Vietnam Itinerary

01, April, 2019

Vietnam Itinerary

Are you preparing to visit Vietnam? Here is one of the most Vietnam tour itineraries that you can make use of. It provides locations and what to expect in each of these locations. Join me as we discover the beautiful Vietnam country.

Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam; nowonder, many have chosen to visit this city when in Vietnam. It is not just about being the capital; it should be included in your Vietnam itinerary based on the fact that there are thousands of places to visit and explore. Here are some highlights of Hanoi:

•    Visit the old quarter: The old quarter is one district you must visit while in Hanoi. With its massive and beautiful French colonial architecture,you will be left amazed. The locals too are always on hand to make it fun-filled
•    Visit the temple of literature: Every scholar must be Interested in visiting the temple of literature. The popularity has gradually improved as many now storm this temple yearly when on tour.
•    Hanoi opera house: The opera house was built in 1971, and it has since grown to the level of housing top artist and visitors. Dance and musicconcerts have been delivered here for the good of residents and tourist.
•    Imperial Citadel of Thang Long: one of the real relics of Vietnam history is the Thang Long citadel. It served as the political center for 8 centuries,and it is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites.

Another location to put in your Vietnam itinerary is Sapa; it is one of the locations to visit in Vietnam, here are some highlights of the location:

•    Visit Fan Si Pan mountain: When you are in Sapa, it’s fun if you can trek to the foot of the tallest mountain in Vietnam to watch the surrounding. The peak is always accessible year-round. So, you can schedule visiting.
•    Visit the villages:There are several villages attached to it that makes it unique. Many of the villages are picturesque, peaceful for all tourist. You can visit villages like Cat Cat, Ta Phin, and many more.
•    Restaurants and Dining: Sapa is filled with several top-class restaurant dining and restaurant that all tourist can explore. E.g., Moment romantic restaurants, Le Gecko, Delta, etc.
•    The Night Life: If more than anything, the best time to enjoy Sapa is late at night. The wooden pub is a venue where many converge to watch live music at night; the bars are more fun at this time too.
•    Popular activities include Hiking, trekking, and a lot more.

Halong Bay
You are free to spend as many days as you like in Halong Bay and be sure that it won’t bore you out. In fact, it is one of the best locations to escape the busy city life and enjoy some tranquility. Here are some highlights of the locations:

•    The Island: Halong Bay is filled with several islands that you can visit. Some are easily crowded, while some are rarely visited. So just make you choose and enjoy. You can choose from islands like Ban Sen, Cat Ba, and many more.
•    The Night Cruise: If you love the nightlife, trust me you are not alone. The village has a night cruise that you can enjoy, more than anything they are comfortable and have perfect accommodation.
•    Food: One of the best places to enjoy almost all local foods in Vietnam is Halong Bay. Visit the restaurants to enjoy both the local and foreign dishes and drinks.
•    The Landscape: The landscape of Halong Bay is a beauty on its own, it is beautifully carved out,and this alone is a wonder to behold. The beautiful and serene environment makes the town the best one to spend your nights in peace.

Ninh Binh
Another beautiful and serene town to explore in Vietnam is Ninh Binh. It is perfectly located in the southeast of Hanoi, and from there you can find the base to lodge for visiting other areas. Here are some highlights of the location:

•    Tam Coc: One of the first location to visit in Ninh Binh is Tam Coc. If you love nature, this is your shot at getting the best view in Vietnam. It has a Karst landscape that you will definitely love.
•    Trang An: This scenic landscape complex is fantastic for the boat trip to enjoy caves, Karst mountains and visit the film studio of king kong (kull Island 2)
•    Visit the Snail Restaurant: If you love snail, it is served in the best form in this restaurant. Enter a have a bite with other good dishes.
•    Phat Diem Cathedral: you can also explore the Phat Diem cathedral and get to explore this beautifully crafted outbuilding. Dating back to 1898 both the western and the Vietnam style was adopted in the architecture.
•    Van Long Nature Reserve: Another place to explore in Vietnam is the Van Long Nature reserve. As a wetland reserve, you can see several animals, flowers, and beautiful trees. This location is well preserved for all to visit. And other natural parks like the Cuc Phuong, turtle conservation center and the rescue center for endangered species.
•    The market: Every town must have a market. The Cho Bop market is not just for buying and selling; you can also catch delicious meals there.

Hue is popularly referred to as one of the imperial capitals of Vietnam. Emperors who lived in the 19th and early 20th century stayed in this location. The architecture here is massive and beautiful, and it's sure that it won’t bore you out. Here are some highlights

•    The National Park: One of the popular national parks on hue is the Bach Ma park. This park is located in the Annamite mountain, thousands of wildlife and forest, and waterfall are housed in this location.
•    You can enjoy several activities like hiking, trekking, and jungle walk.
•    The Markets: the markets in Hue and unique. The Dong Ba market is one of the biggest commercial centers where you can get all you need to sell or buy.
•    Tu Dam Pagoda: Those tiered towers with multiple eaves are beautiful to watch and visit. The Tu Dam pagoda was built in the 17th century and more than anything, its unique look is inviting and beautiful. Several occasions are held here; you can also participate if you’re fortunate enough to catch one.
•    War locations: If love history about wars, you can visit the Hue Jungle crevice which was actively used during the wartime. You can also visit the palace and the tombs just for history sake.

Hoi An
Your Vietnam tour itinerary is incomplete if it does not include a schedule of you visiting Hoi An. There are several things to do in Hoi An that makes the visit unique and enjoyable, here are some highlights;

•    The Old Town: the name speaks volume. The old town is one of the most preserved trading spots in Vietnam. It was built in the 15th century, one of the oldest places you will see in Vietnam. There are several activities that are held here which may include musical and dance performances.
•    The Market: The Hoi An night market is a must visit for you, that implies you will need to spend a night here. The markets open late in the evening,and more than 500 vendors are always on hand to deliver goods.
•    The Cantonese Assembly which was also built a very long time ago is another location to visit in Vietnam. Its architecture and decoration are both unique and massive.
•    The Beach: If you love visiting the beach to have fun, Hoi An is your best shot. There are several beaches with beautiful environments and restaurants to enjoy your meal.
•    One of the oldest building in Vietnam is the Tan Ky old house, visit to catch more beauties.

Da Nang
One of the coastal cities of Vietnam is Da Nang. It is one of the best locations to visit and unwind in Vietnam. Thousands visit this location yearly to catch fun, here are some of the highlight of Da Nang:

•    The Marble Mountain: Yes, you can visit the marble mountain in Da Nang. It is a cluster of 5 different limestones and marble hill which is all located within the Hoa Hai district. The mountain contains several temples, pagodas, and many more. You can make use of an elevator for climbing.
•    Son Tra Mountain: Also referred to as the monkey mountain. It hasa height of 693 meters above sea level. There are several species of monkeys in this location that you can see.
•    My Khe Beach: If you love visiting beaches, the Da Nang Khe beach is one of the best options you have. With its amazing 20-mile white sand, there is enough space for all to sit and enjoy. You can enjoy snorkeling, jet-skiing, sunbathing, and many more in this location.
•    Dragon Bridge: With its massive height of 666 meters, this is the longest bridge you’ll see in Vietnam. It is one of the picturesque locations in Vietnam,and it was constructed in the shape of o golden dragon.

Quy Nhon
Quy Nhon is another top location many have love including in their itinerary. It is a coastal city located in the Binh Dinh district. With an estimated population of more than 280,000, it is one of the places to visit. The Quy Nhon city is filled with several attractions for all. Here are some of the attractions:

•    Binh Dinh Museum: If you love visiting the museum, this is one of the first places you will visit. Although there are several museums in Vietnam, this is unique.
•    Right Gallery: This is another location that is devoted to all the local communist party that engaged in the struggles of the Vietnam war.
•    Towers: There are several towers in Quy Nhon, but one of those that catch tourist attention is the Thap Doi Cham Tower. It is one of the top attractions in Quy Nhon as many come to behold its beauty.
•    Pagoda: You can also add visiting the main Quy Nhon pagoda, the Long Khanh, it was built in the 18th century and carried one of the best shapes. You can also visit the other pagodas.
•    Restaurants and Dining: After a nice tour, you deserve delicious food. The city is filled with several world-class restaurants that will deliver the best dish for you. You can enjoy endless kinds of seafood and the local Vietnam meal at affordable prices.

Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City previously referred to as Saigon is the biggest city in Vietnam. It is the city with the biggest reputation and the former Vietnam capital. This time, I can boldly say your trip is incomplete without getting to Ho Chi Minh City. Here are some beautiful Highlights;

•    War Remnant Museum: One thing this city is known for, the historical war. The war remnant museum is a museum where you can catch sight of all machines and equipment used during the famous war. Sneak peek: you’ll see Tanks, Helicopters, Plane and lot more.
•    The Cu Chi Tunnel: One of the longest underground tunnels in the hand that was dug with bare hands and other small tools. One of the hidden spots and road for soldiers during the war. You can still see several war tools here.
•    The independence palace: Ngo Viet Thu designed this palace, it is popularly known as the reunification palace. With its massive five-story height, it’s a place to visit. There are many things to learn about the war here.
•    The markets: One of the markets you can visit is the Ben Thanh market where you can get local handicrafts and souvenir.
•    Pagodas: If you will love to see beautiful and unique pagodas, Saigon is the best spot to visit. One of the popularpagodas is the Jade EmperorPagoda.

Mekong Delta
Whatever your quest for visiting Vietnam is, it will be perfectly fulfilled in Mekong Delta. As a region marked for agricultural produce, you can be sure that their food will be more unique and many. Here are some highlights of the location:

•    Ninh Kieu Wharf: there is a perk covering almost 7,000 m2 in this location. The wharf is a spot where you can enjoy beautiful sights and visit bars, restaurants, and hotels that all are offering attractive services. Another perfect place to take pictures.
    The Floating market: Guess you haven’t seen anything like that before. Just visit Mekong Delta and see the wonders waiting for you. The Cai Rang floating market is situated on the MekongDelta water system. Opened as early as 3:00 am and closed as late as 5:00 pm.
•    Pagodas: The most popular is the Vinh Trang pagoda that was built in 1849. With more than 2,000 m2 area, it’s a beautiful place to visit.
•    The mountains: If you love climbing mountains Mekong Delta has some you’llenjoy. Though not the tallest you’ll see in Vietnam, but its height is also one of the tallest you will see.
•    National Parks: There are several national parks like the Tram Chim National park where there are several species of animals and wildlife’s, it is known to contain more than 200 species of birds.

Da Lat
Your Vietnam itinerary could be considered unique if it allows you to visit Da Lat. The nicknames are numerous, the Vietnam Paris, the flower city, lover’s city and many more. All the nicknames are all unique. Here is some highlight of Da Lat:

•    Lang Biang Mountain: You can start your tour on this mountain that rises a beautiful 2,167 meters above sea level. You need no other better hiking spot than this.
•    Hang Nga Guest House: Often dubbed the Crazy House. Dang Viet Nga constructed the building. It is often called the strange house thanks to its mind blogging architecture.
•    The elephant waterfall: Another beauty in Da Lat is the elephant waterfall. A visit to this location is worth it as you’ll catch fun with other tourists and locals.
•    The Flower Garden: Da lat is known for having one of the best flower gardens. The region which is perfect for growing crops and flowers houses thousands of different species of flowers that are all beautiful and filled with sweet scent. No other better stop to take pictures than here.
•    Night Market: If you need to go shopping late at night, the Da Lat night market is waiting for you to come do business.

Nha Trang
The perfect and best Vietnam itinerary must definitely list a visit to Nha Trang as a must. If you love histories about war, or you wish to know more about wars in Vietnam, this is your spot. Here are some highlights:

•    Vinpearl Amusement park: Have you ever visited an amusement park? If yes this is more unique. If no, don’t hesitate to join the movement. You will get to see several pools, shopping plaza, aquariums, and water slides in this location. It is a perfectly designed location for taking pictures.
•    The Po Ngar Tower: If you need a defining feature of Nha Trang, it is this tower. It was built in the 8th century and was modified in the early 11th century. Its history in standing. The crowd visiting this old tower are numerous especially during festivities.
•    The Oceanographic Museum: The National Oceanographic museum is a place to catch beautiful exhibits of all story of the Vietnam marine life. Built and established in 1922, it contains all you want to know.
•    The beach and Waterfall: If you want to soak up in the sun, you can consider visiting the Bai Dai beach. There are waterfalls to visit like the Yang Bay waterfall all in Nha Trang.

Phu Quoc Island
If it is your hubby to visit islands, then you must not dare to miss visiting the Phu Quoc Island. It is locatedon the coast of Cambodia which is in the Gulf of Thailand. There are several reasons why you should visit Phu Quoc Island; they include:

•    The beaches: Phu Quoc Islandis filled with several beaches, records show that there are 20 unspoiled beaches to explore in Phu Quoc Island. One of the best one to visit is the Khem Beach which carries the beauty every beach lover cravesfor.
•    Marine Life: Being an island, it is highly expected to have unique marine life. But the marine life out beat all expectations. With close to 110 species of coral and 135 species of the coral reef fish with several other kinds of seafood, it is indeed unique.
•    Protected Natural park: more than 50% of the Phu Quoc Islandis reserved as a national park. This makes conservation of its resources easier.
•    The culture of the residents: their economy is solely based around agriculture and fishing to be specific. So, it is often customary to find many of the villagers resting during the day. But their olive oil and other products have gained international reputations.
•    Bars and restaurants: If you are looking for the best spot to drink in Vietnam, Phu Quoc Island is just that perfect spot. They also serve the delicious meals that make your tummy leap for more.

Mui Ne
While developing your Vietnam itinerary or while reading those designed by others, it is important to check if there are plans for you to explore Mui Ne and see the beauty there. It is a must visit for all tourist. Here are some highlights of Mui Ne:

•    Grab a bike: exploring Mui Ne is more fun if you own a bike, better still you can borrow or rent a bike.
•    Quad Biking at White sand dunes: with your bike, this is one of the first locations to visit. The sand dunes are approximately 25km, and you can be sure to have a nice time playing in it. You can also switch to the lotus pond later to watch the sun as it goes down. You can also visit the red sand dunes and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere.
•    The Early Morning fish market: If you love fish, don’t hesitate to visit this market early in the morning to see how the Vietnamese fishermen work. The nets there are filled with severalkinds of seafood that you can buy.
•    If you aren't spending the night in Mui Ne, you are missing. There is nothing as good as watching the sunrise and sunset in this town, its many peoples favorite.
•    The Fairy stream: Nothing beats the beautiful wonder of nature delivered in this location. The stream, the surrounding limestone amongst others are pure beauty.

Con Dao Island
You should never miss the chance of visiting Con Dao Island, and it must be included in yourVietnam tour itinerary. As a combination or group of islands, there are several things to explore. That’s the best way to enjoy your tour. The sights on this island and the beauties are limitless. The best time to plan your visit is during the dry season which often falls within November and February.

•    Diving and Island Hopping: Island Hopping and diving are just some of the special activities that you can engage in while in Con Dao Island.
•    Swimming and Sunbathing: The best island feeling can be enjoyed in Con Dao Island, you can enjoy endless swimming in a safe environment. And sunbathing is best enjoyed there.
•    The beach: Good enough there are beached that are for private use,and they are unique. But if you love fun with others, there are several other beaches to visit like Bai An Hai Beach.
•    Wildlife: you can also explore the Con Dao Island wildlife and see more of the world’s beautiful creations.
•    Food and Drinks: Jump into any restaurant and be sure you’ll receive the best service. The visible competitions have made it essential for all restaurants and dining to deliver the best. So, both the local dishes, drinks,and other foreign foods can be enjoyed here.