to you like a common understanding. But believe me, most folks are being turned away at the international airport. Why? Visa misinformation, inability to print the approval letter on their part.

In order not to be turned away, be respectful to immigration officers, be sure your information is correct and accurate, be sure your accommodation is included and it is right, get stamped and have fun exploring.

2. You, Will, be Made to Pay For The Price of Goods And Services. Don’t be carried away with the usuals in Canada, where you have a fixed price for everything. In Vietnam, it is not out of place to inflate the cost of goods and services. And when they do, you have to have a strong bargaining power so that you won’t have to be cheated. However, when bargaining, be polite, humble and smile warmly. Try and even master a few transaction phases in Vietnam.

3. Some Minor Folks Can Lie to You. Frankly, if you are a newbie, you might be compelled to believe everything being said. But resist the urge. Some of them can lie to you. Take, for example, in the market; sellers can lie about the price they get what you intend buying. The amount that stuff is sold somewhere else will verify the truth. So, when it comes to entering a taxi, buying, relating with hotel officials, be careful of your sayings and what they say out of their mouth.

4. Always Walk Away When You Have to do. Yes, exactly, you have to be firm and polite. Sellers in Vietnam aren’t often happy to see customers walking away after a failed business transaction. But what could help? When buying state your price, maintain it, you can reduce little, but ensure that it is still within your capacity. But if stiff-necked, walk away. Vietnamese are often in love with a buyer like this.

5. Vietnamese Are Hospitable And Sweet. If this exactly your first time, then you are set for a beautiful adventure. Outside the tourist area, you will find school children waving at you, some invitations call you to come and have free snacks, and drink. Be sure that that you don’t let scammers rip you off, aside from that don’t always stay within the confinement of your tour. If you do, you might not experience the hospitality and fun.
Apart from all those mentioned above, it is right for you to decide how long you will be staying. And reasonably, that is a good idea. Therefore, let's talk about a few itineraries and duration.

travel to vietnam from canada

How Long Vietnam Tour from Canada Could Be.
Cost plays a significant role in how long a traveler would plan its length of stay. He has to think about accommodation, meals, internal runnings, and especially, the cost of traveling to Vietnam from Canada.

If the price is a bit high, only a few will pay and still spend a few weeks, yet, they end up staying for months! But that has still not solved the issue. Before you can speak about how long you will be visiting, there are a few things to think about, the standard duration for some of the tailor-made tours, and private tour. This will ensure that you are precise about how long you will stay.

1. A Duration of 2-4 Weeks, Spend 2-5 days: Hanoi’s strong point is food and incredible history. This city offers tranquility and can be enough for a traveler. Although there is a high level of pollution, you can spend most days exploring museums. There are many headquarters that you will be needed to visit. But don’t let it be beyond.

2. A length of 2 Weeks, Spend 1-3 days. In this majestic city, you can meet ethnic minority tribes or culture, sights unbelievable landscapes, then shopping of new goods. If you are planning two weeks in Vietnam, don’t spend beyond three days.  

3. 1-2 Days Duration is Fine For Ha Long Bay. Here in Halong Bay, there are amazing sights, incredibly beautiful, and provision of numerous, assorted seafood. Talk of one of the best location that is meant for tourists. Ha, Long Bay is needed to be part of the process. If you are visiting other areas like Cat BA island, you can spend within 3-4 days, which includes boat tours, national parks, climbing, trekking and kayaking where you will have small caves to explore.

4. Duration Between 2-4 Weeks; Spend Between 2-5 days. Phong Nha is an incredible location to explore more. This is a location where you have amazing adventures, magnificent caves, and foods. This location even houses the world’s most significant caves and then that is where you will have amazing sights of motorcycles. Just be set to up to five days and have unimaginable fun.

5. Traveling For 2-4 Weeks; Spend Between 1-3 days. Here in hue, there are emperor’s tombs and food for kings that are pleasant for the sight. There are temples, gardens, beautiful ones. There are compounds, and the perfume river is a lovely friend to stroll with during the evening. Three days would be found to explore all these incredible locations. 

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