Take A Vietnam Beach Break at Con Dao Islands

05, September, 2019

Take A Vietnam Beach Break at Con Dao Islands

Have you become tired of the redundant daily rat race in your life? Are you looking forward to something exciting, something away from the hustle-bustle of city life? What about planning an escape to Con Dao Island for enjoying a Vietnam beach getaway. You will be away from your office and friends for a while. Con Dao Island tour offers a beautiful package of enjoyment and leisure activities with family or even excellent options for a solo trip. You will experience nature at its best and that too at an affordable price.

Vietnam beach holiday and much more awaits you:
Con Dao Island is part of Bà Rịa–Vũng Tàu Province in Vietnam, located in the East Sea, consisting of 16 small islands including some uninhabited islets. Out of all these islets, the main tourism activities are on Con Son, which has a long beach densely covered by trees, coral reefs, and scenic bays offer a relaxing atmosphere. If you are someone who loves to enjoy a Vietnam beach holiday, then this is the one place you should not miss to visit. It is one of the most luxurious pocket-friendly destinations in Vietnam.

Con Dao is not an overcrowded tourist destination, so it gives you a good time for enjoyments. The nature in most places is untouched, and the beaches are worth a visit. There are also monuments from the world war era. You can also find the prison centers of French-run Vietnamese prisoners. Furthermore, trekking and hiking options are great. The trek ends in beautiful view always. Also, the seafood available is fresh and delicious. Renting a bike, which is the cheapest mode of transport, gives you the freedom to go around at your own sweet will.

Wondering how to get there?
Only Vietnamese airline VASCO operates flight services to Con Dao Airport from Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho. The airport is in the central city of Con Son, which is roughly 15 kilometers from the places where most of the resorts located. Generally, airport pickups and drops are part of hotel booking. But you must confirm when you book, else ask them to arrange for a cab.

What is the best time to visit Con Dao Islands?
If you are looking to explore nature and looking for aVietnam beach break, then November to February is the best season.  It is mostly the dry spell. But if you are into water diving activities to explore the underwater world, then February to July end is the time for you. At this time the visibility is roughly 30 meters even below water. Those into environmentalist excursions should choose June to September as that is the tine for nesting and egg-laying for turtles on the Hon Bay Canh Island. So, decide when to go there according to your interest.

con dao beach

Beach destinations in Con Dao Islands

An Hai Beach
An Hai beach has crystal clear water and surrounded by mountains on two sides. The shade that comes from the mountains gives the tourist a fantastic experience to relax on the beach. The beach withpristine white sand is one of the best locations for Vietnam beach getaways. Along the Ton Duck Thang street, the beach stretches about 500 meters offers a quiet relaxing ambiance.

Located at the south end of Con Dao island, this beach has many trees alongside. Boat services are available here to visit the Con Dao Prison center.
How to reach: An Hai beach is at a distance of 300m from the main Con Dao town.

Lo Voi Beach
Lo Voi beach is another town beach in the Con Dao District. The beach is on the north end of the town, and it directly faces the famous prison complexes of Con Dao islands. It is one of the cleanest beaches in Con Dao Island, and you cannot find anything like hotels or resorts nearby the beach that can pollute the area.

The water is clear, and you can enjoy the sparkling blues of the sea while relaxing on the beach benches to enjoy the Vietnam beach holidayin its full jubilations. The sand is somewhat darker but is super fine with no granules. The best time to visit the beach for a walk is in the morning when it is low tide. If you want to swim, then schedule it in the evening when the water covers the beach.

How to reach: Lo Voi Beach is also located very close to the center of the Con Dao town and is easily accessible within 10-minutes’ walk.

Dat Doc Beach
Dat Doc is a crescent-shaped beach with crystal clear water. It is located at 6km from the Con Dao town. The spectacular view of other surrounding islands are the highlighted tourist attractions of the beach.When comparing to other beaches, the beach sand here is a little darker with traces of some seaweeds, but it is still one of the best options for a relaxing Vietnam beach break.

How to reach: The beach is near to the Con Dao airport at a distance of 6km from the town.

Ong Dung Beach
Ong Dung beach is located on the west coast of Con Son island, and it is also a part of Con Son National Park. Ong Dung is less known as a beach; it is mostly famous for the rain forest and wildlife of the national park. At 700m inside the beach lies a coral reef which you can visit to enjoy snorkeling, but beware of parrotfish and giant clams.

Ong Dung beach is famous for water sports like fishing, diving and also to explore the nearby islands of Tre Lon and Tre Nho. You can also enjoy kayaking here. Even though the entry to the beach is free, you still have to obtain a permit from the beach office. Ong Dung beach has so many other leisure activities to enjoy; hence, it is an ideal location to plan for asecond time Vietnam tour for fun and frolic activities.

How to reach: Ong Dung beach is at a distance of 2km from the Con Son town center.

Dam Trau Beach
Dam Trau beach is one of the best beaches for snorkeling. It offers a magnificent view of coral reef 700m from the beach.  Since the Con Don airport is very near, flights usually make a close shave over the beach, which is a scary and thrilling experience to watch. Tourist flaunts here to view the flight landing maneuvers.  Get yourself ready to snap the exciting moments, which will be a life long, memorable experience, no one love to miss.  

The beach appears in pristine, bright white soft sand and is one of the cleanest beaches on the Con Son island.
How to reach: The beach is at a distance of 15km from the Con Son town center and is easily accessible by bus.

Things to do in Con Dao Islands other than beach activities:

con dao prison

•    Con Dao Prison
Con Dao Prison is a standing testimony of French colonial brutal rule.  The prison center used to confine Vietnam freedom fighters and was built by French colonial rulers in the 19th century. As per historical evidence, during the 113 years of French colonial rule and American invasion about 20,000 patriots lost their lives in the cell and burred at the Hang Duong Cemetery.

•    Con Dao Museum
The Con Dao museum has a collection of roughly more than 2000 documents and photographs, which are ample enough to reveal the history of the island from the French colonial era and the atrocities inflicted by the American invaders. The museum also exhibits documents related to the French era prison life.  Tourists will have the option to watch the audio and video visual of history.

•    Con Dao National Park
Con Dao national park is a paradise for a nature lover located in Con Dao Island.  There are rain forests, nearby beach, and dense jungle to enjoy the thrilling experience. It is an ideal location for trekking. You can find dugongs, an endangered marine mammal species, sea turtles, corals, and dolphins.

•    Hang Duong Cemetry
The Hang Duong cemetery is the most peaceful place on the island. Tourists come here to pay respect to the thousands of people who died in the Con Dao prison. Be sure to dress appropriately in full pants and shirt, as there is no permit inside the cemetery without this dress code.

•    Van Son Pagoda
Van Son Pagoda is a small temple on a mountain near the Con Dao town center, built-in 1964 by Ho Chi Minh Buddhists.  It meets the spiritual needs of the Buddhist community. Climbing the steps can take you to the top from where you can have a panoramic view of Lotus Lake and the South China Sea.

Can Dao Islands surrounded by lush green dense trees, with mostly uninhabited islets is a tranquil location, where you can spend hassle-free holiday detached from lively modern inferences. It is one of the places in Vietnam where you can find structure only in two-story and not beyond that.  

It is a paradise for authentic traditional Vietnam seafood, and you should never miss tasting the Vietnam delicacies part of the tour on the white sandy beaches. The clear turquoise waters are sure to allure to stay back longer or come back for more.

Can Dao proves to be a nature's haven for anyone who explores to have fun in their life. Hope you enjoy a lot in Vietnam and look forward to a second time Vietnam tour too. The best season to visit Can Dao is from November to February because it is a dry season and the sea will be calm. So, you can have many types of beach and marine activities.