Top 10 Vietnam Tours For An Enthralling Experience

13, June, 2019

Top 10 Vietnam Tours For An Enthralling Experience

Vietnam, a beautiful country in Southeast Asia, is a repertoire of destinations that are just amazing. You can find many travel packages, including tailor-made tour packages, meeting your interests. Pick up one of the best Vietnam daily tours as per your convenience and enjoy the best.

The Vietnam tour packages prospects are plenty; from cruising along the Halong Bay and exploring the world’s largest caves in Phong Nha is an enchanting one. Similarly, sandboarding the dunes in Mui Ne and crawling through the Cu Chi tunnels to trekking along the rice terraces and experiencing the breath-taking sunset from the highest peak of the country will be amemorableexperience throughout your life.

You can hug a thousand-year-old tree, drive through the cities and jungles on a motorbike, explore the floating markets, taste mouth-watering Vietnamese cuisines, and even take cooking classes here! Following are the top 10 Vietnam tours that are at the heart of traveling in Vietnam.

Top 10 Vietnam tours offering you the best travel experience in Vietnam:

•    Hanoi Street food
When in Vietnam, it is impossible to not fall in love with it’s incredibly rich and flavorsome cuisine. Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital city, is a paradise for all the food lovers out there as you can find a street food vendor at every three steps serving mouth-watering food.

Hanoi street food tour is always on the top 10 Vietnam tours itinerary of tour operators.Also, the food is available here at extremely low prices. Deciding what to taste and what not to taste is never a problem in Hanoi because you must try everything. Yes, all of it. From its classic dishes like Pho & Bánh Mì to its unique dishes like sticky rice, you must not miss anything.

Pho is the most popular and widely loved dish in Vietnam. It is a delicious noodle rice soup consisting of meat and herbs. Bánh Mì, stuffed with fresh veggies and grilled meat, is hands down, one of the best sandwiches found in the world.

While on your food tours, you will get to experience the culture of Vietnam as well. The most amazing part is that you can take cooking classes and enjoy experimenting with a new style of cooking. Vietnamese cuisine is simple to learn, and your tour operator can find out a suitable cooking class for you.

hanoi street food tour with vivutravel 

•    Halong Cruise
Halong Bay, with its limestone islands and emerald green waters, is the most loved and visited destinations in Vietnam. The beauty of this UNESCO listed World Heritage. To truly experience the beauty of this place, you must take to the waters and book yourself a junk boat cruise as part of the Vietnam daily tours. There are many cruise tour options available. But, staying overnight and sleeping on the boat is highly recommended to live once-in-a-lifetime kind of experiences. The gorgeous sunsets and sunrises would charm you with its beauty to the core.

halong cruise 2019

•    Sapa trekking tour
Sapa, home to gorgeous picture postcard sceneries and country’s highest peak, is a famous trekking base and attracts a large number of tourists all year round. Trekking through the terraced fields, rolling hills, and sharp mountains amidst the beautiful views, Sapa is a perfect destination for all the trekking lovers out there. While trekking you can stop along with the various passing villages and get a chance to learn about the culture and life of the different ethnic groups, hike across the terraced fields and enjoy the beauty of the streams flowing beside you and get to experience the clouds so close as if they are floating right by your side.

sapa trekking tour vivutravel vietnam

•    Mai Chau Cycling tour
Mai Chau, with its lush green mountains and beautiful paddy fields, is just a four-hour drive from the capital city of Hanoi and a perfect destination for all those wanting to relax and spend some leisure time away from the hustle and bustle of the cities.

You can bask in the beauty of the ethereal rice field views, stay with a local family at a homestay and experience the simple rustic life of the valley getting to know the local people, ride a bike through the paddy fields, watch the traditional tribal dance and taste the fantastic rice wine prepared by the locals. Mai Chau cycling tour is one of the most amazing top 10 Vietnam tours.

The best way to explore the valley is to go on a cycle expedition. You can rent bikes for a meager price ranging from a dollar to a few.Riding through the rice fields in the morning would be hands down one of the best experiences of your life.

mai chau cycling tour

•    Cu Chi Tunnels
Cu Chi tunnels are the underground passages that were built by the Vietnamese soldiers back in 1948. A tour of these underground passages will give you an insight into the underground life of the Vietnamese army during war times.

These tunnels are spread over an area of more than one hundred and twenty kilometers and include living areas, kitchens, storage facilities, trapdoors, armory, command centers, and hospitals.It is now one of the most popular Vietnam daily tours and offers a wide variety of activities to its visitors.

For tourism promotion, the tunnels have renovated and widened, which will allow tourists to crawl through the passage easily to get a real-time experience. Besides, you can watch the video demonstration of the tunnel system to have a better understanding of the entire network.

Those who want to put their hands on an M16 rifle or Kalashnikov machine gun can have some trigger fun.  There is also a restaurant where you can try the food that the soldiers had to live by for years in hiding.

tour cu chi tunnels

•    Saigon Vespa tour
Saigon, the country's largest city, is a place where around 8 million bikes and scooters run along its streets every day. So, to experience the true essence of life in a Saigon city, touring the city on a moped is a must. Also, it is the best way to sway through the heavy traffic of the city easily. Your trip to Vietnam would be incomplete without signing for a Saigon Vespa tour, which is one of the top 10 Vietnam tours.

You can find various tour companies in Vietnam such as Vivutravel offering amazing Vespa tours. You can even travel to neighboring towns breathing the fresh air and enjoying the beautiful and serene views on the way.  Vespa drivers are usually very experienced and articulate in English. And the best part is that if you want to explore the city driving the Vespa yourself, you can even rent a Vespa. However, renting a Vespa is recommended if you’re confident enough of riding through the heavy traffic of the city.

Exploring the city on the back seat of a Vespa is always fun and awesome. You will get to meet new people, experience the city’s culture, visit the iconic attractions, explore the hidden gems, enjoy the night-life, and taste the authentic cuisine – all of this on your Saigon Vespa tour.

saigon vespa tour with vivutravel

•    Mekong tour (Saigon to Ben Tre)
Away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, lies a beautiful and untouched Ben Tre province in the Mekong Delta region. When in Saigon, you must sign up for a Mekong tour which is one of the essential Vietnam daily toursto give yourself some time to bask in the ethereal beauty of the Ben Tre province.

It is just a three-hour bus ride from the city of Saigon and offers a great escape when you get tired of the hustle and bustle of the city life. If you are in for something adventurous, you can rent a motorbike and drive through the beautiful and serene views while enjoying the calm wind that hits on your face.

sai gon mekong tour

•    Mui Ne Sand Dunes Jeep tour
Mui Ne, located on Vietnam’s southeast coast, is a small beach resort town. The sunrise and sunset views from the top of the dunes are incredible! The city of Mui Ne is just a 4.5-hour bus ride from the city of Saigon. The tour of the city entails a visit to the white dunes, red dunes, fishing village and fairy spring. There are various jeep tours available, and you must sign yourself up for one for an amazing and unique experience.

The white dunes are just a twenty-minute drive away from the town. Witnessing the sunrise from the top of the dunes as the sky erupts in incredible colors is the main attraction of this place. You may find the place packed with a large number of tourists, but there are many dunes where you can wander and find a place for yourself. You can even rent an ATV and ride along these beautiful dunes.  

The next stop is the Mui Ne red dunes where you can rent a plastic sled and ride down the dunes from top to bottom and enjoy the amazing food served by the vendors. The next stop is at the fishing village where you can relax at the beach and taste the fresh seafood served here. The next stop is the fairy spring where you can enjoy beautiful sceneries of high red cliffs by the river.

mui ne sand dunes jeep tour

•    Hoi Ancooking and farming class
It is hard not to fall in love with the Vietnamese cuisine and even harder to resist wishing to take it back home. Hoi An, the country’s food capital, offers some fantastic cooking classes at reasonable prices where you can learn how to cook an entire Vietnamese meal including the pho noodles, spring rolls, green papaya salad, Banh Xeo which is a Vietnamese pancake and much more.

The best part of a Hoi An cooking tour which is one of the most amazing trips of the top 10 Vietnam toursis that it includes a visit to the local market where you will pick up the ingredients yourself and get to know more about it.  Some of the cooking tours also involve cycling through the rice paddies and boat rides. Thus, attending a cooking class at Hoi An should be on the top of your Vietnam itinerary, if you are up for something new and different.

You can also book yourself a farming tour where you can learn about the farming methods and try some of the farming technique yourselves, and it is one of the most exciting things to do in Hoi An.

hoi an cooking class

•    Hoa Lu temples – Tam Coc boat trip
Ninh Binh province, lying a hundred kilometers to the south of Hanoi, is a perfect getaway destination to seek peace and tranquility amongst the magnificent limestone mountains and sublime rice fields. Ninh Binh is an epitome of traditional Vietnamese life and has managed to retain its rural charm and authenticity even in the face of modern times. From exploring historical places to ancient temples to boat tours, there are many great things to do in NinhBinh.

With a history dating back to the 10th and 11th century, Hoa Lu is a must visit place that offers a fantastic historical experience to all its visitors. It is the ancient capital of Vietnam and entails grand pagodas and citadels built in honor of the royals of the Dai Co Viet kingdom.

The temples of King Dinh and King Le, dedicated to the King Dinh Tien Hoang and King Le Dai Hanh, who respectively ruled the Dinh and Early Le dynasties, are the two important destinations that must not be missed. These two temples are an epitome of the grand architecture and fine craftsmanship that stands even today, offering an insight into the royal history of the city.

After exploring the ancient city, you must visit the incredible Tam Coc. It is also known as the Halong Bay on land as it boasts the same but less crowded limestone mountains and green landscapes.

A boat tour to the Tam Coc village of the Ninh Binh province would be the most exciting experience of your visit to Vietnam. The boatmen will take you through the caves and the rice fields riding along with their feet. It is undoubtedly one of the most exciting things to see. The landscapes of the river rising out of the paddies amongst the spectacular limestone mountains are undoubtedly a feast for the eyes.

tam coc tour

Vietnam daily tours offer something for everybody. Apart from all the interesting tourist spots in Vietnam, the best reason to visit the country is the tourist-friendly people. Wherever you go, they welcome you with candid gestures. The confident-looking, Vietnamese are the perfect examples of human endurance after going through long, tumultuous oppression and war. Vietnamese are modern and ready to accept social changes. Indeed, Vietnam is an exciting location to spend your holidays.