Simple Ways to Choose What to Wear for a Tour

17, February, 2020

Simple Ways to Choose What to Wear for a Tour

Over the years, Vietnam has gained prominence as one of the most visited Tourist destination in Asia and the reasons are not farfetched. With its alluring landscapes, rich cultural heritage, iconic architectural edifices, there is more than enough reason to want to visit this place and with a travel agency like Vivutravel at your service, you are sure to explore these places worth seeing in Vietnam.

With the intention to travel to a new place, comes the challenge of packing the right clothes for the trip. Sometimes, people end up packing more than they need in order to have all clothing options secured; while in some cases, some people end up packing light but the wrong set of clothes for the outdoors. Of course, the thought of packing too much can be quite frightening as that is more stressful conveying. The goal here is to pack the right set of clothing and still pack light.

In this article, I will be giving you essential tips you can apply to enable you make the best choices of clothes for tour and still pack light regardless.

1. Pack clothes that are coherent with the norm of the tourist destination
This comes first because it is very very important. While on your tour in that unusual tourist destination, you want to dress in such a way that blends with the society around you. For example, Vietnam is a very conservative country. So, donning revealing clothes will definitely draw unnecessary attention to yourself which could make you more susceptible to danger.

Your safety is very important, don't do anything that will compromise it. Asides that, dressing just like the people there shows that you respect their culture - the same way eating their native food does - and in return, they will reciprocate such act by treating you like one of them and not an outsider.

In essence, as you are making preparatory plans to visit Vietnam, shop and pack clothes that reveal less of your body parts to enable you blend in easily.

2. Select clothes that can work in different settings
The essence of tourism is having to explore all or most of the side attraction the city offers and these could be: museums, restaurants, book clubs, mountains, zoos etc. All these places have the appropriate clothing type that works best for them. For example, a visit to a classy restaurant would require a more formal outlook as opposed to when going on a hike. So, compartmentalize your clothes to make sure there is an outfit for every occasion that you plan on indulging in the course of your tour.

3. The Duration of Your Holiday Matters too
Most definitely, the duration of the holiday should affect the number of clothes that you pack in your box. Basically, the longer the days you intend to spend on your tour, the more clothes you are expected to pack. It is really as simple as that. This is one factor most people overlook that makes them end up packing more than they will need.

4. Pack more multipurpose clothes
One trick you can apply to make sure you pack light is to pack clothes that can be worn for different settings. Clothes like denims, t-shirts, Polos. They could be worn as stay-at-home clothes; they could also be worn for hikes and some other outdoor events. By packing clothes like this, you are less likely to overfill your bag with more clothes than you will need.

4. The Season of the Tourist Destination
A factor as simple as Season could also determine what makes the majority of the clothes in your travel bag. If you are traveling to a place when it is very hot, it is more advisable to carry lighter clothes that allows your body catch a breather. On the other hand, if the season is extremely cold, packing clothes of tougher textures is the way to go because they will help warm you up when outdoors.

5. Quality
Before throwing in that piece of clothing into your bag, you need to evaluate it's durability. Ask yourself important questions like: is this a cloth that will tear easily? Will the colours wash off after consistent washing and wearing?Because it is a trip and your clothing options are basically limited, you may not have so much to wear hence requiring you to wash and rewear time and time again. If the clothes are of low quality, there's a chance of having to deal with extra expenses for shopping for replacement. For a trip that where you might be on a very strict budget, having to shop for clothes unplanned can be such an inconvenience.

6. Select Clothes that Pairs Well with Each Other
This is the point where you consider how you will match the clothes you throw in your bag, in the event that you wear them. Matching here most importantly emphasis on how the colours of each clothes blends with each other. You don't want to step out of your hotel room looking like a walking chaos, by matching clothes of separate colours.

So, in preparation for your trip, try to experiment by seeing how much combinations you could make with the clothes and ensure they pair well. This is a precaution to enable you look your best when outdoors.

7. Pack Clothes that are less Bulkier
This is like the primary tip to follow for traveling light. The more bulkier clothes you pack in your bag in preparation for your tour, the less likely you are to be able to zip up the bag.

The only condition that warrants going against this packing rule is when the cloth in question is a multipurpose wear - like a pair of jeans, for example. In this case, to enable you still pack light, you can just reduce the quantities of that type of clothing you have in your bag to avoid overload - that way, you have successfully been able to pack the clothes that are very essential to your trip and still not overload your travel bag with more than you will need.

As you explore VivuTravel services to ensure you make the most out of your tour, follow the aforementioned tips above to enable you pack the right set of clothes you will be needing for your tour around Vietnam.