Amazing Tips to Cope with the Winter Weather in Vietnam

10, February, 2020

Amazing Tips to Cope with the Winter Weather in Vietnam

Contrary to what many people think, Vietnam is not just another Hades, it is a country with a variety of climates which can swing from one extreme to another in only a matter of months. However, more often than not, the temperature is quite uniformly balanced across the North and South of the country.

In Northern Vietnam, there are four seasons – the winter which lasts between December and February; whensometimes temperature may go as low as 5-6°C, the summer happens between June and July, and this is when everywhere is quite hot, with temperatures sometimes reaching 35°C. Between August and November, this part of the country experiences slight rains and indeed, more pleasant temperatures, and finally there is the spring period between March and April.

In a sharp contrast, Central Vietnam experiences warm temperatures all year round.Usually, the middle months of the year are the hottest whereas it is a lot cooler and drier between November and April.Southern Vietnam, on the other hand, has a dry season from November to April and a wet season from May to October.
This list of usefulwinter tipscan help anyone stay safe during the snow or raining whether in the Central, South or North of Vietnam.

Winter in Vietnam
During winter and rainy season in Vietnam, it is common for a lot of people – both tourists and natives – to feel coldin the morning especially.Doing the following should however, be effective in helping you get relief from the harshness of the weather, if it is coming as a shock to you.

•    Take a lot of water
Your body would naturally require you to take a lot of water due to the dehydration that the breeze brings. You need to stay moisturised, if you would be alive and active on your tour. You may not feel like it, but you mustadjust your body to doing so.

You must however remember the rule of the thumb: never take tap water in Vietnam, take bottled water instead, it costs the equivalent of only a few dollars. As an alternative, you may also take lots of fruits and vegetables that have high water content as they could provide your body the needed water.

•    If you are spending winter in Northern Vietnam, never forget to:
1.    Take along a scarf or hat.
2.    Hold your warm sweater or cardigan.
3.    Keep a waterproof jacket close by and
4.    Get your hiking boots ready in case of sticky and muddy paths.

•    If you are spending winter in Central Vietnam, remember to:
1.    Always wear long pants to keep your legs from the late evening breeze
2.    Put a light sweater in your backpack.
3.    Buy a pair of walking shoes for a walk in the city.

•    If you would be spending winter in Southern Vietnam:
1.    Get a bathing suit just in case you would be visiting the beach.
2.    Always wear close-toed sandals to save your toes and soles from Vietnam’s rough roads.
3.    Keep your travel camera around because there would be so many beautiful pictures to take.

It is our delight at VivuTravel to be beside you all through the experience, so there is no need to worry if you would need special provisions during the period. Our tour guides are able to help you get everything you need, provided you ask.

In the end, the truth is, no weather is superior to another. Whenever you visit any part of Vietnam, you just have to be prepared so you can stay comfortable while having a blast touring Vietnam.