Ninh Binh: Travel Guide to Vietnam's Hidden Treasures

29, August, 2019

Ninh Binh: Travel Guide to Vietnam's Hidden Treasures

Take on your adventurous spirits, backpacks, shorts, and tees and most importantly a camera to capture the mind-blowing moments and treasures you would be discovering in Ninh Binh Province.

Ninh Binh Province is situated in Northern Vietnam boasting of over 48 square kilometers in landmass which is just a two-hour coach drive from Hanoi.

From the rice plantation that turns gold during the dry season to amazing landscapes that would blow your mind in Ninh Binh, there's a lot to keep your itinerary busy.

I would be walking you through a detailed travel guide on how to discover the hidden treasures in Ninh Binh

●    Ninh Binh: The Best Vacation Ever
●    Directions to Ninh Binh
●    Best Time to Visit Ninh Binh
●    Activities in Ninh Binh
●    Where to Stay
●    Dishes to Taste
●    Cost of Things
●    Travel Tips
●    Ninh Binh Review

●    Ninh Binh: The Best Vacation Ever
You are probably wondering what's so spectacular about Ninh Binh, is it really worth it? I am here to renew your mind, clear your doubts and tell you YES! Over a million times that this would be the best vacation ever.

Ninh Binh features limestone cliffs and a spectacular view of rice plantation which is nicknamed “Halong Bay inland”.

It is important to note, aside from the scenic view and captivating landscape, there's also the awesome food and drinks plus the wonderful cultural display of the Ninh Binh people is a beauty to behold

Ninh Binh is quite under the radar of tourist activities, which has made it a hidden treasure. The good news to whoever is reading this article, you have the opportunity to explore Ninh Binh at its best, as I would be sharing with you a detailed itinerary guide on how you would unravel the hidden treasures of Ninh Binh, creating unforgettable pleasant memories.

●    Directions to Ninh Binh
Ninh Binh From Hanoi
There are trains available to transport you from Hanoi to Ninh Binh, it takes about 2 hours to arrive at Ninh Binh.

A more comfortable option is having to move around in buses, and they take about 2 hours to arrive at Ninh Binh. I would strongly advise having your transportation services booked by your travel agent so as to save you from any mix-ups or transport complications.

Ninh Binh From other places
Either you are coming from Hanoi, Cat Ba or Halong bay it is advisable to travel through a bus, and most importantly your travel bookings should be done by your travel agent.

●    Best Time to Visit Ninh Binh
I’ve got some good news here! You can visit Ninh Binh at any time of the year and you would still find it amazingly spectacular.

As much as you can visit at any time of the year I would be giving hints on what the temperature patterns look like.

From (May to August) it is quite hot but has tendencies of high rainfall, (Septembre to April) tends to be cooler.

Most Importantly, the rainy reason is when the rice fields look their best, looking all green and beautiful.

●    Activities in Ninh Binh
This is where you have all the good stuff! There's is a lot of activities and fun, the probability of running out of places to visit it quite slim.

Brace yourself as I take you into the journey of unraveling the hidden treasures in Ninh Binh.

The first rule is to book your personal transport, either a bike or can suffice, if your plan is to visit their famous rice plantation, I would advise you subscribe to the motorbikes as a means of transport.

Below I would be sharing the centers of attraction you should not miss

●     Trang An    
- Trang An Grottoes
- Hoa Lu Temple
- Bai Dinh Pagoda

●    Tam Coc    
- Tam Coc Rice Fields
- Tam Coc Boat Ride
- Bích Động Pagoda
- Hang Mua Temple
- Thung Nham Bird Garden

●    Van Long    
- Vân Long Nature Reserve
- Dich Long Cave and Pagoda

●    Cuc Phuong    
- Cuc Phuong National Park

Note: Phat Diem Cathedral is about 27km from Ninh Binh city in Kim Son district is a great place to visit, too.

●    Boat Ride in Trang An
Trang An features an underwater cave that can be accessed by a small rowing boat, you would mostly go in groups.

The whole cave-like structure gives an aura of mystery and a quite spectacular view. Most importantly I would advise you to go early in the morning or late in the afternoon as there is less influx of people.

●    Bike Riding
Biking around Ninh Binh is a sight and feeling you don't want to miss out on, especially when you are riding through the rice plantation.

●    Temple Visiting
Amidst the rice farms are spectacular temples at strategic places that you cannot but notice, There's the Hang Mua rising above 500 hills creating a very magnificent sight, The
Bai Dinh Pagoda Temple is located on a Plain and it's quite beautiful to behold

●    Thung Nham Bird Garden
This garden grants you the opportunity to see various birds in their natural habitats, chirping and nesting. The entire view is quite scenic and pictures taken here are always pretty amazing.

●    Where to Stay
There’s a downside to lodging in Ninh Binh, I would strongly advise you lodge in Tam Coc, it’s a small village close to the rice plantation in Ninh Binh.

●    Dishes to Taste
I would be giving you a list of dishes you should try out in Vietnam

●    Chom Chay ( Rice Crust)
●    Ninh Binh mountain snail
●    De tai chanh (Raw goat meat with lemon)
●    Kim Son raw fish salad
●    Nem chua Yen mackintosh ( Yen mackintosh soured Pork Roll)
●    Mam tep (Shrimp paste)
●    Bun moc (Rice noodle with “moc” soup)

●    Cost of Things
The good thing is if you are on a low budget, cost in Ninh Binh is not pocket tearing, as you would be able to afford a couple of luxury without breaking the bank.

●    Transport
Renting motorbikes in Ninh Binh would cost about 70,000-100,00 dong

●    Food & Drinks
Tiger beer; would cost about 25,000 dong
The Food; depending on where you are buying from would cost as low as 40,000 - 150,000 dong
Water; 3 liters of water would cost about 20,000 dong

●    Accommodation
Depending on the comfort you can afford, hotels cost about 300,000 - 800,000 dong per day

●    Travel Tips
To enjoy your trip in Ninh Binh, I would advise you to stay for about a week, so you would be able to visit a lot of places.

It is important to note that you walk around with cash as there are no ATMs Close by.

●    Review
Below, I would be giving a review of every aspect of Ninh Binh.

NOTE: The following ratings is between  the scale of 1-5 Star Ratings

1 Star: Terrible
5 Star: Awesome

●    Accessibility: 3 Star
●    Accommodation: 5 Star
●    Activities/Things to do: 5 Star
●    Food: 4 Star
●    Getting Around: 4 Star
●    People and Culture: 4 Star
●    Safety: 4 Star
●    Scenery and Environment: 5 Star
●    Uniqueness:  5 Star             

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