Vietnam Packages

22, April, 2019

Vietnam Packages

With a stunning backdrop, peaceful setting, historical landmarks, vibrant culture and mysticism that allures vagabonds to visit, Vietnam is a beautiful southeast Asian country create ripples in the tourism industry. Availability of various Vietnam packages, let the tourists select a suitable travel plan meeting the budget and tour expectations.

As being said, one of the most desirable tour destinations in the recent times, it is an ideal holiday location not just for families but for couples, adventure seekers and people who want to see the past relics of Vietnam. Ever since, resurrected from the ashes of prolonged war and political struggle, today Vietnam consolidates its position as one of the best world tourist destinations, beyond any doubt.

By choosing the perfect Vietnam package, you can enjoy the Vietnam holiday to the fullest. We have done extensive research for you to compile a list of the most recommended Vietnam tour packages.

Select your favorite Vietnam packages
Vietnam is a beautiful country of diversity. Picturesque mountains, rural villages, and vibrant cities make Vietnam a dream holiday destination. If you can spend a month in Vietnam, you will have enough time to visit the North, Central, and South of the country, but you can also customize tour packages according to your preferences. Tour agents would devise the perfect plan for you based on the tour preference you wish to have.

Classic Vietnam tours
The classic Vietnam package tours take on you a journey of a lifetime for a fabulous travel experience to all the best tourist attractions that can radiate the true essence of Vietnam. Either you can choose a package for you by picking individual itineraries or seek the help of a tour operator to create a tour itinerary for your Vietnam classic tourtocustomize your personal needs and to maximize the travel experience in a budget.

A classic tour can range from 7 days to 21 days and would cover major cities like Hanoi, Halong Bay, Ho Chi Minh City, Ho An, Sapa, Ninh Binh, etc. The tour offers a blend of ancient and contemporary attractions to its exciting dining, shopping and nightlife experiences.

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Vietnam family tours
A fun-focused Vietnam family tour takes you to all the best tourist attractions in Vietnam that is suitable for family leisure time for all ages. It packs leisure activities, shopping, adventure, fun and clubdestinations that invite you to spend some good time together with your family and loved ones.

The Vietnam family package tour is an exhilarating way of touring Vietnam with your family, and you will be guided around the city to experience the best of this ancient country. The leisure tour for the family gives you the best chance to experience the real Vietnam and taste some of the most delicious and fresh local food. A typical family tour would include cities like Ho Chi Minh, Nha Trang, Hue, Hoi An, Hanoi, Halong Bay and can range from 7 days to 21 days.  

Vietnam honeymoon package tours
With a rich seam of gorgeous beaches, colonial structures, picturesque backgrounds, stunning landscapes, sparkling beaches, and colorful culture, how can a country like Vietnam, not be beguiling to the couples. Vietnam is an ideal honeymoon location for the newlyweds or anyone who is looking for a hideaway destination to spend with loved ones.  

You can find numerous locations in Vietnam, like Sapa, Dalat, Mai Chau, Con Dao, Halong Bay, etc. Vietnam has some of the most beautiful beaches, and islands in the world and Phu Quoc, one of the largest islands in Vietnam is a favorite honeymoon destination of the couple.

Vietnam honeymoon package tour offers the best sightseeing opportunities, best spa services, a romantic evening, overnight stay and a fantastic opportunity to explore the beautiful natural sites from white sandy beaches to countryside views.

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Vietnam adventure package tour
Though an exciting destination with epic landscapes, Vietnam is also a destination for adventure travel. In Vietnam, for an adventure package tour, sign up for a thrilling cruise journey to Ha Long Bay and visit the northeast or northwest of Vietnam including Mu Cang Chai, Bac Ha Market, Hoang Su Phi, Ha Giang, etc.

The cave expeditions in Vietnam is one of its kind explorations that seems like a mystery waiting to unfold. From sandboarding, kayaking, trekking, cave expedition, to mountain biking, Vietnam offers it all. A typical adventure tour to Vietnam would include destinations like Hanoi, Con Dao Island, Sapa, Hoi An, etc., and would range from 8 days to 21 days. If you have signed up for a Vietnam adventure package tour, sit back and relax and be prepared to have a mind-blowing experience.

Vietnam cultural package tour
Being a vast, varied and vibrant county, Vietnam is a perfect destination for a cultural tour. Whether it is a trip to sunrise spot at Angkor or spectacular cultural wonder, a typical Vietnam cultural package tour has it all. Vietnam is a land of staggering natural beauty, and cultural complexities and beholds a rich history.

All cultural tour packages to Vietnam would include a combination of visiting aremote tribal village, staying with a tribal family, visiting the unexplored rainforest, enjoying the beauty of bright golden rice paddy fields, and fabulous showy cities. Vietnam cultural holidays offer enthralling and rightly balanced tour package. You can customize the cultural package tour to meet your interest.

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Vietnam historical package tour
Vietnam historical package tour attracts tourists from various parts of the world to relive the complex yet rich past of the country. The tour will cover some of the most outstanding historical sites in Vietnam, that gives you opportunities to understand more about the unique culture and history of Vietnam.

Apart from the diverse culture, Vietnam has a glorious history spread over 4,000 years. Any typical historical tour in Vietnam would start from Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, which was under the Imperial Japanese in 1940. The Literature Temple, National Museum of Vietnamese History, Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Long Bien bridge, Hanoi Opera House, Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, Lam Kinh Temple, Cu Chi tunnels are some of the famous places with historical importance.

Useful tips for choosing the best Vietnam custom made package tour
Given its historical past, Vietnam is a country which offers a unique perspective for all types of travelers. Are you wondering what preparations you need to make your visit to this beautiful country or how to choose the best Vietnam custom made package tour?Here are some of the best tips to select a custom-made package tour to Vietnam.

Book early for good services
Not only just for Vietnam, but these tips also come in handy for any of your holiday trips. After choosing a tour operation, make sure you contact them right away for Vietnam custom made package tour that matches your request.

The earlier you book the tour, the more money you end up saving. If you are booking tickets or entry passes for any attractions on peak season or during any festivals, be an early bird to avail affordable price. Plan for a family trip or a trip with your friends is the price gets lower if more people join.

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Research culture and cultural activities
Vietnam is a vibrant country with a rich cultural heritage and people with welcoming hearts. Do some research on local culture so that you have memorable experiences. Your trip to Vietnam would be unforgettable if you can mingle with Vietnamese locals, enjoy their music, taste the delicious cuisine and its charming vibe.

Pick a reputed travel agency
If this is your very first trip to Vietnam, choose a tour which is better than planning it by yourself. As you don't know what are the best accommodation choices, where to go in each place or how to move between sites, etc. In Vietnam, there are hundreds of tour operators who can help you with booking tickets to planning the itinerary.

It is recommended to choose the services of a reputed travel agency in Vietnam having valid years of experience serving the travel industry. The best way to select a reputed tour operator is to check for online reviews and ask for recommendations. You can find detailed reviews on hotels, restaurants, activities, travel agencies which are helpful to identify your tour operator.  

Make a rough budget
Traveling to Vietnam can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. If you choose customized Vietnam private package tour, you can fit the itinerary into your budget. If you're going to stick on to average accommodations or luxury ones, you can ask your travel agency to find a suitable one for you. A decent budget in Vietnam can range from $25-$30 a day. While conversions can get a bit tricky, you will always be a millionaire in Vietnam.

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General tips for first-time travelers to Vietnam

Sort out your visa
First things first! Visa procedures for Vietnam are not complicated like many other countries. You can either collect your visa from any Vietnam embassy in your city or either apply for a visa on arrival. Fortunately, many reputed travel agents can do this for your online or a minimal fee. Check with your travel agency to know whether they cover the visa process along with the Vietnam holiday package tours.

Choose your itinerary smart
If you want to cover Vietnam from North, central and to South, give at least 3 weeks to enjoy the charm of this vibrant country. Anything less than 3 weeks would be forcing you to take flights and moving around in a hurry, taking away the real essence of the travel experience. Depending on your trip whether it is a Vietnam family package tour or a Vietnam honeymoon package tour choose the places to visit and things to do every day.

Never drink tap water
While it might be a common practice in your country to drink tap water but when in Vietnam, avoid drinking tap water as it is often contaminated. Vietnam has a history of poor water treatment infrastructure, and contaminated water is a major source of illness. Generally, even locals avoid drinking tap water and choose only bottled water.

You can find bottled water for sales in most of the restaurants and hotels. Go for brands like Vinh Hao, Aquafina or Lavie. For a refreshing alternative to water, try the famous ‘Tra Da’ or Vietnamese iced tea which is basically cold green tea with ice. If you don't get bottled water, drink ‘Tra da’  instead as it is safe and more refreshing and cheaper than bottled water.

Eat safe while in Vietnam
No one wants to fall sick during their travel, but changes in the environment can bring on a dodgy stomach. To eat safe, avoid eating raw meat and salads if you are not used to it. Whenever you have street food make sure that it is piping hot when served.

While picking food stalls, the busier a street food stall or a restaurant is, the fresher the ingredients are. Vietnamese cuisine is very delicious. While their staple food is rice and noodle served with loads of meat and vegetables, cuisine varieties between the north and south parts of the country. While North Vietnam is well renowned for its meat and seafood varieties, the south cuisines have the significant influence of Chinese, Thai and Cambodian cuisines which are more spicy and sweetish.  

Pay attention to tipping
Despite low wages, tipping is generally not a standard practice and not expected in Vietnam. However, any tips would be much appreciated. While you dine out, several upmarket restaurants will add a service charge to the final bill between 5 % to 10%. It is also okay to tip cleaning staffs at hotels if you have stayed a couple of days. It is not necessary to tip taxi drivers as customary but they round up the amount due, and you are bound to pay that. While visiting pagodas, it is considered a gesture of politeness to leave a small donation especially if you are assisted by a resident monk to show around.

Planning a trip to a country like Vietnam can get quite overwhelming. With so many things to do and places to see, you require some serious planning to put things together. Your Vietnam Packages must include the best cultural activities, itineraries that suit your interests. Whether you are looking for budget Vietnam tours, hire the best travel partner such as Vivutravel to help you with creating the best itinerary for you.