How to Maintain Fitness during your Vietnam Tour

12, February, 2020

How to Maintain Fitness during your Vietnam Tour

Whether you are at home or abroad, it is extremely important to try to keep fit and maintain body shape. For some people, that’s down to their eating habits, while for others, exercise and/or dietary pills work(s) just fine.

Whatever your choice may be, thankfully, the people in the cities of Vietnam are not averse to the idea of keeping fit. Find below practical methods you may employ to stay in shape while on a tour of the ancient city.

1. Don’t miss a morning work out
You can do this in either of two ways – indoor or outdoor. If you would be doing the former, then you may need to use video resources that are available online or ask any of VivuTravel’s agents close to you to help you get some. On the other hand, if you are on a group tour, you may lead your friends and family through simple body stretching exercises.

Another option is for you to get on the street, and join the locals and other tourists in the parks for a morning run.Getting around the community can be somewhat daunting when you first arrive, and more so jogging, especially if it’s been a while. However, once you become familiar with how things run in the city, and remain consistent with your daily regimen, you would begin to look forward to waking up at dawn and arriving at the park.

2. Join a dance club
It isn’t the prettiest thing of paper, particularly for people who are not in the least, socialites. However, dancing to music whether in the comfort of your hotel room or in open areais a sure way to burn excess or needless calories while maintaining body fitness. The beautiful thing is you are never going to be alone. It is common sight to see group of women gather to dance in Vietnam, for the sole purpose of keeping fit.

3. Try out Sports
Vietnam may not be Europe where many people regard as the home of sports, however, the enrgy and love for sports cannot be relegated to the background. Usually, there is always a game of soccer and volleyball every morning in every corner, as people form tiny groups practicing their favourite sports at the most accessible grounds. Not only would you be having fun, you would be ensuring that no excess weight is added.

4. Walk. Walk. Walk.
Almost everywhere you turn in Vietnam, you are sure enough to see people walking. We strongly advise that you stretch your limbs by walking the distance if you have to go anywhere around the corner. You will not only save money, you will save the environment some pollution while also benefiting your own body.

5. Eat lean
As much as exercise do a good job, Vietnamese food too is very kind to the waist line.Most places I’ve stayed have had breakfast included in the accommodation and if not it’s been easy to find nearby. Omelette and baguette or just bread is available everywhere, and I’ve had omelette of some variety every morning and just said ‘no thanks’ to the bread.

If you think you need special fitness apparatus, there are many gyms in Vietnam, and our experts at VivuTravel can recommend a few, if you would drop a message.

In conclusion, take your time adjusting to the terrains, then choose what works best for you. Whether it is yoga, weight lifting exercises, cycling, hiking, or dieting, stick religiously to your bias. If it is not broken, don’t fix it!