Tips To Travel From South Africa To Cambodia and Vietnam

07, May, 2019

Tips To Travel From South Africa To Cambodia and Vietnam

Travelling to many is a very addictive hobby and plenty people would drool at the opportunity of traveling to very beautiful places (especially around the world) so they can have a real feel of what other countries are made up of, nature's beauty from another entirely different perspective and the chance to meet new people. And particularly speaking, lots of South Africans have also been touted as lovers of the Vietnamese and Cambodian culture, which has deepened their interest in wanting to travel there.

Whether you're going on a tour, you're paying a visit, you're going to get yourself some education or you're going for business, as a South African, it's always nice and fun to leave the shores of your own country and get yourself exposed to the beauty, amazing different cultures, various lifestyles and many other things you can feed your eyes from different countries around the world.

Speaking of culture-loving, tourists-friendly and adventurous places to travel, of course there are quite a number of places you can go to but you wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to travel from South Africa to Vietnam and Cambodia because these two Asian countries make up the list of loveable places you can travel to and not regret setting your feet in them. Now if you're a tourist, excellent! Because the Vietnam and Cambodia tour will be a great experience for you, so great that you would actually crave to make the next trip later on.

If you think we are giving this trip an unnecessary hype, just relax because by the time you're done with this article, you will have just the whole idea of what we're talking about.
So after deciding to go on this trip, there are just some tips you have to be aware of, to make sure you're  ready-to-roll and well prepared on your journey. We have made these tips available for your reading pleasure. You'll find them below.

Visa To Vietnam And Cambodia From South Africa
Securing your visa to Vietnam and Cambodia is a very easy task and can be don't in a few days and requires just a little effort which is definitely music to the ears because no one wants to spend a lot of time getting visas.

visa to cambodia

•    Cambodian Visas
To obtain visas from South Africa to Cambodia, here's the information you need:
Visas: Visa on arrival or e-visa (valid for 30 days)

There are different visa types that you can obtain online depending on what you would be going over there to do. There are also stipulated days that you yould be allowed to spend there. Visa types like

- Single entry visa fee for tourist (T, 30 days)
- Single entry visa fee for business (E, 30 days)

What's more? The process time is going to take about three days and when it's ready, the visa will then be sent to you via email.

•    Vietnamese Visas
To get the one from South Africa to Vietnam, all you need to is fill out Your details for Vietnam e-Visa Application form online ( and get your Vietnam eVisa approved. It’s quite simple.

You are guaranteed to get the delivery of your approval letter in 2 working days by email (Hanoi Time GMT+7 at 6.30 PM).

When filling the form, you would be required to  your purpose of visit (as normal) and how long you will be staying. You would also be offered the opportunity to leave Vietnam anytime and any ports as long as your visa is still valid.

To get more details and information about the the application, including the visa fee, everything is available for you online so you can go there and do your business.

visa to vietnam

Flights To Cambodia From South Africa
If you're going to be flying to the beautiful country of Cambodia and you're going from South Africa, then it is most likely that you will have to stopover and land in Phnom Penh. Also, flights from South Africa to Cambodia take an average time frame of fourteen (14) hours.

Flights To Vietnam From South Africa
You can take a flight to Vietnam whether you're in  Johannesburg, Cape Town, and even Durban. And a very good and reputable travel agency you can patronize is the Vivutravel Agency. It's a great option given that since it's establishment in 2006, it has upheld it's status of ensuring that customers get the best treat possible as regards service rendered.

The agency is an official member of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, ASTA, PATA and they have high recommendations on TripAdvisor. We have experience and renowned expertise when it comes to private travels and for those of you who have the intention of going on private tours can be rest assured that this is a very suitable haven for you to do business with.

We are very flexible so you don't have to have fears of rigidity whatsoever. And they offer you mouthwatering and comfortable services like a 100% tailor-made holiday that you dould surely enjoy, availability of top-notch hotels that are well handpicked to suit your taste and then provision of tour guides that are available to help you get settle in well and find your feet during your stay there.

Another benefit you can enjoy is the 24/7 support from our highly experienced and professional staff and consultants whose job is to provide the best of service for you so you get back top class value for your money. To find more about this company, you can get every single detail and answer to your question on our website here

vivutravel with lyn and bary

Where To Go And What You Can Do In Vietnam

•    Places To Visit In Vietnam (Top 5)

1.    Mekong Delta - The Mekong provides a very superb experience for seeing floating market places with some beautiful sights. Its an extensive river system that runs steadily through China Laos, Cambodia and then exiting through the south of Vietnam. A visit to this place would surely catch your fancy.

2.    Halong Bay - This is a very nice after-the-day's soft and smooth relaxation spot that would surely give you some extra pampering. With a collection of 3,000 limestons, the island makes provision for endless kayaking opportunities where you can have some relaxing experience aboard a boat.

3.    Phong Nha - If you're an adventurous person and would love to add that ingredient of adventure to your stay in Vietnam, this place is the perfect one for you. This area is not just full of cave systems but is also surrounded by limestone mountains, underground rivers, and tropical forests. An interesting fact also is that it's this same Phong Nha that you'll find the world's biggest cave. Very much an adventure, yeah?

4.    My Son Temple - Here, you would be taken down the lane of history, ancient culture and Vietnam's past based on the fact that temples date back 1,000 years. However, you would also have the opportunity to take a peek at the scars of the 'Vietnam War'

5.    Hoi An - This city is the city of lanterns, is inspired by the French colonisation and is one of the most breathtaking cities you can find in Vietnam. Visiting here would give you a great deal of fun and take you through an enjoyable experience.

hoi an vietnam package

•    What You Can Do In Vietnam
During your time in Vietnam, you would sure want to feed your eyes with the country's best views. There are several things you can engage yourself with while in this beautiful country and you can find them below:

1.    You can board the overnight train that goes to Sapa from Hanoi. This train is widely regarded as one of the most eye-opening train rides in the world and trust me, this alone is enough reason massive enough for you to know you would not regret it.

2.    You can go caving in Phong Nha. The caves are really massive and very spectacular in nature. They can contain quite a lot of people so you don't have to bother about being with just a few people or perhaps if you just love the idea of hanging out with more company, then it's a go-to place too. Another thing is that the caves can even fit a 747 plane in it. Yes, that's to tell you how massive.

3.    If you're a hiker or you just love hiking and would love to so so, you can go hiking through the rice terraces of Sapa as well. You can proceed by having n full exploration of the area with the local hill tribes and stick with them during your walk. Sweet experience, I tell you.

4.    Even if you have ridden a motorcycle before, you need to try out this one. You can hire a motorcycle or scooter and choose to go for the famous iide to the mountain village of Dalat, or the Hai Van Pass. However, you should do it out on the country roads to ensure that your experience goes on smoothly.

Where To Go And What You Can Do In Cambodia
There are of course lots of places you can go to in Cambodia but we present you with the top 5.

things to do in cambodia

•    Places To Visit In Cambodia (Top 5)

1.    Siem Reap - This place is popularly known to be the pathway to the temples of Angkor. Just on the outskirts of the city lies the famous tsmples of the ancient Khmer kingdom. The place is visited by tons of tourists daily.

2.    Phnom Penh - This is a place you can visit to know just how much recovery the country had made from it's bloody past.

3.   Sihanoukville - This is a very suitable place for you if you're looking for a party.

4.    Koh Rong - This is an island where you can find unexplored and beautiful beaches in Asia. To get there however, you would have to make use of the Sihanoukville ferry.

5.   Battambang - This is a city for chilling out purposes. And a very nice place to have an exciting experience of what the Cambodian countryside really looks like.

•    What You Can Do In Cambodia
Here's a list of five hand-picked things you can do when in Cambodia.

1.    Watch The Sunrise/ Sunset At Angkor Wat - Now this is something magical you can't afford to miss. Watching how the nature's beautiful sunrise shines bright lights on this ancient city is amazing.

2.    Gibbon Spotting - Gibbon spotting is a very fun outdoor activity to take active part in. It's a very nice experience given how you would be greeted with the pleasant musky smell of humidity in the atmosphere, and not forgetting the sounds the animals would be making too.

3.    Microlight Flight Above Cambodia - After doing the ground tour and you feel like you want to do more, you can opt for this. This treat would give you an ultimate flying experience and the opportunity to have a total experience of Cambodia.

4.    Have a Drink by Pub Street - Pub street is a very popular one and is located in Siem Reap. Here, you can find plenty restaurants, pubs, bars and street food. After going through some stress there's no better way to find your cool groove other than grabbing a cold pint of beer here.

5.    See The Planktons Glow At Night in Koh Rong - Here's a very popular place where you can experience the magical planktons as they light up the night with blissful spark.

Belive me when I say this is really something you shouldn't afford to miss because you would end up liking the fact that you made this move.

Still deliberating whether or not you should make that trip to Vietnam or Cambodia because you aren't so sure they would have cool spots where you can hangout and catch fun? Then you have your dp bts cleared! There's a mixture of nature and artificial sights to behold that would make you not forget you had that trip in the first place.

These two countries are very ideal for touring and are filled with various types of sightseeing centre's, relaxation spots, cool hangout places, natural beauties, artificial excellence and spectacular scenery that would sure melt your heart and convince you to not make your first time the last time.

With all these places you can go and all these activities you can engage yourself with, you have to agree that it's worth the time, effort and money you would spend in getting yourself down there. So what are you waiting for? Explore your tourist skills and abilities by making the choice of traveling to Vietnam and Cambodia and also plant a very pleasant memory filled with beautiful and unique experiences that would sure trigger your fancy.