Things to do at the Hanoi Old Quarter

23, December, 2019

Things to do at the Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi, one of the oldest cities in Vietnam and its capital, has a lot to offer to its visitors. Walking the streets of Hanoi Old Quarter, you can get a glimpse of its history and culture with its French colonial architecture, bustling street markets, and friendly locals.

There are so many places to visit and so many memories to make while visiting Hanoi Old Quarter. Some of the must-visit places to see in this town are:

Hoan Kiem Lake:
Also popularly known as the Lake of the Restored Sword, Hoan Kiem surrounds the Ngoc Son Temple, another must-see place on our list. The lake is where you can find the locals jogging every morning or just enjoying the fresh air. It is a great place to go if you want to get away from the bustling noise of the city. Visiting the lake is a great way to understand the simplicity and richness of the Vietnamese culture.

Ngoc Son Temple:
In the little Jade island on the northern part of Hoan Kiem Lake, stands the Ngoc Son Temple, which demonstrates the architectural marvel of Tam style. Constructed in the 18th century, this is one of the most visited temples of Hanoi dedicated in commemoration of the 13th century valiant warier Tran Hung Dao, who fought courageously against Mongol invaders.The temple also pays homage to the great Confucius philosopher Nguyen Van Sieu and scholar Van Xuong.

Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre:
The Thang Long Puppet Theatre shows 1 hour long 17 sketches by using traditional puppets. During the show, musical performances accompany these sketches as well, and the musicians will be playing classical instruments like bamboo flutes, horns, cymbals, and wooden bells. The theatre exhibits these sketches daily, and you need to buy tickets to watch them.

Dong Xuan Market:
The largest market in Hanoi sells so many varieties of products, including traditional handicraft products that would leave you in awe.  Dong Xuan Market is in the northern part of the town and is an exciting place for shopping, packed with numerous merchants and stalls. You can find so many things here, ranging from luggage to apparel and some very delicious food stalls. Everything is available at the wholesale price, but we highly recommend you bargain as the sellers usually inflate the price for the tourists.

Bach Ma temple:
Constructed in the 11th century during Emperor Ly Thai Toperiod, Bach Ma is one of the oldest temples of Hanoi. It is a small pagoda built in honor of the Emperor's horse. The temple has gone through several changes since its construction and now has a shrine of Confucius, added in the 18th century. The entry to the temple is free of charge but do dress modestly out of respect for the local culture.

Hanoi Old Quarter is an excellent place to visit for tourists who want to experience the Vietnamese culture. The pulsating Old Quarter is bemusing to watch. With packed cycle riders, scooters all over the road, and the swarming pedestrians is a distinctive experience to enjoy. The promenades are busy with busting street venders and business activities, and that is the style of Vietnam, lending an opportunity to test your bargaining skills.Several of Hanoi's attractive places are located in this part of the town, which deserves to be seen and appreciated.So, mark Hanoi Old Quarter in your travel bucket list for your next trip to Vietnam.