Tips To Travel From The Netherlands To Vietnam

16, April, 2019

Tips To Travel From The Netherlands To Vietnam

Life in Vietnam is amazingly interesting. You won’t want to trade anything for visiting this great country. Several tourists from great nations have always enjoyed traveling to Vietnam. It is not always about the thrill of the trip; it is about the amazing goodies you expect to see on getting to your destination.

Tourists from the Netherlands have over the year discover Vietnam as the perfect destination for touring. The landscape, the beaches, the islands, and many more are the wonderful things you stand to see in Vietnam. In this article, we will be discussing the important tips to note if you will be traveling to Vietnam; the expectation is that this will make the journey easier for you in its entirety.

A Quick View of Vietnam
Vietnam is a southeast Asian country which is located on the East Sea. Vietnam as a country has several rivers, beaches, pagodas, and other bustling cities. The country has an estimated 94.6 million inhabitants, and it is one of the 15th most populous countries in the world. The capital of the city is Hanoi, and the largest city in the country is Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnam has several ethnicities with the Vietnamese being the most populous ethnic group in Vietnam. The country has several religions, althoughseveral inhabitants in the country are not religious. Other religions practiced in the country include Buddhism, Christianity, Caodaism, and many others.

Vietnam has a total land area of 331,212, km2. With more than 6.38% of the land is covered by water. These are some of the basic information you are expected to know about this country. There are other information you are expected to know as highlighted below.

Requirements for Travelling to Vietnam
To gain entry into Vietnam from the Netherlands, you must have a valid visa regardless of your visiting country or the length of your stay. There are several ways to obtain a visa for your trip, and this can be obtained either before getting to Vietnam or after getting immediately you get to Vietnam.

It is safer when you start preparations for the tour well ahead of time. Sorting out of all visa related issues should be done before you get to Vietnam, this will ensure that you are totally prepared to enjoy the tour. Check Vietnam visa requirements.

vietnam visa requirements

Tips To Travel to Vietnam from the Netherlands
Here are some important tips to help you enjoy your Netherlands- Vietnam tour in full.

•    Get the best Vietnam itinerary
Plans fail when there is no consultation; your tourist trip can become a failure if you are not totally prepared for the trip. If you will be building a house, you will definitely need to start withdrawing of the plan after securing the land.

So after getting your Visa to Vietnam, the best was to build expectations for the trip is through understanding what you will be seeing and encountering in Vietnam. A perfectly designed itinerary will make the tour easier for you. It should be able to arrange the trip in a details way so as to avoid you missing important locations. Since you will be spending less than a month, the itinerary should be able to fix the entire trip into those two or three weeks you will be going. You can search the net for important locations to visit in Vietnam, after this you may compare your results with what I delivered in your itinerary to ensure you are getting the best.

•    Always travel with extra cash
When traveling to Vietnam, you must ensure that you are always with enough cash; this is safe and important. There are thousands of ATM machine across the major cities of Vietnam, but when you need to travel further away from these cities, you will find fewer. Hence, it is important to always go with enough cash so as not to have your trip cut short because of lack of fund.

You will need to buy several things while on tour. In the advanced cities, it is easier to pay with your credit cards, but as you move further away, many will not appreciate you paying with credit cards, while most don’t even have the right resources to help accept such payments, it is best to pay with cash.

shopping in vietnam bac ha market

•    Start each day’s tour early
Travel From The Netherlands To Vietnam will only become a success if you actually toured around the country. One of the things that can limitsuccess is the time you start and end the tour. As much as possible, it is important for you to always start each day’s tour as early as possible for one, it will help you escape traffic in major cities and afford you the time to get to your destination quickly.

Secondly, starting each day s tour will ensure you queue less for food, tickets, transport, and other services. Covering much ground will only be possible if the days trip starts as early as possible. Thirdly, unless you want to experience the nightlife, starting early will make it easier for you to end the das tour early and rest before preparing for the next day.

Many museums in Vietnam close by 4, 5, and 6. Not starting the tour early may result in you getting to those locations late, this will result in parting touring of such location and missing out on the important scenes. There are other interesting areas too thatvisitingthem makes the tour complete, but they won’t be opened all day unless you are ready to visit early, you are bound to miss the fun.

•    A Tour Guide is a Blessing
Travel From The Netherlands To Vietnam will be more interesting with the help of a tour guide. There are several tour guides in and around the country that understand more about the history, culture, and life in Vietnam. Adding them to your itinerary will make it easier for you to get the best experience and understand the details in each location well.

tour guide in vietnam vivutravel

•    The Street Foods and Night Life
These are two things you must not miss while on tour in Vietnam. Don’t worry street foods are safe and are readily available. Taking street foods makes it easier for you to quickly taste the local dishes in the country and experience new things. Don’t be surprised that foods and drinks served here are more delicious than those served in the big restaurants. Overall the Vietnam local dishes are a wonder to explore, ensure you taste as much as possible to have a lasting delicious experience.

The Vietnam nightlife I another magic that you must scrutinize, it's not as if you will understand it completely, but it will help sharpen your Vietnam tour experience. The performances, the music, the kids playing around, the bars offering drinks and the unending fun the night carries make it important for you to explore it completely.

Important locations to visit while touring Vietnam
As much as possible, ensure you visit one or all of these locations while in Vietnam.

Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam, and this makes it all the more important for you to visit. Hanoi is blessed with several temples that are more than 100 years old. Hanoi is located near the banks of the North Red River, and it is one of the ancient cities in Vietnam.

There are several colonial buildings that you can explore in this city. The museums that are well equipped with all historical artifacts that will help you understand Vietnam better are numerous; you don’t need to doubt it, a visit to Hanoi will be fun filled.

Hanoi is surrounded by mountains that you can enjoy visiting; your Netherlands Vietnam tour will be made all the more interesting with time spend on these mountains

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)
Don’t tell anyone you came to Vietnam if you don’t visit this city. This is the largest city in the whole of Vietnam, and arguably the most historic city you will visit. The city has several museums that are earnestly waiting for you to visit. The pagodas, the war museums, and locations are also a beauty to explore.

One of the longest tunnels in the world is found in this city, the Cu Chi tunnel. The markets here are also filled with goods and interesting to visit. Do you know that one of the tallest building in Vietnam is located in Ho Chi Minh city, the Bitexco tower which stands tall at 262 meters with 68 stories? Even if you don’t get to enter, it is one of the most picturesque locations you will ever visit in Vietnam.

The reunification palace and other amazing architecture are also waiting for you to explore while in Vietnam. Spending a day here is not enough to know the city well.

Halong Bay
Halong Bay spot is so cool that you should spend more than a day there. It is the best spot to escape the city life and enjoy a more serene environment. The landscape, the natural wonders, and beauties you find here are limitless. There are several bays to visit in Vietnam that promises to help you enjoy the tour better and more.

The night cruise in Halong Bay is more interesting than what you will see in other locations, ensure you spend at least a night here to enjoy it more. Hiking

As earlier stated, life in Vietnam is amazingly interesting. Sapa is another location that will help you understand this beauty better. It is a location where agriculture is of utmost importance. The farmer here cultivate rice in large quantities; they are enough to feed the whole country. Apart from their agricultural produce, the city also has several other goodies to deliver to tourist.

The waterfalls like the Love waterfall and the silver waterfall are beautiful scenes that help improve your Vietnam tour experience. The heights of these waterfalls are massive making the experience all the more interesting.

If you love climbing mountains, then you will be thrilled to see the highest mountain in Vietnam right in front of you. Fansipan is the tallest mountain in Vietnam at an elevation of 3,143m. Amazingly you can enjoy 2 to 3 days on just climbing this mountain and not get bored with the small villages, the people and other things you’ll encounter while going.

Other smaller villages are not only interesting, but fun to visit in Sapa, the Cat Cat village is one of them, don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

If you love hiking, you wouldn’t want to visit Vietnam without getting to Hue. It is one of the most popular “H” Cities in Vietnam. Hue is one of the most historic locations in Vietnam. There are severalrivers like the perfume rive that carry amazing scents of the flower. There are parks which you can also visit in hue to make the trip interesting. There are several waterfalls and mountains here that promised to offer you the best tour experience while in Vietnam.

Hoi An
Another location to visit while in Vietnam is Hoi An. It is another ancient city in Vietnam that is packed with historical evidence. There are several beaches to visit in this city like Bang Beach and Cau Dai. The night market is something you’ve not experienced before, but a visit to Vietnam will help you enjoy it.

The city has an old town which was formerly the most significant trading spot in Vietnam. Do you know why the town is called the old town? It amazingly dates back to the early 15th and late 19th century and has buildings from these far centuries.

These are just some of the beautiful things about this amazing city that will prepare you minds to what you can expect to see when you get to Vietnam. As long as you have the best itinerary, sort out all visa issues, take enough cash with you, and start every days tour very early, there is nothing strong enough to stop you from enjoying your Netherlands - Vietnam tour in full.