Tips to Travel From Australia to Vietnam And Cambodia

25, April, 2019

Tips to Travel From Australia to Vietnam And Cambodia

For a very long time Australians have been seeking the opportunity to visit Vietnam, they are not satisfied with reading stories, watching videos and hearing reports of the fun-filled time tourists get whenever they visit Vietnam. They are just insatiable; they need the first-hand experience. They profoundly crave for Cambodia and Vietnam tour; they can't resist a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. But something happened that change the story to a better one. That turned many visualizations of these individuals a reality. Your curious mind could ask, how?

In the year, 2017, Vietnam expanded its coast. They started welcoming a strong relationship between Vietnam and Australia. The idea behind this move is to make it sure that the country's landscape should be promoted, enticing and welcoming more tourists from Australia, and also to increase business dealings within these two countries. What good news exist for many tourists who have been wanting to fly into this country!

But amidst this ecstasy exists the question that Australians have cravings for. They have several questions like "how do I get a visa from Vietnam to Australia?" How do I take a flight from Australia to Vietnam?" And to ensure that they will have excellent fun during their Vietnam and Cambodia tour, they are always on the move to know precisely things to do both in Cambodia and Vietnam.

I'm sure you would want to gain an answer to those questions. Here I have systematically created answers to that. But be assured all your questions and inquiries are all centered on travel to Vietnam and Cambodia, Cambodia and Vietnam tour. All these and many more questions will be found answers to.

Let us begin from the first one, which explains how to obtain a visa to Vietnam from Australia.

Visa to Vietnam From Australia
It is true that travel to Vietnam and Cambodia is easy. There are just a few things that you need, and you will be there in no time. For Australians, they need a passport and must hold a visa. When these criteria are met, they can start their journey to enter Vietnam if they will ever want to go ahead with Cambodia and Australia tour. But how would you carry that out? It is pretty simple like I said earlier. There are a few steps that must be taken into action.

Step I: You will be required to visit Vietnam's Embassy in Australia. That is the location where you can apply for a visa that will help you travel to Vietnam and Cambodia. There are about four distinct addresses that will assist anyone willing to go to Vietnam from Australia. One of it is their website,, their email address, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., their phone number, (02) 62866059 and the local address. You can use any of the address to use in reaching them better.

It is easy to use the website in applying it. It is fast, convenient, and precise. When you visit the site, you are obligated to be given a pre-approval letter just within a day or two.

There is information that you must be ready to tender. They include name, gender, age, place of birth, and several other needs. After getting the pre-approval, the style, visa on arrival usersare highly needed to take with them a copy of the letter, so that when you arrive, it will be easy. Vivutravel is one of the excellent websites that specialize in offering this type of visa on arrival.

At Vivutravel, the pre-approval letter would not make you break a bank, and it's free. However, this opportunity is only opened to guests of Vivutravel; therefore, instead of spending money on some services that wouldn't meet the actual need, you can enjoy value for your trip. Remember, less stress, more health.

Why not leap and enjoy these fantastic benefits that travelers for the very first time would not be able to cater for themselves, and vivutravel will excellently save you the stress that accompanies these luxuries so you can enjoy your Vietnam and Cambodia tour the best way ever.

Flights From Australia
When it comes to flight from Australia to Cambodia, there are a few things to bear into mind. Some might have the feeling that it is expensive, others on the flip side might argue that it is not costly, and some set of people, probably where you belong might have no idea about any of the above.

Well, you need not to be anxious. I'll be giving you detailed and up to date information about what you should expect when checking for flights from Australia to Vietnam for yourVietnam and Cambodia tour.

Today, some flights take off from Australia to Vietnam from Melbourne and Sydney Airport. But a little thing to remember is that when you tick for the visa on arrival, there is one route that can validate the authenticity. What could that be? The path you take!

There are several routes you can take to Vietnam, but the only road that will validate your visa on arrival is taking any of Vietnam's international airports. There are three of them, one at Hanoi - Noi Bai International Airport, Da Nang International airport and at Ho Chi Minh City - Tan Son Nhat international airport.

Furthermore, it should be noted that you can always get access to cheap and cost-effective flights, but you have to speak with a trusted agent that is willing and ready to give you the very best service.

That's another reason why choosing Vivutravel can be a bonus. You can contact via any of the contact address on

Vivutravel offers excellent customer support and 24/7 active interaction to customers who need to make an inquiry and make one of the best decisions before heading out for their trip. Many benefits will be rolled out, several tour suggestions that center around Vietnam and Cambodia tour with excellent bonuses and offers will be given.

Indeed, on a visit to Vietnam from Australia, for your Vietnam Cambodia tour, you are set for fantastic wonder. What do I mean?

There are excellent beaches, local cuisine, astounding culture, art galleries national parks, incredible landscapes, beautiful atmosphere and several other additions that tourist that travel to Vietnam and Cambodia will enjoy.

Amazingly, all these natural wonders and awe-inspiring locations are piled with standard holiday accommodations that serve as a relaxation center at the end of every enjoyable moment and during your stay.

Those accommodations offer incredible hotel services. You can check on the best service by speaking to an agent like Vivutravel to get the best value for money.

But, how do you schedule your tour from Australia to have the best Vietnam and Cambodia services? You can have the answer below as I will be revealing how exactly you can enjoy and schedule your Vietnam and Cambodia tour.

Since they are different locations, I will be speaking about the things you can do in Cambodia and the benefits open to you in Vietnam. Indeed your travel to Vietnam and Cambodia will have the best fun.

Where to go And Things You Can do in Vietnam
At every turn in Vietnam, you are set for a no-bored moment. There are countless favorite things you can explore in some of the prominent cities in Vietnam. So during your Vietnam and Cambodia tour, you don't have to Wander about. Check the best four (4) places to have immense fun.

1. Cruise The Mekong Delta. You can excellently hitch a ride with a cargo boat. To start this journey, search out for a shady spot where you can comfortably hitch your hammock and amazingly gaze at distant riverbanks as you see your boat weighed down with lots of fruit and rice sacks.

If you'd not desire that, you can quickly take one of the commercial boats that are available in this region, they ply the parts of the river. Additionally, if you desire, you can enjoy a night cruise on the river and enjoy the slapping of the cold breeze.

2. Cycle Around Hue. He is pleasantly and naturally set on an excellent perfume river, and this spot has long played an incredible part in the history of the Vietnamese. Regardless, you can enjoy competitive cycling around that region. Just start in the cold morning get to the tiger fighting arena, then head on to Tu Duc Tomb, and then journey to the best panoramic view of the perfume river.

3. Visit Halong Bay. Want to visit one of the best beauty spots in Vietnam, Halong bay will fill you the full. The gulf in this region is massive, and it can also be crowded.

There is neighboring bay too; an example is Bai Tu Long Bay. You can peer into its immense scenery. It is less crowded, and you can enjoy seeing the tiny beaches, and feast on a super fresh nice meal.

4. Drop Into The Largest Cave in the world. Ever wondered what the largest cave in Vietnam looks like? Then just set out a day during your Vietnam Cambodia tour to visit this region.

The largest cave in Vietnam is found in the Quang Bunch province. It has hundreds of deep caves which includes Hang Son Doong- one of the largest in the whole world.

In it is cavern that is so tall that conveniently, a skyscraper would size in.

Where to go and Things to do in Cambodia.
Ask anyone who has the knowledge of Cambodia to describe Cambodia for you, you will discover that it is most common to talk about the centenary Angkor temple- making it feel like that is just the only place where a Vietnam and Cambodia tour would only be enjoyed, little wonder that there are several places where tourist that travel to Vietnam and Cambodia can enjoy.

Here below are incredible locations for your Vietnam and Cambodia tour.

1. Preah Vihear Temple. This area is located near to the Thai border, and it's just two to four hours drive the north of Diem Reap. And this location is just a remote clifftop temple. This area is perched on a clifftop at 625 meters elevation, and the temple overlooks the northern Cambodian plains.

2. Mondulkiri Project. This region is just about five to six hour's drive. And this region is suitable and excellent for wildlife and precisely a part for elephants.

This elephant sanctuary is saving the forest and numerous indigenous livelihood. In this region, you will learn conversation skills and how well to care for rescued animals. Simply put, you will go through hiking with elephants in the jungle. Well, advice, choose your elephant operators carefully when going for your Vietnam and Cambodia tour.

3. Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre. If the sighting of the elephants isn't sufficient for you, this region, Phnom Tamao wildlife is a pure server. It will transform your fantasy into reality.

This location is just one hour at the outskirt of Phnom Penh. This location is strictly a wildlife alliance haven for surviving wild animals.

This region can let you peer into unusual 100 species of animals totaling a wide array of 1400 animals. Included in the tour is a behind the scene guided tour. What beauty of wildlife awaits you in your Cambodia and Vietnam

4. Osram Cardamom Community Center. If you are starting your journey from Phnom Penh, you will be spending seven hours getting to this region. This region is excellently an authentic Cambodia community that provides sustainable tourism and development. There is a real adventure with local guides that includes either single or several day hiking. This will surely blow you away!

5. Koh Rong Sanloem. And this region is just entirely off Cambodia's Southern coastline. And this region is excellently a laid back island, and it is amazingly excellent for relaxing in nature. No doubt fatigue might set in during your tour from hiking and snorkeling and deep diving. Then you can set out to rest in this spot. Just bring your dollars and catch the sight of amazing and spectacular ocean view plus other natural scenes coupled with